The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

as I continue to lose faith in the public education system...

My multimedia teacher just handed out this assignment for those of us done with our other projects (which were inserting ourselves into stills from a movie and creating a CD cover, coincidentally. I was in a behind-the-scenes shot from Dogma and I made a CD cover for TBA. I shall post later if I can get it onto the net from this blasted Mac. *hisses at the firewall*)...

Upon completion of the two projects (MovieStill and CD Cover), choose three topics and write a brief paragraph about each as they are related to the crisis in America. In addition, draw a picture in Photoshop that depicts the information gathered by you
1.Bin Laden
3.Future of Terrorism
4.Attacks on American soil
6. Foreigners in America
7. Security at Airports
8. Armed Forces in America
9. Peace among all people
10. Political Issues
11. Plans to curve terrorism
12. President and his Staff Viewpoint

copied directly. @_@ Does this strike anyone else as extraordinarily stupid? What, did they run out of curriculum and had to make it up as they went? good lord...
Perhaps it just pisses me off because, my Webmastering and Multimedia classes are all teaching the same thing, with different criteria, which means that what got me a 100 in Multimedia will fail me in Webmastering. Methinks they should agree more on the elements of design and such crap. It also pisses me off that they're trying to teach design. That just doesn't work. I'm sorry. You cannot teach artistic design and good taste. I do not believe that it can be done. At the very least, not with this pitiful excuse for a class... Normally I don't like doing the "I hate school" rant because I know that some of my teachers and school faculty actually work very hard and care about the students (Michael's mom, for one.), but I'm sorry, this is just plain pathetic. They might as well hand us crayons. Hell, we might learn more.


sorry. I get cranky when I feel ill. I've been rather bitchy lately. @_@

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