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Now, time for my monthly "Yes, I'm still alive" post.

So. Things Have Happened.

  • Gabe moved out, into a little house he rents with his friend Rick. He still comes by to use the shower, laundry machines, and to scavenge food. In some ways, it's eerily unlike he left at all.
  • Emma, Mom, and Dad have been in Denver since Wednesday for a choir thing in which Emma participates. Lola is in New York. Gabe is elsewhere. This means Belle is terrified that I'm going to leave and not come back, too. She attempts to prevent this by anchoring one or both of my feet with her buttery bulk whenever I hold still.
  • I have spent the last three days full of plague. Two weeks ago, I began coughing. A week ago, it started to lessen slightly. Then three days ago, my body went "No, no, none of that" and proceeded to up the coughing and mucous production to points where I cannot sleep and my entire torso is sore. I have drunk so much cough syrup that I am pretty sure I am peeing Robitussin.
  • Due to the plague, I had to miss a Laurels sushi/karaoke outing. The one time I actually wanted to be social, and I could not. Cranky Jenni is cranky.
  • Also, my uterus seems to have exploded. Cranky Jenni is extra-cranky.
  • Before the plague hit, I got to play with fondant. I used to do some sculpting back in the day (longtime readers may remember the Bunchies I made for buhfly), and it turns out, the skills transfer. I made adorable raspberry lemonade cupcakes (I used this recipe, swapping out lemon extract for the vanilla, and adding the zest of two lemons. I filled them using this method, with a combination of drained frozen raspberries, sugar, and mascarpone cheese based off this recipe's filling. I used the reserved frozen raspberry juice and the juice of one lemon plus a bunch of powdered sugar to make a very bright pink glaze.) I topped them with little fondant roses (and one fondant lily). And some fondant dinosaurs. Because I am me. The dinosaurs, by the way? Are precious. If I'd had a camera, I would have taken pictures. As it is, maybe I can use Mom's when she gets back. I made about 24 cupcakes, and I had two left by the time I went home.
  • Lesson learned: You can make a lot of friends by giving cute cupcakes to strangers.
  • Game plan for now: Make entire worlds out of fondant, drop out of grad school, move to Baltimore, convince the dude from Ace of Cakes to hire me, ???, profit.
  • I haven't drawn or written in several months. And it'd be one thing if I wanted to and was just blocked. Sure, it'd be frustrating, but I could deal. But I don't even have the urge to produce art or writing. And I miss that. I miss feeling creative. It was pretty much how I defined myself for so long... my entire life, really. And now it's just not there.
  • This is exactly what I always thought would happen.
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