The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Shadwell never deviates into sense. And neither do I. (apologies to Dryden)

So, went to the Shadwell Wake on Friday.
The Shadwell Wake is so named because the UST English department used to be housed in Shadwell Hall. Named for Thomas Shadwell, a poet laureate of England who seems to be remembered more for being a bad writer than anything else (other poets mocked him in their writings. Hee).
Every year the English Honors Society hosts the wake -- there is music, dancing, booze (god bless my Catholic school), the parading of a large fake coffin all over the school with accompanying wailing and moaning, and of course, a bad poetry contest. Due to low attendance two years ago, it was not held last year. But this time there were a good number of people there, lots of noise, lots of fun. Dr. Lowery expressed joy and a bit of surprise that no one called the cops on us for making a racket (apparently this has happened before).
The editor of Laurels was giving me crap about not entering the bad poetry contest, so when he called for last-minute entries before the final poem was read, I went up to the microphone. Go go gadget public speaking skills -- I don't think my voice was even very shaky, which is a vast improvement on the past few years. This is the sin against literature that I made up moments before:

I have to come up and say this or Joseph will beat me
A haiku is five
syllables, then seven, and
then five again.

... shit!

I did not win anything (the aforementioned Joseph actually won first prize with his awesomely horrific poem. I think I love him, now. It was that good/bad) but people laughed, so that's something. The acting department chair (I think that was him. I could be horribly wrong) actually had me recite it again for an older gentleman who wasn't there for the contest... I wasn't sure who the guy was, but later the conversation drifted to how he named Shadwell Hall in the first place. So now I've said the "shit" word* in front of the higher-ups in the St. Thomas English department. My mother is so proud.

*Seriously, y'all. Cats don't say "poop".
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