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The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

In case you were wondering, reading this is about the same as watching the show with me.

If allowed to do so, I talk a lot while watching TV.

Man, if it weren't for this show, I might not ever post. That's a little sad.

That said, time for Duets!
  • "Maybe everyone should just start taking baths." Wise words, announcer dude.
  • The loss of Puck is devastating to me. I require a high level of eye-candy to maintain my Glee buzz.
  • Sam is a giant dork and you are totally right, Santana, he has NO GAME. NONE. Game is actually sucked from the room whenever he speaks.
  • Will, as apocalypsos so rightly pointed out, you know nothing about great marriages. Shut up.
  • Is Breadstix the only restaurant in Lima? I am starting to suspect it is. Poor Ohio.
  • Kurt, what is with the five pounds of metal on your shoulders? No.
  • His hair is not natural, and I suspect his lips aren't, either. I am pretty sure if you opened the door to Chord Overstreet's (and really, that name? He and I should be fighting crime in a comic somewhere. Jenni Bravo and Chord Overstreet. We are totally made up) trailer, you would discover every tube of lip plumper on the film lot, pilfered from his female costars. Just sayin'.
  • "Okay, maybe you are straight." "What?" "Nothing."
  • The pictures of Brittany Through the Years are adorable. <3
  • "It's a nice break from all that scissoring." ... Whut.
  • Santana, stop saying "I wants to get my ____ on."
  • "I'm like a lizard. I need something warm beneath me, or I can't digest my food."
  • "When you're not looking, I put weird things in your food." ... Santana is nuttier than I thought, and I kind of love it. Though I'm a bit concerned about what constitutes 'weird things.'
  • She... brought a wheelbarrow. Santana may actually be crazier than Rachel. I'm scared.
  • Kurt, again, what the hell is that on your head.
  • Props to Finn for calling Kurt out on his earlier behavior, which seriously wasn't cool.
  • When did the backup band get a string section? I anticipate a full orchestra by the end of the season.
  • This song is cute, and so is Rachel's skirt. Also her hair looks better. Still pushing my "30 cheeseburgers for Lea Michele" agenda, though.
  • Rachel, don't muss up Tinkles. He gets little enough respect as it is. Mostly because I refuse to stop calling him Tinkles. All he wants to do is glare at you disdainfully as he plays the piano. LET HIM BE.
  • Is... Is Rachel recovering from her crazy? Even if only slightly? I will accept her going back to the regular level of Rachel-crazy, as opposed to the 'nearing a psychotic break' level she's been working for the past few episodes.
  • Aww, Finn gets these cute little wrinkles between his eyebrows when he tries to think.
  • As ramaxela so aptly put it... CHANGST.
  • Artie looks so confused by Brittany's appearance at his locker. Brittany is not helping.
  • What is it with Brittany and babies? She's mentioned them several times now.
  • Guh. Can... can we have the Shirtless Sam Show now? Kurt will back me up on this, I am sure. Dear lord. Just an hour of him and Mike Chang hanging out sans various articles of clothing and I swear I will stop asking for a pony.
  • What is up with Finn's sweater? It looks like a hood, but it's a shawl-type collar? I... what? Is Kurt dressing him, now?
  • I can't stop calling Sam "Lady-Lips."
  • "I saw Avatar like, six times." Sam I love you because you are a giant dorkbucket. Also the lady lips. And the abs. Mostly the abs. And your ability to speak Na'vi. Even if I never saw Avatar.
  • I love caretaker Kurt. And Burt letting Kurt take care of him. So sweet.
  • Mercedes and Santana are killing this song. No lie. Pretty sure this is my favorite song of the season so far.
  • Artie dancing! <3
  • Booty-shaking for the win! Though damn, Santana has some seriously skinny legs. How she's able to act as a base during cheerleader pyramids, I will never know.
  • Yaaaaay ShowerSam time! Also I have inexplicable love for Kurt's hat. And asymmetrical-zipping jacket.
  • Artie has the coolest sweaters.
  • "Vocal Masturbation" is the name of New Directions' (Nude Erections') rival in the porn parody. That I just made up. Someone write that.
  • When Kurt said he was going to do both parts of the duet, I really hoped for something like this. Mostly because if anyone in the cast has the range to pull it off, it's Kurt. But this is pretty awesome, too. Then again, it's Kurt, so. Awesome is sort of the default. As always, he wins the theatricality award. Also, if he managed to put this whole thing together in a matter of days, why isn't he choreographing the entire glee club? Will, Kurt could do your job. Easily. And better.
  • Every time they cut to Sam watching Kurt (AND LICKING THE LADY-LIPS) a million 'shippers make squealing sounds.
  • Good job making Quinn even more likeable this season, writers. Also good job on lying to us about there being less crying in the first season 2 episode, because Dianna Agron has TOTALLY gotten teary-eyed in almost every non-group scene she's in. Work to your strengths, I guess.
  • Well, Rachel and Finn, the award for Cutest Song of the Episode has been stolen from you. Mike and Tina win, hands down. <3
  • ramaxela points out that Rachel's pockets (how many cardigans does this girl own? I'm pretty sure the matronly Sears petite section doesn't have as many as her closet does) make her ribs look like they're jutting. 30 cheeseburgers, all I'm sayin'.
  • "The Clintons?" What?
  • I love Brit-Brit carrying Artie to bed. Socute.
  • "Before our duet, we're gonna do it." Always with the romance, that Brittany.
  • ... Okay, I seriously don't know if I've just been going to a Catholic university too long or what, but Priest Finn is... crazy hot.
  • Anyone who has known Rachel longer than three minutes should have picked up on the fact that she wasn't serious when she let the criticism of her song choice go after fifteen seconds of huffing.
  • Poor Kurt, lookin' all sad and lonelified.
  • So fucking charming indeed, Santana. (Please. Like she'd really say 'freaking')
  • I like how Santana proves Brittany's promiscuity by pulling over the random 35 year-old in the lunch line.
  • Aw, Artie. Though, really, honey, this is a conversation you probably want to have with significant others before sexytimes happen.
  • I love that even Glee clubbers who didn't compete voted for themselves. Oh, teenagers.
  • "Please, not another pregnancy." Hah!
  • As fun as it can be to watch the two Glee Divas snipe at each other, I do really like the idea of Kurt and Rachel being friends. Hesitant, super-competitive friends, but still. Also, I am relieved to see the return of Significantly-Less-Awful Rachel.
  • Ugh, crunchy breadsticks. Do not want.
  • The all-boys school thing does explain Sam's total and complete lack of game.
  • "So you are gay." "What? No. Not at all." Of course not, Quinn, he's bi. I SAID SHUT UP HE LIKES EVERYONE LA LA LA CAN'T HEAR YOU LET ME HAVE MY DREAMS.
  • Awww, Brittany and the meatball. She's so nutty, but the way she's written makes me believe she genuinely doesn't have a mean bone in her body. Sex is just something fun, and she probably never thought of how Artie might consider it differently. Hell, she's probably not thought of a whole lot of things. Hopefully she has figured out condom use. It would seem so, since she wasn't the knocked-up cheerleader, but this is the girl who rinses with Dr. Pepper instead of brushing, so who's to say. Artie, get tested.
  • Is... Rachel in a satiny sailor suit? What? Targeting a different segment of Japanese businessmen, are we? Also, I totally believe Kurt just happens to have that suit in his closet.
  • Rachel is always going to out-dramaface you, Kurt. Her face is just bendier. Accept this before you sprain a cheek trying to win.
  • And now that they've sung "Happy days are here again," the Glee club is going to sink into a wretchedly deep depression, isn't it. ISN'T IT.
  • Also. The noises of pure, unadulterated joy I made at the Rocky Horror preview could probably only be heard by the dog. And again at seeing this. So excited for the next episode. So sad there will be no new one next week.

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