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Warped Tour

Oy... @.@
I learned something very important yesterday.
I am not a "concert" person.

Nicole told me to wake her early. She did not clarify "early". to her, early is 7:15. To me, it's 5:30. ^_^;
So we were up and about very, veyr early, getting kolaches for my abuelita, cleaning out my car, deciding what to wear and take. It was fun. Then we went to church and listened to some girl's dad teach the most pointless, boring, and incorrect lesson I've ever heard.
Nicole and I got the heck outta church at about 11:20, went home and changed, and then went to Dustin's house, where we discovered that they planned on leaving at 12:30 instead of 12:00, as we has thought. e_e; This turned out to be a good thing - while we were waiting, the twins (Chase and Eric) discovered that they had forgotten their tickets. We all got in my car and went to their house to get the tickets, then came back to Dustin's. I still don't know why everyone had to go. e.0

When we finally headed out, Nicole was in the car wiht me, and Chase and Eric were with Dustin and his dad. We had gotten a few streets down when Dustin's dad suddenly turned around and went back.
The twins had forgotten their tickets.
Between that and the ever-memorable quote from Chase of "I am not a man!", I shall mock them for all eternity.
We finally got on the toll road. That's about when I discovered Dustin's dad's driving habits.
I'm a fairly safe driver (read: I drive like somebody's grandmother. Speed limits are my friend.). This man was going over 90 mph. My car (a Tahoe) doesn't like that due to sheer wind resistance. So I was quietly chanting "I shall kill him, I shall kill him, I shall kill him" as I struggled to keep him in my sight while going as fast as possible before my car started making noises. (*meep*)
We then discovered he'd neglected to mention that he had an EZ-Tag... so he flew right through the toll area and we were stuck in a seven-minute line. Once we got out, we drove for a minute or so before we found him again, then we were on our way once more at a lovely speed of 95 mph or so. e_e;;;
When we got to the Pavillion, we discovered that the only parking was about a half-mile away. We parked and walked about halfway before some people came running back shouting that the security was no longer allowing backpacks. With a sigh, Nicole and I returned to the car, removed the backpacks and went back carrying only water bottles and our tickets. Security made us throw away the water bottles.
Once inside, I figured it wouldn't kill me to follow the kids around and keep an eye on them - especially since Dustin's dad wandered away immediately, leaving them alone. I found an inconspicuous seat near the back and watched Good Charlotte (not certain of the spelling of their name) play. I lost track of Nicole & Co. almost instantly - the weirdo likes to be in the pit. I found her again after a few more bands played (there were three stages, so they were wandering around a lot) and she told me to meet her by a large fountain that everyone would walk under too cool off. (I was dripping wet, having made the mistake of standing near it. But I like water. ^_^ heee.) Since by that time I had a headache and was generally not feeling well, I agreed and wandered around the fountain area, people-watching. And there were some interesting people. I dare say the entire Hot Topic clientele of the Houston/Woodlands area was there. Never before have I seen so much fishnet/piercings/plaid/band shirts/tattoos/mohawks/brightly colored hair. Nor have I ever seen so many women who just should not wear bikinis, wearing bikinis. *shudder* I would have looked better than some of these people, and that says a LOT. e_e If I ever wear a bikini top and short shorts in public, someone do me the favor of shooting me, 'k?
I did see some people I knew. A bunch of band people, actually.. .Michael S, his girlfriend Phyllis, Bitto (and his elder brother), some percussionist kid named Kevin, and several more whose names I do not recall.
Well, around 5:30 or so (I think) I located my sister and her friends again. They had, thankfully, stayed together. I didn't particularly want to have to look for one of them. They then told me how they had agreed to meet Dustin's dad at the motercycle steel ball-thing at a certain time, but he hadn't showed. Turns out he wasn't wearing a watch. e_e way to go, Responsible Adult of the group...
We actually waited for him for about half an hour, but then Nicole told me I had to go see Less than Jake. Now, they're not my favorite band playing Warped Tour (Newfound Glory wins that title, but they didn't play after July 14th). So we all went to the stage where they would be playing and Nicole and her friends once more rushed up to the front while I stayed in the back, this time with Nicole' purchases (a CD or two and a couple of shirts - she collects band shirts and was thrilled at being able to get something like five of them). Less than Jake is definitely a very good 'live' band. They sounded quite good in concert, and, almost as importantly, they had a good stage presence. They talked to the audience, poked fun at one another, danced, and were generaly energetic and nutty. I'd listened to one band while hanging around the fountain - I don't know who they were, but I never want to hear them again. Besides the pointlessly explicit lyrics, they just... stood there. Ugh.
After Less than Jake, we all went to the area where shirts were being sold, Nicole bought another shirt or two, and she and Eric talked to the lead singer of LTJ. He seemed like a pretty cool guy. We then actually found Dustin's dad, who agreed to meet us after Sum 41 (another band Nicole HAD to see) played at 9:25. It was then about 8:30. We once more went to the stage where we'd gone first, and I once more found a spot in the back (this time with everyone's purchases). I was getting worried at the time, because I knew I'd have to drive home and I was all but falling asleep. Luckily for me, Sum 41 sucked ass. The lead singer wasn't really moving around too much, but apparently it was enough to upset his breathing and prevent him from making any sounds even remotely resembling singing. I don't think he hit a single correct note. So we all got out of there pretty quick and hiked back to the cars. My head felt like it would split in two, but I decided not to mention it as Nicole was looking pretty happy with her day in general. I asked Dustin's dad if I could follow him home as well - my sense of direction is pretty lousy and I really didn't think I could make it home on my own. He said sure... then left the parking garage. By the time I pulled out of my parking space and tried to follow him, he was gone. Nicole and I looked at each other, said "oh, shit" a couple of times, and tried to figure out where to go. She called his cel phone and he gave us directions. Unfortunately, by the time he told us which toll road (Hardy or Sam Houston) to take, we were on the other one. And those damned things go on FOREVER. Fortunately (since we had run out of quarters and faith in Dustin's dad...) there was a person in the toll booth who said that if we wanted to get to downtown Houston (from which I could navigate home without trouble) we should just keep going. And we did. I have never been so happy to see the 610 loop. Nicole and I were rather hungry (I hadn't eaten all day, she had, but she'd been running around a LOT more, also), so we went to Ihop and, strangely enough, sat next to a trio who had also gone to Warped and were also wiped out. ^.^
When we got home, I dragged myself to the computer, winced at the bright lights, and uploaded stuff for Makenzie's Locker. Unfortunately, it's set to automatically update at midnight, my time. It was then 12:30, so it didn't automatically update, as I discovered at about 4:00 pm, when I fixed it. ^_^;;;; whooopsies. I then went upstairs, showered (I felt gross. eeyuuuuck...) and then passed out in my bed. I woke up at 4 AM, tossed the cat out (he was eating my hair... AGAIN... e_e;;; yeesh) and went back to sleep until noon. Then I woke up yet again, picked up a birthday present for one of my mother's co-workers (she was quite busy and couldn't get it herself) and delivered it to the Dialysis unit. While I was there I went ahead and walked for 4.25 miles. Took me one hour and ten minutes. I went to Chase and Eric's house to get a CD that they'd accidentally taken home with them last night (it was Nicole's and she'd mentioned it that morning), but they weren't there. Their bikes were in our driveway, so I went into Nicole's room, told 'em hi, and gave Nicole her crap that she'd left in my car. They were watching "Almost Famous", but I wasn't in a movie mood. I showered again and went to correct the website/check email.

*whew* whatta day. er, two days.
Next year, our uncle is taking Nicole. e.e;;;;;

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