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I really need to get my lazy ass in gear. There's so much stuff to do...

Work on HBH. I really want to try to get this one published. And I think I can, with Manga EX... I hate their website. *grumble* but they could be immensely useful.. I also wanna work some more on CG3 and SA, since I miss them tremendously. I need to look into running my own server, I hate having to mooch webspace off of other people. That, and I hate not knowing when or if the server will be down. e_e;; I really perfer to be in charge rather than let other people help me. Must... run... own... server..
But first, I'd need a better connection than my current pissy 56k...
I really really want to get cg3 done in a different style. Anime and manga is all well and good, but I want to be a bit more realistic. I need to work on drawing Kaen as well... once I can finalize their designs, I can start working on actual pages and such.

For SA... and Lotoae... god, I just want to WORK on them. So much... I miss drawing the characters and working on their worlds.. but I just can't. Always before I could draw alone... I'm never alone anymore. Even when I'm at home, there are six other people in my house, and I have no door. The room with the computer is practically my brother's room... e_e;; so I can't exactly kick them out or anything. I don't mind noise; it's just... I can't work when there are other people there who are doing things that amuse me or catch my interest. It just DOESN'T WORK. I wanna go to starbucks or deidrichs or someplace and just sit and draw for a few hours. Alone. I'm starting to get really fidgety with all these people around me all the time... I used to be alone most of the time, but since this summer when I started carting my sister and her friends around, I've been surrounded by people almost nonstop. @_@ I'm going to lose my mind...

*sigh* I just realized I'm overpowering Michael's 'friends' page... *chuckles* sorry, hon... 9_9

On a random squealy fangirl note, one of the guys in band, Robert, goes to the same church as Terry Moore and got him to sign my copy of Strangers in Paradise vol. 1! :D *squealies*

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