The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Interesting day.

Well, today was interesting.

Started off by probably bombing a math test. I did the review sheet last night with almost no problems. Then this morning, I blanked. I completely fucking blanked. No clue how to do anything. So I made up a few methods and hope to god they're at least close to right. I am 99% sure at least one of them worked.

Then in economics, about half an hour into the class, a girl (Blonde Girl*) fainted - we thought. Her roommate is also in the class, and he got her out of her desk and put her on the floor. When she came to, she was having difficulty breathing, and he called 911. I and two guys (the Charming European and the Guy From Turkey) went outside to keep watch at the various places the ambulance was likely to come from. I flagged down first the fire truck, then the ambulance. By the time I got back inside, most of the class had moved to another room and Blonde Girl was breathing unassisted, coherent and answering questions. I got her a chair, and gave her the Odwalla bar I keep in my backpack for times of low blood sugar, she drank some water, and the Charming European and Guy From Turkey went in search of vending machines (they left before I remembered I had the bar). They returned with an assortment of muffins, a cookie, and some crackers. She was well fed. :D Roommate then called her mother and he went out to flag her down, since he was the only one who could possibly recognize her car. The Charming European, Guy From Turkey and I all hung around in the room out of the way, unsure of what to do but not wanting to leave in case we were somehow needed.
Blonde Girl had slightly low blood pressure, but other than that the EMT said her vital signs were fine, though she should probably go to a doctor and get herself checked out, since random fainting and respiratory failure is not normal. She declined a ride in the ambulance, but said she would schedule an appointment later. Her mother arrived, took Blond Girl and Roommate home, and class resumed after a brief admiration for how calm and collected Roommate was through the whole thing.

Me: I flagged down an ambulance today!
Gabe: Cool.
Me: Not really... a girl in my class fainted and then she couldn't breathe.
Gabe: Thank god for House and CSI. We're practically doctors.
Me: Oh, totally. I knew just what to do. Emergency tracheotomy with a ballpoint pen...
Gabe: I really DO know how to do those!
Me: Then I amputated her leg...
Gabe: ...
Me: And then I removed her appendix!
Gabe: Hooray!
Me: Well, I think it was her appendix. Might've been her liver.
Gabe: Oh, well - she's got two of 'em.

So, about seven little girls at a roller rink. @________@
A roller rink with a DJ who saw fit to play "Boot-Scootin' Boogie" back-to-back with uncensored 50 Cent songs. For preteens to skate around to. Uhhh. Kind of surreal. Now those girls are running around our house, squealing loudly.

*Everyone in this story gets a nickname because I don't know anyone's name in that class.

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