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So. Things. Yes.
  • School
    • Media & Society - This class is... Hrm. The actual class is all discussions/debates, but the tests are all listing theories by names, which I can't ever seem to remember. This is my skipping class for the semester; seems like half the time I can't be bothered to show up. The professor appears to like me in spite of this. She's complimented me on my 'profound thoughts', which I'm sure she'll rethink once she reads my exam.

    • Poetry - This is, what, the third poetry workshop I've been involved in? This one is as big as the first; 18 people. The workshop's going much faster this time around, though, we generally get through six pieces a night (the class is about 2 hours and 45 minutes, which is far too long to sit and do anything, especially poetry). My problem here is that I haven't been writing. I've managed to spit out a poem for each of my workshop nights (well, for the first one, I had to pull an old piece from LJ), but I worry I won't manage it much longer. Since I'm taking the course as an independent study and am supposed to come up with about 20 pieces (I believe the undergrad quota is 9 or so), this does not bode well. The near-three hours are made bearable mostly by sitting next to Travis and writing notes back and forth, while making faces across the room at Matthew and dreamchimes to make them giggle and get them in trouble. I am a bad person. :D

    • Playwriting - Again, the whole "not writing stuff" is causing me serious problems. I've managed to avoid having to read all but once when the professor has us write a scene in class, which is good, since I've only once been able to actually get anything on paper. I like the class, despite it being at 9:35 AM, which means I have to get up quite early-- something I've grown unused to with my business classes, all of which started after 5:30 PM. As an MLA student I've got an extra scene or 10-minute playlet due (undergrads have to turn in two playlets and a scene). I'm really hoping I can churn something out, or I am going to be in some trouble.

    • Laurels - The magazine's a bit awkward this semester. I stepped down as editor, but I still get staff members coming to me for permission or advice, which is just uncomfortable. Especially when I'm standing next to Travis and David, the actual editors. I feel quite superfluous this semester, as I've not really contributed much, and I'm in the awkward not-an-editor-but-everyone-treats-me-like-one position.

  • Drugs - So, the Period of Doom has been vanquished! This is cause for celebration, sort of. See, we already knew that estrogen makes me psychotic. Like, really fucked up; I start panicking all the time and the self-injury goes through the roof and the constant crying and it is just a nightmare. Which is why most birth control pills are not an option. So this time, my doctor tried progesterone (well, the synthetic version). Turns out that that hormone turns me into a zombie. This includes sleeping 18+ hours a day, not responding to just about anything. Even Travis, who is Captain Oblivious, started getting kind of worried when he didn't see me so much as smile anymore. Doc cut the dosage in half; period is still gone (though I keep half-expecting it to return, and if it does I am going to cry so hard), and I am less zombified now. Still sleepy a lot, but it's manageable. I'm wondering if it's tied at all to the not-writing, but I don't know for sure and I really hope it isn't. I don't want to have to make the decision between feeling like utter shit all the time, or the inability to create anything.
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