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  • So Finn's mom and Kurt's dad are still together? Good to know; I was wondering about that.
  • Well, I guess Finn worshipping a sandwich isn't much different than those Cheerios hopefuls who worship that opossum carcass. We had an interesting discussion in my American Girl in Literature class on the tendency towards spirituality during one's teenage years. I suppose when you're at a point in life when, traditionally, everything goes to shit, you want something to believe in.
  • I approve of Kurt's mustache shirt.
  • Aaand there's our theme. Sacred! Please let it not be the drinking word.
  • Oh, poor Kurt and that brief, brilliant moment of hope. Crushed by Finn saying "Jesus Christ."
  • I'm with Kurt on this one. Sorry, Cheesus.
  • Quinn and Mercedes sitting together? Are we going to see more of the friendship that seemed to be budding towards the end of Quinn's pregnancy? I hope so.
  • I love this song, but Puck's voice sounds a little... overproduced here.
  • I swear to any god that might or might not exist, Ryan Murphy, if you kill off Kurt's dad you will have lynch mobs coming after you. He is my favorite TV dad and I know I am not alone in this.
  • I see Will is stepping forward in his role of being Substitute Daddy for everyone in the Glee club. Which is, of course, why Emma ran to him first and why he took Kurt to the hospital.
  • Wow. I wonder how much of this is reminiscent of when Kurt's mom died. Poor Kurt. I want to give him all the hugs.
  • Aaand cue me crying. Oh, Kurt.
  • Finn would treat God like a genie. Lots of people do.
  • Oh, Brittany. You are trying so hard to be helpful.
  • Finn, this is not about you. Stop lashing out at the one person who's been hit hardest and sit your ass down.
  • Mercedes, singing about how one should turn to God to the person who's professed no belief in him is a bit of a condescending move. More appropriate here would have been a song about friendship.
  • "A magic teapot floating around on the dark side of the moon with a dwarf inside of it that reads romance novels and shoots lightning out of its boobs" ... I would totally worship that.
  • "I appreciate your thoughts, but I don't want your prayers." Amen, Kurt.
  • Actually, Sue, I am pretty sure kids are welcome to express their faith so long as Will doesn't lead the prayers or go all "You and you are wrong."
  • Of course, all Finn hears is that it's going to be 8 or 9 years until Rachel gives it up.
  • "My children will be free to worship in the way that I decide is right." Rachel, you will be the most terrifying mom ever.
  • Sue's worst enemy is Mary Lou Retton? This week, I guess.
  • Sue's hair looks really good in this scene. Dunno why.
  • Kurt, don't trust Sue. Never trust Sue. You should KNOW this by now. Come on.
  • "Sorry, Madame Secretary, have to go. Love to Bill." And I bet Hillary Clinton is on the other side of that line, very confused as to how the hell Sue got her number.
  • Sue, when have you ever been against cruelty? In any form?
  • Ryan Murphy clearly wasn't happy wth last week's episode causing conservative Christians to froth at the mouth due to overt sexuality, was he? He just had to go for the sacrilicious angle.
  • "Now I know how Miley feels." HAH.
  • I wonder how long until Finn's new savior gets moldy. I mean, it's composed of white bread and American cheese, so it won't break down for at least a couple of months.
  • I still love Rachel's bedazzled boom box. And also this song, though I've never heard it before (or seen the musical it's from)
  • Burt is on oxygen. What the HELL are they doing bringing a andle in there? Dammit, Rachel.
  • Okay, if you lot HAVE to do your religious stuff around the coma patient, could you maybe choose a time when Kurt isn't there? So, you know, you don't have to crowd Burt's non-religious son out of the room? Assholes.
  • I like 'Lurch' almost as much as 'Frankenteen.'
  • If Sam is all damaged and stuff and Finn has returned to the height of coolness that is the QB position, does that mean he will plead for Sam to rejoin the Glee club and it'll work?
  • Dammit, the Kurt of this episode is determined to make me cry. Chris Colfer is killing the hell out of this role. He needs to receive all the Emmys. ALL OF THEM.
  • Tiny Kurt is perfect. Whoever cast him needs to receive all kinds of raises.
  • Oh god their little tea party it is too cute I am dying. ;___;
  • Well, they have taken a happy little song and made it the saddest thing to ever sad. Well done, Glee.
  • Goddammit, Mercedes, stop pushing the religion thing.
  • "I prayed for them. To Grilled Cheesus." And after the next commercial break, the nice men in white coats come to take him away.
  • Emma has the most awkward job on the planet. Being a guidance counselor must be fraught with awkward, but trying to counsel this group? Good grilled cheesy lord.
  • I make fun of Corey Monteith a lot, but his voice seems like it's somewhat better suited to this song than to a lot of the parts they give him. It helps, I guess, that I like this song to start with.
  • Kurt is indeed wearing a fabulous hat. As if there was any doubt as to whether it would be sufficiently fabulous.
  • Well, she had to take him to church to do it, but Mercedes finally found a song to sing to Kurt as a friend. And she sang it beautifully.
  • And now Sue potentially finds religion? Or is it just her weekly moment of Not Being a Complete Asshole?
  • It is nice to see that Kurt is holding on to his atheism.
  • Yay, Tina getting to sing.
  • And Finn eats Cheesus. Which is at least a week old at this point. Ewww.
  • And we wrap up with not a single instance of the word "sacred" after Burt and Kurt's little tiff at the beginning of the episode. I'll take it.
  • I am actually quite pleased (in a heartbroken sort of way) that Burt did not magically wake up all better. We don't know the extent of the damage and won't for at least a week (Glee is kind of awful about dropping plotlines for a week at a time when a simple throwaway line would have helped tremendously).

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