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Still alive.

How many times have I used that as a post subject? So often. Someday I will come up with something better.

School has started up. Looks like I'm assistant editor for Laurels this semester. Awesome. Maybe I'll even wind up writing or drawing something!
... yeah, I doubt it.
My other classes interest me far less than the literary magazine, but will unfortunately require a lot more work. The downside to being done with the math-ish courses is that now I actually have to write papers and do research and whatnot. I am less than thrilled, but should probably have expected this. Grad school, and all.

For some reason, I am constantly being subjected to long speeches from various sources about how you should love what you do and be interested in what you are learning and have passion and drive and goals and dreams.
I cannot tell if the universe is trying to tell me something, or just laughing at me.

Still flailing about in the job market. Have found some sort of wee data entry job at our church, but it seems to be very, very low on hours (it has been... three, so far? And I do not know when or if I will be needed this coming week) and I am still not certain if I am even being paid or not. Either way, it looks fancy on my resume. I hope.

Something has happened to my external hard drive, on which I stored all my music and movies... for some reason, my computer claims the drive is not formatted. I did loan it to Nicole (Lola, Nicola, Sibling The Second, The Short One*, pick a name) to help her transfer files from her old laptop to her delicious new Mac... book thing. I forget the exact name. But I believe the drive worked for a little while after I got it back, so I'm really not sure what sparked this sudden refusal to cooperate. I'm currently running on the assumption that all my music and video files have been lost. I am a lot less upset about this than I expected to be. I don't really listen to music anymore unless I am working out or in my car, and for that I've got CDs (I don't own an mp3 player).

If Gustav becomes monstrous and heads for Houston, the parents have decided that we're skipping town. So that'll be fun times, mostly because it means we're taking my grandparents with us. I do not know where we will go, though I am pushing for San Antonio.

*She gets this title because Emma has outgrown her. Emma has also outgrown our parents. Mom claims she is still taller, but she always attempts to prove this while wearing her shoes, which have padded inserts in them. Inserts made of lies.

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