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A startlingly picture-less post! *GASP*

Dammit. My computer has finally gotten fed up with my taste in music, and has revolted.
First my speakers got yanked apart or something while I was moving my computer, effectively reducing them to 'purely decorative' status, now my external hard drive refuses to register as even existing at all and is functioning mostly as a large paperweight.

DEAR SELF: It helps OH SO MUCH if the surge protector you're plugging the speakers and the external hard drive into ACTUALLY PLUGS INTO AN ELECTRICAL OUTLET.
Wondering how Natural Selection has not picked you off yet,

Okay, the speakers are still borked. But those will not be difficult to replace, though it might be a while before I actually manage to do it. I do not require high-tech listening experiences, just something that lets me access my horrible taste in music without completely obscuring what little melody and lyrics lurk therein with static and scratchiness.

This does make me extra-irritated because while I get most of my singing* done in the car, crotalus_atrox's new comic horror thingummy 5ideways has music to go along with it, and this means I cannot hear it without commandeering another computer.

Okay, so this link (a site claiming to send you free high-quality jewelry, you pay only a $6 shipping/handling fee) was making the rounds on LJ not too long ago. Has anyone actually tried to buy something from them? If so, did you actually get whatever-it-was? Any vast increase in the amount of spam, junk mail, or telemarketer calls you receive? I figure, if they ARE giving things like this away, they've got to be earning money off something we're providing, and the emails, addresses, and phone numbers would provide a nice, tasty list of people who are at least a little bit trusting of somewhat sketchy-sounding deals.

Nicole has been regaling us all with tales of Vassar. A part of me is envious - she loves her college and appears to have some immense measure of fun there amidst her studies. But at the same time, I am fully aware that I would last all of three seconds in a college dorm before hiding in a closet or under a bed and never coming out again. I'm overwhelmed enough by the minuscule contact with other humans I manage to obtain just attending HCC and living at home. The 'real' college experience would end me, no matter how enticing it might seem.

Alex does not live with us anymore. I need to remake this icon. Maybe put Shafer in it instead, he's around often enough. Need to get a picture of him first, though.

*The amount of singing I do functions as an excellent measure of my mood - the happier I am, the more I sing and want to sing. If I am angry, it will be angry songs. The sadder I am, the sadder the songs get, and the more depressed I am, the quieter I get because it just seems like so much energy to expend for no good reason. I rarely sing in the car when riding with other people, however.

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