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Finally catching up on Glee. I made some very high-pitched noises of joy when I discovered the theme to this episode. And now, to enjoy The Rocky Horror Glee Show.

  • Cute opening. I know via spoilers and the fact that the show is only 43 minutes or so long that they won't be doing the whole of Rocky Horror straight-up, so it'll be interesting to see which songs they do and how they're integrated.
  • Uncle Jesse in leather? Yum. (Yes, I know he's Carl or whatever. He will always be Uncle Jesse to me.)
  • "This is the face of a guy who stepped in it." No, that is the face of a guy who's full of it. I grow less fond of Will with every passing week.
  • Guess what you guys, true love totes cures OCD!
  • Which character is Uncle Jesse dressing as? Because I am imagining him in fishnets and a corset, making trick-or-treaters everywhere question their sexuality.
  • I love Emma's look of "WTF" when Will reveals his delightfully coincidental idiotic sudden decision to stage Rocky Horror. Because the Britney Spears incident wasn't horrific enough, apparently.
  • Shut up, Will.
  • Um, before you win Nationals, shouldn't you focus on Sectionals? You know, that thing you have to win before Nationals even becomes an issue?
  • Go Mike, jumping on the Frank role. If not Frank, he's probably my very close second choice for Rocky (Sam looking just like the scrawnier teenage version of Movie Rocky, he's the obvious go-to guy for the role).
  • "I'd like to preserve you. In a jar. In my basement." Mercedes is getting a little dark, and I like it.
  • "I have no idea what's going on in this script, and not in a cool Inception kind of way." Hah!
  • Aww, Finn has body issues. Since the only fat girl on the show has made it pretty clear she's okay with her body, I guess they had to outsource the self-hatred to Frankenteen and Lady Lips.
  • Sue looks so happy when she says "fear!" <3
  • Nice work on the guest stars this week, Glee. THIS is how you use guest stars. It's clever and delightful.
  • "Mexican terrorist ants!"
  • ... Sue is like da Vinci with pumpkins. Oddly, I have no problem believing this.
  • "They threw toast at us." HAH!
  • Seriously, Artie? When did you become a gigantic douche?
  • Finn really is an excellent Brad, all flailing and awkward. Hell, this part may be the best use of him, ever. Adorable.
  • At least Will has learned enough in the past year to not ever fully trust Sue.
  • ...
  • I'm sorry, I was distracted by Chord Overstreet's stomach. Can I get that as a screensaver?
  • Really? Internet porn made girls more concerned with how guys look? Seriously? Have you seen most guys in porn? Or maybe I'm just watching the wrong porn.
  • I thought Artie had superhuman arm strength from all the wheeling, what's he doing with that itty-bitty weight?
  • Oh, it's time for Super-Conservative Asian Parents stereotype, with bonus slur against transfolk! Awesome, show! By which I mean, goddammit, show. It wouldn't have taken more than a few more seconds to say, oh, his parents were worried he'd be getting picked on if he played Frank, or they're going to be out of town the week of the performance, or something. Not Being Awful: It's really not all that difficult or time-consuming.
  • Aww, Becky is mini-Sue. That's cute and terrifying all at once, making it the ideal Halloween costume.
  • "70% of all teeth in this school are wooden."
  • "Wanky..." "Santana!" Hee. Girl's got a point. Mmm, Uncle Jesse.
  • I was wondering how long until Uncle Jesse sang.
  • Aww, cute little group dancing. Also, how big is that band? By season 3 I expect a full orchestra crammed into the choir room...
  • Haha, Will, they all love Uncle Jesse and no one loves you. SUCK ON IT.
  • Emma looks so happy at the prospect of Uncle Jesse dressed as Frank N. Furter. You go, girl.
  • There was a lot of criticism of this episode for not having a male Frank N. Furter. Honestly? I'm okay with Mercedes playing the part. I have not attended stage production of Rocky Horror (I know, I know), but from various clips I've seen and stories I've heard? The cast is played by a wide variety of people of all shapes, sizes, colors, and genders, and female Franks are not unheard of. Yes, it takes away some of the subversiveness of the original production, but let's not forget that Frank's character has dalliances with everyone. Also, putting a fat woman front and center and making it clear that she is sexually appealing is no small amount of subversive in and of itself.
  • Kurt is the awesomest Riff Raff ever. :D
  • Mercedes was right, she does look pretty hot in that getup.
  • Hahahahaha. Lea Michele does this cross-eyed look when she's supposed to be barely conscious, and I never cease to find it hilarious.
  • Will, could you at least try to hide your contempt for Uncle Jesse?
  • "I guess I have to." WHAT. No, Will. What about the OTHER thing Uncle Jesse said during his audition? THE PART ABOUT NOT GRINDING ON STUDENTS? AUGH SO CREEPY. Again, HAVE WE LEARNED NOTHING FROM THE BRITNEY SPEARS FIASCO?
  • With Brittany and Santana spying. Hah!
  • Heavy sweating? Ew. Not any better than the original lyric, for reals.
  • Oh god, you can see the exact second all the blood leaves Will's head for a decidedly more southern region. D: DO NOT WANT.
  • Emma does a really good job with this song.
  • Okay, shirtless Will being dragged around by the tie is... kind of... distracting-
  • AUGH WILL--Kurt? Hahahaha, Finn looks so confused-AUGH WILL AGAIN.
  • Emma, I think Will needs some time to himself right about now. I'd say "wanky wanky", but fuck you, show, I am not helping you try to make "wanky" happen. IT WILL NEVER HAPPEN.
  • I think this is about the time I started shouting at the TV, "FUCK YOU, I HOPE FINN HAS A SQUISHY BELLY AND I BET IT IS FUCKING ADORABLE!"
  • This scene... almost works.I think it'd be funnier if Finn was actually there, and the focus was on Sue's little remarks. They're trying for a double-joke, and it's just falling flat. The scene is endearingly confusing enough without trying to shoehorn more in.
  • Seriously? It's boxers. Assuming Mr. Wiggles (which is what I have named Finn's penis DON'T YOU JUDGE ME) doesn't make an appearance, nothing is showing that wouldn't be visible in a swimsuit. Hell, if the school has a swim team, those kids usually wear itty bitty speedos. Also, Finn does not in fact have a squishy little belly. I am disappoint.
  • "Nine children have already signed up for after-school therapy. I had to bring in a grief counselor." Dear lord, have those kids never left the house before? In most schools, if Corey Monteith wandered down the hallway in his boxers, the worst he'd receive is a few phone numbers.
  • "Santana pantsed Brittany, and she was wearing a lot less than her underwear." ... Oh, Brit-Brit.
  • Ohhhh, Schuester just got TOLD. Go, Uncle Jesse.
  • Oh god, Sue actually has a good point, for both sides of the argument. Show, you are confusing me so much with all this "making Sue logical and reasonable at random intervals."
  • "Give me some chocolate, or I. Will. Cut. You." Oh, Becky. I am so glad you are a recurring character.
  • Will, Sue is making more sense and acting like a far better educator than you. That alone should tell you just how fucked up you are.
  • Wow, Will even manages to back off in the douchiest way possible. He's not backing off because Emma has chosen to date Uncle Jesse and Will respects that, but because he feels that for now, Uncle Jesse is helping Emma. AUGH HATE.
  • Wait, there's a Men of McKinley High calendar? Where can I get one? Or three?
  • Welp, looks like no handicap-accessible bus for Sectionals after all. Sorry, Artie!
  • I really love Kurt's Riff Raff. I cannot state that enough. His hair and makeup look amazing and his voice does that creepy growl so very well. This show has really been a great opportunity to showcase several cast members in unusual ways.
  • Also, Tina and Brittany? Adorable Columbias.
  • I do like Quinn's more... melodic take as Magenta in Time Warp.
  • Ugh, the last three seconds of Will's self-satisfied clapping. Show, you really ought to have ended three seconds earlier. Or? Use those three seconds earlier to explain in a non-awful way why Mike can't be Frank.

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