The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Mmmmmm, sweet, sweet internets.

So, we figured out that since our internet connection is through the phone line, and said phone line has been working without a problem, we could hook my father's computer and the router up to the generator.
And Jenni said, Let there be Interwebs. And lo, it was good.

Youth Minister Mike and his beagles are gone; the beagles are with another family from the youth group, and Mike is in Kansas finalizing the sale of his house and getting ready to move out of our place into his own apartment. I will miss the beagles terribly; their poop and piercing barks, slightly less. Mom and Emma have hightailed it out of Houston for now, and will be at a nice little hotel until Friday or Saturday (I do not know which). I stayed behind to take care of the dog, keep gas in the generator, consume the food in the fridge, and make sure Dad is fed and has clean clothes. It's looking like yume_no_kakusei might be staying with me for a few days, too. Party at my house!

(No, seriously, just give me a call or a text and there can be party times.)

Our area was really, REALLY lucky -- a few trees down, most of them not on houses, and some downed power lines, none of which are still live. There was minimal flooding, and our house is high up enough that it only seeped in a little tiny bit around the edges of the living room.
Really, the biggest hurdle of the storm was keeping everyone in a pleasant mood and making sure they got along. My grandparents are cantankerous and ornery, and it's easy to have short fuses in a stressful situation. But everything worked out. There were no major arguments, no shouting, all was good. Which worked out well, since there was a lot of stuff to do.

Oh god, a bee got in here (the door is open 'cause it's lovely outside) and Belle is trying to eat it. Butterdog, I promise you it will not be fun times if you chomp down on a bee. Also, it will make apiphile angry.

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