The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Decided to workshop the sonnet-thing. Though I did go with the title "Spin" instead of "Pissing all over Shakespeare: #1 in a Series". Just thought it might be better received. I was both baffled by and pleased with the critique. Pleased because Dr. Lowery had no suggestions for anything to change (I WIN). Baffled because she spent a good 10 minutes going on about all these deep theological implications referenced in the poem while I tried not to crack up and snort "It's about spinning around and around until you're dizzy and fall over oh my GOD weren't any of you ever children."
Seriously. I don't mean to write deep, meaningful poems. And to me, they aren't. She just interprets them that way. Maybe my brain is working on levels I don't understand.
Then was the reading. The class laughed at the funny bits, so I guess I'm doing something right.
No one seemed to want cookies. The few people that did, though, declared them delicious and came back for more. So that's good. Also, my dad liked them because they were not too sweet. Tasted like shortbread, kind of.

I think I scared my Finance class... The exam was over two chapters that I thought were really, really easy. I had my cheat-sheet (she lets us bring in a sheet with formulas, since it's kind of insane to expect us to memorize the zillions of equations we'll need), I knew the answers. All the questions were essentially basic algebra, which I love because it is simple and makes sense*. Plug-n-play mathematics. So I got up to turn in my exam and equation sheet, staple them together, and turn around to a sea of O________O faces.
I look down. The four people whose tests are in sight are on question one or two (it was a five-question exam, with each question having multiple parts).
I check my watch. It's been 17 minutes since the professor handed out the test.

... If I fail that test, I will be so very pissed off. Universe, don't ruin my moment.

Shamelessly ripped from shanmonster: Tortoise vs. Tomato. The "GONNA EATCHA" face of tortoises is one of the more adorable things a human will ever witness. You know this to be true.

*Screw you, Calculus.

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