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I am coughing like an angry seal. Just in time for finals!

A meme of loving!
Comment and ask, and I'll give you a letter; then you have to list 10 things you love that begin with that letter. You then post your list in your journal. Hooray.

kibbles gave me the letter "L".
1. Love. It's a warm, fuzzy, giddy feeling. It is not unlike what I imagine good drugs make you feel. At least, they ought to. Can't imagine why anyone would use them otherwise.
2. Laughter. Humor and love are very, very closely tied to me. I cannot love someone who is not funny in some way - I will just find them boring at best, aggravating at worst. A big part of how I show someone I love them is trying to include them in the funny. Also, feeding them, but that does not start with 'l'. :D
3. Labrador Retreivers. My butterbeast. Awwwww. Labs seriously seem like the happiest dogs, ever. They're just made of love. Mine is also made of butter, and lots and lots of carbohydrates (she likes bran muffins).
4. Livejournal. I am so addicted. *hangs head in shame*
5. Lowery. As in Dr. As in, my World Lit professor. She's one of those profs that students seem to either really love or utterly hate, and I think she's awesome. I would totally hang out with her and watch movie adaptations of cool plays and make comments on them forever.
6. Lasagna. I like it. So there.
7. Lists. I make a lot of lists. Life feels better and more organized when things are listed. I do this every day, even knowing that something will get in the way of my carefully planned schedule. Just knowing that I can write everything down makes it better.
8. Lizards. They're adorable. With their big, shiny eyes and wee little claws! Precious.
9. Licking things. Like remotes, when a certain germ-fearing sister wants it, and I am sick, because it makes her fetch latex gloves before she takes it from me.
Really, licking things is fun. I leave a trail of not-unhappy boyfriends in my wake. :D
10. Legs. Women's, specifically, though legs in general are interesting. The way they're formed, how the muscles work, how people stand and sit and walk, all these things interest me. Also, women's legs? Ho~ot. They're a lot of fun to draw.

But everyone I know says I cannot have, since I would look silly. :(
Also, I do not know that the size 12 would fit me. But it might! It might! Someday, maybe. I'll chop off my toes.
I'm such a girl sometimes.
The Shafer: Sometimes you really are such a girl, lol, but it's part of what makes you adorable.
jenni_the_odd: I don't know that I want to be adorable.
jenni_the_odd: I want to be an international woman of mystery!
The Shafer: Well, we aren't always exactly what we want to be.
jenni_the_odd: Or at least someone vaguely unknown in the tri-county area.
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