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I said I wanted a neckfrill, and this guy in my Economics class could. Not. Stop. Laughing. :D

From karjack's journal, courtesy of a link by pjack: Killing Puppies for Satan, the RPG.
I know a number of you enjoy tabletop RPGs, and a number of you are also evil, evil people. I figure at least a few have to fall into both categories, and would thus potentially enjoy this game.

ramaxela's away message says he is 'being manly'. I suspect this is untrue.

Well, it's started. Only took a few weeks - iharthdarth-style comics are popping up here and there. Two that I've noticed in the past couple of days, though those are only the ones that are advertised in the communities on my friendslist. Dunno if there are more. Probably. It's a very cute style. Requires a certain degree of cuteness in the writing to work, though.

Am trying to figure out how the hell to cancel my subscription. I love the idea of small payments that allow me to access a large number of high-quality comics, but since many of the comics I really, really want to read are spread out over a number of sites, that would result in bankruptcy. Also, I just plain don't remember to read all the webcomics I've got bookmarked often enough to make a monthly subscription really worth it.
Unfortunately, apparently has no knowledge of my account. I emailed the person given as being in charge on the PayPal subscription statement, but have received no response. Maybe I need to ask in the forum. Ook.
Or maybe I will never be rid of it and they will leech $3 a month from me until I die.

Three more days of classes, then a blissful two weeks before the fall semester starts.

Two more ML thumbnail pages up, p 157 and 158. Anyone have any thoughts on these? They're a roughdraft, so the art is crap and the pacing is a bit off in places, but that's the general script. I tend to post the pages that look best or are funny. To me. My funny might not equal your funny.

This is too cute to exist. I will make sure someone gets that for Emma when it comes out. Because PUPPIES OMG.

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