The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

"... No one's going to actually die, right?" "Well, Travis is involved. Accidents happen."

So, we are starting a Laurels Christmas Party tradition (it may well only last one year, but eh).
Travis asked for games we could play. My first thought was "What are we, six?" and my second was a list of terrible game ideas, including "Pin-the-tail-on-David", "Find the Poisoned Sandwich", and "Duck, Duck, Velociraptor*".
But then I remembered-- murder mystery games. They're awesome! We get to wear costumes if we want, we get to pretend to kill each other, and there's a lot of general ridiculousness.
But the kits available online are kind of... terrible. The characters are boring (with awful pun-names that even I couldn't stomach), the plots contrived, and the settings kind of ridiculous. This is a group of writers. They expect better.

So I decided to write my own. :D

The Setting: A new nightclub in L.A., the latest trendy hotspot for the young Hollywood elite.
The Characters: I am using everyone's real names, as trying to remember people's fake names is always the most annoying part of this for me.
  • David M - Lead singer/guitar player for the slowly up-and-coming band, The Itsy-Bitsy Fascists. Has had a very public feud with Jenni for years; considers her a 'hack' and a 'sellout'.
  • Jennifer - Bass player for The Itsy-Bitsy Fascists, fresh out of rehab but appears to be leaning towards relapse (which may be why she's at the club to start with). Former bass player for Trivial Robots, left them shortly before their major record deal due to 'creative differences', reportedly mostly with Jenni.
  • Travis - Manager for The Itsy-Bitsy Fascists, who sees Trivial Robots as a threat to his income.
  • Nicole - Socialite, David M's on-again, off-again ex. Currently hoping to get back together with him, though he is not interested.
  • Phillip - Roadie-turned friend of Jennifer, #1 fan of The Itsy-Bitsy Fascists, possibly slightly unstable.
  • Jenni - Lead singer of Trivial Robots, a popular new group, found murdered.
  • Matthew - Guitarist for Trivial Robots, wants to be the lead singer but was told to shut up and play so Jenni could sing.
  • Jasia - Actress and newest Hollywood "it" girl, hoping to break into the music industry. Supposedly has a deal in the works to sing on a new Trivial Robots track, but there have been issues resulting in the recording session getting pushed back for months.
  • Alexx - Celebutante, famous for being famous. Dating someone in Trivial Robots, though no one is entirely sure who.
  • David R - Club owner, who has a lot to gain from the notoriety of a celebrity death.
  • Mary - Straightlaced reporter stuck working for a tabloid, hoping for her big break in the news world to help her escape paparazzi hell.

    This is fun. I will be making up a bit more details about the characters, but those will have to remain private. If we decide to use this game, I'll post the details after it's over. If not, I'll put them up in a day or two.

    *I don't know how this game is played, but I am pretty sure it involves Travis eating people's faces.
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