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The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

This Semester... Oops.

Oh, right, hey. Realized I forgot to do my usual descriptions of my classes. Seeing as how all that's left of the semester is one take-home final, I guess it's a little late, now. Oh, well.

  • Economics for Management: I wish I'd known that the econ class offered over the summer with a professor I love would have counted as my basic economics credit, but I didn't. So I wound up taking this class, with a professor I'd had for an undergrad econ course, whose teaching methods just do not mesh too well with how I learn. I managed to squeak by, I think. I hope.

  • Strategic Management: For the first class, our professor had us read the Hamlet chapter from a book he wrote which uses Shakespeare to analyze management styles. He then had us watch part of Kenneth Branagh's Hamlet. This prof is a kindly, grandfatherly old man who can think circles around just about anyone and can smell bullshit a mile away. I wuv him*. This class was tricky; but if the grades recently sent out are any indication, I appear to have made it out with a high B. I'll take that.

  • Entrepreneurship: This was a class I actually wanted to take (which is a rarity), taught by my previous Marketing Management Theory professor, who is adorable and awesome. The class itself was pretty interesting, though deciding to take a course scheduled from 8 AM to 11:45 AM on random Saturdays was possibly the stupidest thing I have done in a long while. To my credit, I only skipped one class, and that was because it was the morning after the Shadwell Wake, and I'd not gone to bed until 4. The  biggest frustration in this class was my group, with whom I had to do two projects. They all did their research and their writing parts... but their writing was bad enough that sometimes I couldn't figure out what they were saying. So I had to rewrite both papers almost entirely, and in some cases re-research to back up the claims they made without support. This is part of the reason why I wound up spending the night in the Laurels office at one point.

  • Laurels: Oh, Laurels. As always, my source of fun and (in)sanity. We had a good group this semester, but I just don't feel like the magazine was as good as last semester. I dunno. I miscalculated the amount of time we'd have to put it together (forgot to account for the Thanksgiving break and we'd originally scheduled the reading a week earlier than usual), so there was a huge rush to get it done. I felt like I was cheating the staff members out of their opportunity to really work with InDesign and Photoshop, but it had to be in by a certain time and there was nothing to be done about it. The title was Moments Between Masks, taken from a Rilke poem, and the front and back covers were masks I made:
    Automata Theory


    There are more photos here on Facebook. I think M3DUS4 is my favorite. Her eyes light up (LEDs behind clear glass eyes that I painted)!
    The reading, then, was a masquerade. All the readers (and some guests) wore masks, everyone was dressy (Travis wore a tux! He looked like a secret agent), it was cool. It was originally supposed to be in the same venue as last semester, but there were concerns about whether the printer could get the magazine out in time, so we wound up pushing it back a week at very nearly the last minute. I still wish I'd had more time to sort things out and decorate and whatnot, but everyone seemed to have a pretty good time anyway. We had balloons and lights (Tish and Travis both possess mad decorating skillz, apparently), plenty of food, and even music after the presentation of work was finished.

    So, once I finish this final take-home exam, barring sudden and horrific failure in ways I completely failed to anticipate, I will have an MBA, with a concentration in Marketing.
    This is normally the point where one could expect me to get all weepy about how much I'll miss Laurels, and start panicking because no one has hired me and oh god the real world is scary.

    But, um.

    I'm going to be returning to the University of St. Thomas in the spring to get my MLA, with a concentration in English (specifically, editing and creative writing). You know. The degree I should have gotten in the first place, if I'd had any sense at all. Which means I'll still be lurking on the Laurels staff** (Editorship has been handed off to Travis and David-- that's right, it takes TWO people to replace me***), while simultaneously immersing myself in all manner of other creative outlets. If I explode from joy, that will be why.
    Dr. Lowery has also been talking about me possibly being hired as an adjunct once I have my MLA, and teaching the Laurels class.


    * Sir, you had me at "Hamlet"
    **The actual quote from Dr. Lowery: "Would you be willing to let others work as head editor while you still work on staff with a different title, such as 'Empress'?"
    ***Actually, they are just both really busy.
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