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I know, three posts in one week. I spoil you people.

  • British Invasion, Part II  - The Brits left on Saturday. It was so much fun having them here, but a TON of work -- feeding 14 people three meals a day is not unlike running a small restaurant, and there were small children running around the house for the first time in years. I had forgotten just how loud small children are. Fortunately, all was made up for by the fact that they loved to wake Gabe by tickling him in the early morning. It was almost enough to make up for years of "Jump on Jenni", a game all three of my siblings played at some time or another. I will give you three guesses as to what it entailed. My British cousins (and their spouses) are awesome. We have threatened to come to England and visit them sometime in the near future.
  • YES WE DID - So, you may have heard about this election thing the US had going on... Probably not, the press was kind of quiet about it.
    • OMGOBAMASQUEE - I voted for Obama. And I have to admit, the feeling of being on the winning side is pretty exhilarating. I am thrilled to have a president who is intelligent and does not hide it. Do I believe Bush is genuinely as stupid as he appears sometimes? No. At the very least, I sincerely hope he isn't, because if a truly moronic individual can make it to our nation's highest elected office, then either the system is broken, the citizens are broken, or both. But the rise of anti-intellectualism in this country horrifies me. I want a president who is smarter than I am. I want a friggin' human supercomputer in the White House, if at all possible. The POTUS has to analyze millions of different bits of information coming at him or her 24/7 from thousands of sources with varying credibility, and then decide on the wisest course of action. I trust Obama to do that better than I trust John McCain. Do I think he'll be perfect? Of course not. He's going to disappoint in many ways, because he is human. That is what humans do, we fuck up horribly. And it's not as though he's starting from a great point, either -- he's inheriting a pretty crappy situation, one that will take some time and a lot of effort to begin fixing. But I have hope.
    • McCain - Poor John McCain. Sold his soul to the Republican Campaign Machine, and still lost. The more I read about the campaign, the more I believe that if he had actually BEEN the maverick he was supposed to be (and apparently has a history of being), he would have told the campaign managers to fuck off, done his own thing, and might have actually won. Instead, his campaign was all wrong and highlighted the worst of him and his running mate. I have trouble garnering too much sympathy, though. He knew exactly what he was getting into -- this is the same GOP campaign staff that destroyed him in presidential primaries before. He knew their tricks, he knew how they worked, and he still went for it. You could call that being a maverick, but you could also call it stupid and desperate. Honestly, McCain's best bet for winning the hearts and minds of Americans again is probably this (minus the dying).
    • Palin - Oh, Palin. There is a tangle of responses here. I hate most of the things she stands for (the blatant anti-intellectualism, anti-science, anti-gay, anti-sex ed, anti-choice, etc. positions). I also hate how the media treated her. And how the Republican party suddenly noticed sexism and misogyny in the media (sometimes) when Palin appeared, and promptly threw her under a bus as soon as it became apparent that they might not win this one. Am I glad her ticket (and in many ways, towards the end of the campaign, it did seem like her ticket rather than McCain's)  lost? Oh god, yes. Women have not waited this long to have Sarah Palin as the first female VP (or, god forbid, POTUS).
    • Proposition 8, and other incidences of institutionalized evil - No, I am not exaggerating. There is not a single non-religious reason to ban gay marriage. California, Florida, and Arizona voted to ban same-sex marriages, as well as prohibit legal recognition of same-sex marriages from other states. Arkansas made it illegal for gay couples (and any other unmarried couples, though the supporters were clear they were targeting gays) to adopt. Thankfully, Prop 8, at least, might be declared unlawful by the courts. There were lawsuits getting ready before the votes were even fully counted. And the racist "all Black/Hispanic people are homophobic and that's why Prop 8 failed" people, please STFU. Besides being racist (yes, you are), you are entirely discounting GLBQT-folk of color and their allies. And you are forgetting that even if every single non-white person voted for Prop. 8, it still would not have passed. White people were in on this one, too. Now is the time to quit attempting to place blame and start pushing to make people see these measures for the hateful legislative pieces of shit they are.
    • Abortion - The South Dakota abortion ban was defeated. Good.
    • Michelle Obama - She is last on this list because she was not actually running for elected office, but I still want to talk about her. I lessthanthree Michelle Obama. While I missed a good number of campaign speeches, I caught the broadcast of the speech where she said the oft-repeated "For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country" line. And I understood her. For most of the time that I've been aware of politics, I've been, on some level, ashamed of how my country presents itself. I love the ideals that America was founded on (some of which, granted, needed to be updated to modern times to include non-white, non-male, non-landowners). I believe this country has the potential to be as great as we are so fond of saying we are. And I hope that someday, we get there. That the next time we vote a non-white president into the White House, their race is no longer such a big deal. That someday when women run for high elected office, including the presidency or vice-presidency, it's nothing out of the ordinary. When I heard Michelle Obama speak, I sat up and said to my empty room, "I would be proud and honored to have her as First Lady." And I am.

  • School - Oh god, school. I don't even know how I'm doing this semester... everything is just a few major grades, and I don't know that I did so well on any of my presentations. I've still got papers and projects to cram into the next few weeks. It will not be fun times. Especially since I've had this overwhelming feeling that I have no idea what I am doing or what I should be doing. This has gone on for most of my college career, so it is not too unusual. But it's been especially strong this semester.

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