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Good, Bad, and Ugly are way too broad as categories. So I made my own.

The Good: I found out what the mysterious popping noise I heard last night while driving was.
The Bad: I did not find out until after getting a call from Emma's school to come pick her up, as she was sick*. I then wandered outside to discover an extremely flat left front tire.
The Better: A family friend who also does some work around our house sometimes stopped by and changed my very flat tire, so now I have a decent idea of how to do it myself. Also, I was able to get a ride to Emma's school after freaking out a little.
The Not-So-Great: I need to take my car into the shop to figure out what's going on with the randomly cracked windshield. Also need to get a new spare tire and dispose of the old one, and have the balance on my tires checked. Even I've noticed that it was going wonky, which is a bad sign. This means maybe no car for me for a while, which will annoy Gabe. He was so thrilled by the prospect of having a car. He even did the car-dance, which is... um... special.
The 'I WIN': I made veggie enchiladas and Dad cleaned his plate. This is excellent because he hates onions, bell peppers, and tomato - all of which feature in these enchiladas (and most recipes I've got, since I love 'em). Getting him to eat vegetables is a tricky thing, but I WIN.
The Slightly Annoying: I wanted to make empanadas with the veggie filling, but I did not have enough oil for the frying to make more than one. That one tasted pretty good, though. I will get some oil tonight or tomorrow.
The 'DAMMIT, I completely forgot': I was supposed to mail things to Nicole in New York. Like her medicines. I'll have to do that tomorrow.
The 'Hoorays!': I am in classes with three of the four professors I really wanted to have again. I might yet be in the fourth's class, I will not know until they finish assigning all the part-timers. At least I know I am not in the class with the professor no one can understand**.
The Quite Frustrating: I have no idea when classes start. The registration page says the 22nd. The calendar says the 27th. I am so confused. I called the office (was unable to go myself due to flat tire) and got the machine despite it being the middle of their Friday office hours. Bastards. If it is the 22nd, I will be displeased - that means I have a week of full courseload + making sure la familia is fed and not dying. It's doable, but very annoying because I'll be in classes at the same time as the kids will, which cuts out all convenient hours for running errands. Also, since I don't know and have no way of finding out for certain because the office is closed on weekends, I've got to get up and be ready to go on Monday just in case. *grumble*
The Slightly Unattractive: 15 hours OF FUN AND HAPPINESS, including maths and my old nemesis, ACCOUNTING. Also including an art history class that is rumored to be Nap Time With Slides, so really not that bad. I need the art credit, and was unable to find a course involving, you know, actually creating artwork that sounded like something I could do without exploding. Drawing I might've worked out, but it was full. Painting I would have inevitably ended with me turning in a painting done entirely in blood and glitter glue on papyrus, causing the teacher to shoot me.

*At first I thought I caught Emma's cold. But she thought she caught it from me. I finally figured it out - the grandchildren of one of my mom's friends were all over our house for a few days this past week. One of the younger ones had a cold. Odds are he is our little plague-carrier.
**Not in terms of accent, no. No one can understand him because he is a confusing man. Accents I can (usually) handle - not utter confusion. I would often go into class understanding something and leave it completely bewildered. I was not alone in this.

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