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Season 2!

My Thoughts on Glee:

  • Jacob's jewfro seems to have grown. I am pleased. Soon it will prevent other students from sharing the hallway with him.
  • ... Okay, I almost hope they're going to do a 'Rachel has anorexia' episode or something, because that is a much better explanation for New, Pointy Rachel than "Lea Michele succumbed to the fucking onslaught of stupid, harmful, and wrong media messages that the thinner a woman is, the more attractive she is." She was petite and adorable and healthy-looking in Season 1; now she is noticeably thinner. It actually worries me.
  • "That was out loud, wasn't it." Oh, Finn.
  • I love Jacob's microphone.
  • "People thought I went on vacation, but actually I spent the summer lost in the sewers." I... actually believe that.
  • The forum begs Will to stop rapping. As do I. As do we all.
  • Those are the most opaque slushies I have ever seen. Seriously, they look like paint. Wow.
  • I want to join the fruit sculpture club. Not gonna lie.
  • Wait, how did all these girls get Cheerios uniforms already? Aren't they just now signing up?
  • "Several others started worshipping a possum carcass as their lord." I really hope this comes up later, somehow. Please. Please, writers.
  • Haha! Beiste! Like Beast! Because she's large and manly! And unattractive women are hilarious! Hahaha!
  • Sue is completely baffled by someone whose statements are even weirder than hers. She is actually stunned. I love Beiste.
  • Ahhh, Matt transferred. Sorry, Matt. You had your two lines last season. You will just have to be okay with that.
  • I absolutely love that no one except the two people we are supposed to notice gives a shit about the singing and dancing happening in their midst all over the new setpreviously unseen large outdoor courtyard area. I get the impression that other students are going "Oh god not the Glee club again. Maybe if we ignore them they'll stop."
  • Why was Finn at a daycare center? Was he visiting Beth?
  • Are we going to find every new male lead singing in the shower at some point? And will it ever stop being creepy? At least Finn has the good sense to walk away from the naked dude and let him sing in peace.
  • Rachel, you are so much more annoying already.
  • I don't think "Telephone" is really a good choice for Glee. It's too overproduced. We know you autotune them a bit (some more than others), but we like to pretend it's not happening, and songs like this do not contribute at all to that illusion. Also Rachel is swooping around looking like she either wants to make out with Sunshine or unhinge her jaw and swallow her whole. That's just unnerving.
  • "SHUT UP!" ... My mom and I laughed so hard we had to pause the episode until we could calm down enough to hear the dialogue. Glorious, Sue. Glorious.
  • What's this? Will behaving in a less mature fashion than the gaggle of teenagers he instructs? I am shocked. Shocked. Oh, wait, I meant the other thing. Rolling my eyes.
  • Harry Shum Jr is a beautiful, beautiful man. I just had to stop and look at to make sure I shouldn't feel guilty, but he's two years older than me, and thus my desire to lick his stomach is totally legal.
  • We are all into Mike's abs. All of us. YOU CANNOT RESIST THEM.
  • Finn is just stupid enough to believe that hurling Artie down a football field would be awesome, instead of ending in bone-crunching horror.
  • Oh, Sam. You have porn lips and silly hair, but I find you endearing. Well done, casting director.
  • "I've never had any balls in my mouth. Have you?" I like him, too. In spite of the Beiber 'do. Can he be Kurt's boyfriend, please?
  • Speaking of Kurt, where is he? It saddens me somewhat that the show has made it very clear that Kurt is no longer a 'guy,' to the point of excluding him from guy-stuff like this, and having him want to side with the girls.
  • Has Rachel gotten creepier? She seems creepier. Maybe it's all the lying. She was always self-serving and attention-starved, but at least she was pretty honest about it.
  • Hey, writers, you know what'd be really edgy and unexpected? I mean, actually edgy and unexpected, not 'teen pregnancy' or 'sassy black character' level edgy and unexpected. Have Will hook up with Beiste. I mean, hell, he's been romantically linked to nearly every legal-aged female who shows up in more than two episodes. Portray her as desirable. Hell, solve the looming romantic triangle by having John Stamos (playing Emma's dentist boyfriend) leave Emma for her. Just give Beiste some love. And don't play it as a joke, as haha, how delusional that guy must be to ever want someone like that. Don't make it about him manipulating her to get something. Just... let someone love her. I promise you, there'll be nothing else like it on TV.
  • Oh, Becky. You shouldn't have to see Finn dance. No one should. Not even Sue. Oh, dear.
  • The Quinn/Santana rivalry should be very interesting. Poor Brittany. "Stop the violence" indeed. Also, I love that Santana's definition of 'slut' is "someone who had a baby" and not the far more self-incriminating "someone who has had a lot of sex with a lot of people."
  • The hell is Kurt wearing? Some sort of S&M harness?
  • You know, I'm aware that we're supposed to side with Will here, and know that Brittany is lying, but the things he's saying-- "That's serious, it could ruin someone's life"-- are all things said to silence real victims of abuse.
  • I do like that Brittany leaves clutching the doll. Why they had a special cheerleader doll that looked like Brittany, I will never know.
  • Evil!Rachel is really starting to creep me out. Especially the "I love you guys so much" part. The constant lying. She used to be a bit likeable, but now she's much more grating. And oddly twitchy. Is Rachel on more Vitamin D?
  • Sunshine, please no more big plastic glasses without lenses. That is a stupid, stupid look. Stick with the beret. Berets are cute.
  • Haha, Evil Rachel is watching all her dreams die, and Finn is thinking about pizza. And maybe boobs.
  • Dogshit cookies? How stupid does Sue think Will and Beiste are? Also, how bad does Sue's kitchen smell, now?
  • Sam is what Justin Beiber will look like if he is very lucky and puberty is really, really kind. Which I do not think is what will happen. Sorry, Beeb.
  • "They gave me and my mom a condo and a green card." How powerful is Vocal Adrenaline? Good god.
  • It's not easy for a grown man to stalk off confidently while hoisting a Hello Kitty backpack, but Goolsby manages.
  • "I'll never break up with you." Evil Rachel is going to grow up to be Glenn Close in Fatal Attraction, isn't she.
  • Oh god, her collarbones. I want to feed her thirty cheeseburgers. Also, were her lips always that... swollen? They might just look bigger because there is less of her face around them.
  • Oh, Artie. Move on, honey. Don't become a creepy stalker like everyone else who's dumped on this show.

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