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I have of late – but wherefore I know not – lost all my mirth...

Don't write in this thing much anymore, do I?
Still reading the friendslist, though. That counts for something, surely.
Don't call me Shirley.
Jonathan says I'm not allowed to quote movies I haven't seen. So forget that last line, there, please.

Let's see. What's new.

  • Uterus still hates me. We're on week 16 or 17 now, I forget. Time has lost all meaning, there is nothing but bleeding and cramps for always until the nothingness takes me. Plz let me die.
  • Due to the above, I'm tired and emotional all the time. I cry at commercials. At songs on the radio. At radio commercials. This is ridiculous.
  • Approaching the end of the semester. Might not fail anything. Having trouble caring. A few more papers are going to be due soon, and then come finals. Am not looking forward to it.
  • Next semester looks to have at least 18 hours, possibly 21, mostly business classes. Am looking forward to that even less.
  • Mom has apparently told my relatives that I'm going to grad school. ... Okay, then. I guess this means I'd better start worrying about applying...
  • Everyone I speak to is either in the "You've got your entire life to figure out what you want" or the "WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO WITH YOUR LIFE?!?" camp. I don't believe the former and I tend to want to slap the latter. Whether this is because it is genuinely obnoxious or I just don't want to deal with it and I'm cranky, I really don't know.
  • Have had one appointment with a therapist guy, at Mom's request (she keeps referring to me as being 'broken', which I loathe). Am not looking forward to the next appointment. I know there will be at least five. No good will be accomplished, because I am way too uncomfortable with the whole concept of telling a complete stranger the intimate details of my thoughts (ironic, no? But on LJ, I have all the power. I can refine and edit and choose not to answer, hell, I can choose to completely ignore some facets of my life if I so choose (and I do). But sitting a few feet away from someone, knowing that they are being paid money to listen to me babble, is just... repugnant, to me. Hate. I get anxious, I clam up, and I don't start calming back down until I'm safely out of the building.
  • Belle is still made of butter and love.
  • Am THISCLOSE to hating religion of any sort, just from being beyond sick of learning it and hearing about it and OH MY SCIENCE, SHUT THE FUCK UP. I largely blame my Medieval Philosophy course, which I foolishly did not recognize as Another Theology Course In Disguise. Because in olden times, philosophers had nothing to do but sit around and wonder if they were holy enough (this is, by the way, the theological/philosophical equivalent of asking if you look fat in these pants. STFU, St. Augustine). Thank Science my Theology and Philosophy credits requirements are done after this semester. Technically, my Theology credits were ALREADY done, but no one told me. So I'm in Pentateuch for no real reason. Grr.
  • Have begun to lessthanthree Scrubs. Great. Another show I can love and then forget to watch ever again after a while.
  • Have not drawn much at all in the past month. Especially in the last few weeks. Which is why no comics. Sorry.
  • Jonathan can do the Telemundo Announcer Voice so well, it is terrifying.
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