The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

In which I jump up and yell at my computer a lot, and not in a good way.

Still catchin' up on Glee.

  • This show is just determined to give us shirtless Sam, and I am A-Okay with that.
  • There are, like, eight Virgin Mary statues in Quinn's room. Creeeeeeepy.
  • I will not lie to you, Finn running over the mail guy will never not be funny.
  • ... And his creepy grin after remembering it will never not be creepy.
  • "Do you think 'the Nutcracker' is just a musical?" ... I love Beiste.
  • Meathead Football Player, I hate you on Kurt's behalf.
  • Shut up, Santana.
  • I love Mercedes' fabulous hat. I approve of hats in general.
  • Why do I get the impression that Puck has assaulted the elderly before?
  • Schuester, I find your militant adherence to binary gender norms irritating. Just let Kurt sing with the girls.
  • Kurt's little steampunk bowtie! <3
  • The Fury? Pfffffft.
  • Kurt, take off the Martyr Pants, please.
  • Hah, Kurt. Well played. Though the odds of Will helping you out of the goodness of his heart are slim. He's kind of self-absorbed.
  • "I'm not tossing the baby out with the bathwater." "I've totally done that." Who on earth would put Brittany in charge of a baby? D:
  • Wow, Kurt put those posters together really quick. Boy has skills.
  • Haha, it's funny because she's unattractive! Get it? Women who aren't conventionally attractive are hilarious when they try to be sexy! Ahaha! AHAHA! AHAHAHAHAHAHA brb, killing self.
  • Also, who says "say my name" during makeouts? When you've made it clear there will be no sexing? That always struck me as more of a during-sexytimes phrase.
  • Puck's plan for making Artie cool isn't changing him out of the Cosby sweaters, it's... busking. Uh... huh.
  • No, Artie, it's not badass. Remember when y'all did this during the season premiere, and no one paid any attention? Yeah. I do.
  • Though I guess they pay attention when Puck goes around threatening them to do so. Fair enough.
  • Wait, it takes nearly $300 to go to Breadstix (which is clearly the only restaurant in Lima)? What are those breadsticks made of, platinum?
  • Ew, that is some ugly red piping on that uniform.
  • And as they run in slow-mo through the halls, you can basically hear Kurt falling in love.
  • Don't forget your jacket and maybe don't wear those strange short pants. You're not Kurt Von Trapp, kid.
  • Wow, the Warblers just made me like a Katy Perry song. That's pretty impressive, since she annoys me tremendously.
  • Emma, while watching this, said "It's gotta be a dream sequence." I was inclined to agree--a school full of attractive, engaging young men in uniforms (however ugly) singing and/or rocking out to smooth tunes while making lots of direct eye contact with a clearly-smitten Kurt? This is like, self-insertion fanfic levels of too perfect.
  • The astronomy classroom is the only non-choir room set they have, isn't it?
  • Why do they always look so happy when they say Beiste's name? That's the weird part.
  • "You crap on my leg, I'll cut it off!" I love Beiste.
  • Mike, WTF, you and Tina were JUST talking about using Beiste as a cool-off method, is "Tina has a thing for Beiste" really the first thing your mind goes to? Not, maybe, that she's doing what all the Glee guys are doing?
  • Wow, Will is actually making some kind of sense. I'm impressed. And wondering how he will completely undermine what he just said within the next fifteen minutes. Because you know he will.
  • Poor Kurt. I want to give him all the hugs.
  • Okay, this whole "refuse to be the victim" thing? All well and good in theory and, say, over the internet, perhaps. But in person, when Kurt is dealing with a very physical threat from someone much bigger and stronger than he is, regarding a subject for which teenagers have been attacked and killed? Blaine, all due respect, but you don't know this kid at all, or what he's capable of. That is dangerous advice you're giving.
  • "SPIES!" I giggled.
  • Augh, this little Puck and Artie/Santana and Brittany interaction makes me ill. Quinn's expression pretty much says it all.
  • Will, no. No. NO NO NO. DO NOT TELL HER. Goddammit. All you had to do was say "I have no idea why they're being so weird, but I will tell them it stops now." THAT'S ALL YOU HAD TO DO . YOU DIDN'T HAVE TO TELL HER.
  • "Leggo my Eggo"? Really? Oh, Puck, you're an idiot. And you are too, Santana.
  • Brit-Brit, Artie can't feel... Nevermind.
  • That's a very weird 'thing' to have.
  • I am really glad that Artie hasn't become a complete asshole. Stiffing waitstaff is a shitty thing to do.
  • The girls are looking pretty hot, and working the hairography, though the song is meh. Might be because I like "Livin' on a Prayer" and I'm not super-fond of "Start Me Up."
  • Much as I loathe what the moment stands for, I must admit that Sue standing there, cackling and surrounded by confetti, is a glorious shot.
  • Oh god, please don't let Meathead kill Kurt. Though if Kurt manages to land a good punch, I'd secretly be thrilled.
  • I love you, Kurt.
  • AUGH UNWANTED KISS. The worst kind of kiss.
  • You know, Buffy handled the whole "meathead athlete is secretly gay" thing very well. I somehow suspect Glee's going to go in a different direction.
  • "If everyone just put out, we would have a winning football team." Heh.
  • Puck, you are such a little shit. Really? You're going to throw the "None of you care about me! WAAAH" around? This is Kurt's episode. Go be a dick somewhere else.
  • Not gonna lie, I was hoping that when Kurt shoved him, Meathead would fall down the stairs and be seriously injured.
  • Blaine, Kurt does not want lunch, he wants sweet, sweet boykisses. From you.
  • On the one hand, I feel for Coach Beiste. I have been in her position--my unattractiveness is used as the butt of jokes on a fairly regular basis, generally by random people I don't know. It's an awful feeling. On the other, this is not something being done to her by her peers. It's being done by teenagers, a group well-known for being full of obnoxious little ignorant shits. Not only that, they are her students. These kids are half her age, and their opinion of her attractiveness should not matter at all.
  • "They like you. They respect you." "Isn't that what every girl wants to hear from a guy." Um, YES?
  • No, Will, you don't get it. You weren't 'scarred' by high school, you were LOVED in high school. It's a goddamn PLOT POINT on this show that you enjoyed high school and it was the best time of your life.
  • No. No, Will. No. NO NO NO NO NO NO NO GODDAMMIT FUCK YOU WILL SCHUESTER, FUCK YOU SIDEWAYS WITH A RUSTED RAKE I FUCKING HOPE YOU DIE OF EBOLA-AIDS DO NOT I REPEAT, DO NOT--Oh, fuck you. Why the hell should Beiste be grateful for your pity kiss, a clearly manipulative move designed to get her to stick around? Because it's the only kiss she's likely to get? FUCK YOU. FUCK YOU FUCK YOU FUCK YOU.
  • Remember how, when Beiste showed up, I said that if the writers really wanted to push the envelope with this new character, they should portray her as appealing, and maybe have a male character display an actual, real interest in her? GLEE WRITERS, YOU JUST SHAT ALL OVER THAT. FEEL FREE TO DIE IN ALL THE FIRES.
  • Puck hated juvie because he's a snotty little asshole who can't back up his big talk, surprise surprise. I no longer care about Puck or Artie in this episode, I am too busy being enraged by the previous scene.
  • But where will you get those waffles, Artie? Lima has but one restaurant, and Breadstix doesn't serve breakfast.
  • Dear closeted asshole jock: I hate you.
  • "You're nougaty." Admittedly, an excellent description.
  • Hah, no smile for Puck's line. Well done, Beiste.
  • I like the boy's mashup a little better than the girls'.
  • Okay, the guys show-flirting with Beiste is just creepy. Again, she's their teacher. They don't have to be attracted to her, they just have to respect her as a leader. A woman can have value to others without being perceived as attractive. THE TWO ARE IN NO WAY RELATED. Or shouldn't be. God, I hate this episode so much. Especially Will. Hate.
  • Auughh, awkward hug. Do not want.
  • Well, show, it took a while, but you finally had an episode that made me all screamy with rage and hate. Why you do this? Why? ;_____;

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