The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Things 'n Stuff 'n Things.

  • Broken Mum. Did I mention this? Not 12 hours after I finished my last class/turned in my last paper, Mom fell and sprained both her ankles. So from the week before Christmas until about the week after, she was not walking so great. Okay, she is still not walking so wonderfully, but for those two weeks she was mostly in a wheelchair. Which meant I got to take care of her in addition to the usual Christmas madness. So that was fun times. She has since been given a cane to walk with, which make me nervous because her Sass Radius* is now much larger.
  • It's Dancey-Dance Time! Emma gave me this for Christmas. He lives on our kitchen table, and always seems to get switched on at least once during dinner. He seems especially fond of Father. This is HILARIOUS.
  • I have begun playing the Sims again, because I stupidly thought "hey, surely my need to sleep will outweigh my need to play god!" and I WAS SO VERY WRONG. I made a house with the main characters from ML (and cheated by accumulating lots of money so they didn't have to work) and immediately began playing with the house until it was just how I wanted it. It is fun times. I only have the first Sims, though, and I kind of wish I had the Sims 2, since apparently with 2 you can download (or even make, if I could figure out how) all manner of crazy hair/clothes/faces for your Sims. I managed to get them to look somewhat like the characters, but greater accuracy would fill me with glee. And maybe it would mean Jared no longer swims in a hot pink speedo. D:
  • Also, Sim!Karen? May be brain damaged. I tell her to go to the bathroom, and she's too busy bitching about having to pee to actually go. I tell her to to go bed because her energy bar is down to nothing, she's like, "Whatevs." Which means she spends a truly disturbing amount of time passed out in a puddle of her own urine. Given that she seems to want to be an actress, I figure it's just vocational training.
  • I can has job? Figuring that my usual style of "homeless chic" is probably not helping my employment attempts, I gots me some clothings. Mostly from Zaftique, which probably has more nice plus sized clothing than any other site I've ever seen. "Nice" here equals "things I might consider wearing". It's also got some truly bizarre stuff, but not as much as one would expect**. Once clothed in things that will hopefully stop people from calling me 'sir' and offering me change, I will return to the flurry of applications and resume-sending that I know so well.

    *Sass Radius: The distance around a person in which they are able to smack nearby family members who sass them. The Sass radius can be increased through use of a cane, broom, large stick, or, in some cases, anything small enough to throw.
    **The unwritten law of plus size fashion is that the ratio of "oooh!" to "OH SWEET JESUS WHY" must be at least 1:3. Zaftique seems to get away with breaking this law. I do not know how.
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