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Hello, interwebs.

I exist.

Been a while, huh.

Taking one summer class, which ought to be done with in the next week or so. I am relieved that after this I will not have to deal with any more maths-based classes for my MBA. Accounting is the devil's math, and you cannot convince me otherwise.

Looking for employment. Might have a lead on a possible job soon, but I suppose I should be looking for something business-related instead of a receptionist position. I'm not really qualified for anything, though* -- not without experience. Which I don't have. And can't get unless someone hires me. Which they won't. Because I have no experience. I can go on like this for hours, but all that typing will hurt my fingers.

Working out a bit lately (by which I mean the past... month? Month and a half? I have lost all sense of time). I have been told this will result in increased energy and health. Thus far, it has only made my uterus angrier, made me ridiculously tired and sore all the time, left bruises all over my legs, and caused me to generally be very cranky. Oh, and I've lost about one half an inch off my waist, none off my upper midsection, and several off my legs. Which, if you are bad at visualizing, makes me look even more freakishly proportioned than I already was. And I was not proportioned like a normal, non-mutant human being to start with, so I am not overly pleased.

Mom offered the new youth minister at our church a place to stay while he waits for his house to sell (he moved here from Kansas) and looks for a new place. It is not as strange as I thought it would be, having another random human in the house. However, he has two dogs -- a beagle, and her six week-old puppy. PUPPY IS MADE OF PRECIOUS. There will be pictures.

Oh, yes. Pictures. I can has camera. Unfortunately, I also has zero talent for photography, so.

I love this fish.

*If you are to believe a startling percentage of the receptionist wanted ads I've read, I'm not qualified for those, either. I sincerely want to call up each and every company and scream at them that YOU DO NOT NEED FOUR YEARS OF EXPERIENCE TO ANSWER A PHONE OR MAKE APPOINTMENTS.**
**I wrote out about fifty cuss words in that last line (some of them I may have made up on the spot out of rage), and then deleted them, because if I am googled, it is probably not a good idea for potential employers to see me calling them words that are naughty. This is called being a grown-up, and I hate it.

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