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My boss-man (former, I guess, seeing as how I haven't worked since school started) was washing his truck and  fell off - broke both his wrists. Mom mentioned that he had to have plates put in to fix them, though I'm not sure of how plates work in wrists. His livelihood is his pest control business, so this is bad. It's pretty fortunate that it happened when it did, though still sucky - the next day he and his wife were supposed to leave on the Alaskan cruise vacation they'd been planning forever. He'll still not be able to work for at least a month, though. :(
In true Me fashion, I want to cook them five zillion things. Because when bad stuff happens, I try to feed EVERYONE. Am planning a few dishes that I'll take over tomorrow night, if possible.

The mini-semester is ending. Then I get one three-day weekend before returning for another mini-semester, this time for maths and economics. And five days a week instead of four, I think. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. So much hatred and loathing. But right now I just need to get this obnoxious degree the fuck over with so I can find some job. Mostly because I get twitchy every time someone gives me The Look when I say I'm attending a community college, quickly followed by asking me where I'm transferring to, and I have to explain that I really could not care less. U of H, University of St. Thomas, even back to UTSA, it does not matter. Whatever lets me finish quickly. I'd stay at HCC and just finish the thing there if it weren't for the fact that I am pretty sure it embarrasses my parents to have to explain that one of their 'smart' offspring can't get accepted anywhere better than the local community college. But surely not having a plan isn't that uncommon. People look at me like I'm sprouting a third head when I say no, I have no plans or ambitions. Nor do I really care one way or the other. My plans for my future, such as they are, are as follows:
1. Finish college. Proceed to 2.
2. Find job on which I can survive. If job is found, proceed to 3. If not, proceed to 4.
3. Live out my life with a bunch of cats. Well, probably just two.
4. Die in a ditch and be poked with sticks by neighborhood children.
You see, it's all up in the air at this point!

It's not that I mind. It's just really creepy that you lot apparently decided to ALL DO THIS AT THE SAME TIME.
Really, really creepy.
People I haven't seen in years are IMing me to inform me that hey, they are engaged. O_____O
This is weird!
I guess it's kind of to be expected. We (well, most people I know) are in our early twenties. This is when the engagements start up, and they continue for a while. The mid twenties is when the weddings really set in, and the divorces and/or kids and/or psychotic breaks as a result of being asked "SO WHEN ARE YOU HAVING KIDS" for the five thousandth time kick in around the late twenties. That will be approximately when I retire to my cave with a few dozen cats.

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