The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain (jenni_the_odd) wrote,
The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Every time I think I'm out, they pull me back in.

"They" being the Glee writers, of course.

Yeeeah, I went into this one knowing full well there would be all kinds of crying.

  • First off, "Furt"? Not, oh, I dunno, "Kinn", which would sound less like a bodily gaseous emission and sort-of double as a pun on the word 'kin', meaning 'family'? Writers, I am disappoint.
  • "Yeah, after the kids in that homeroom." The image of a bunch of high school students, thoroughly confused as Burt and Carole rush in, do the proposal, and rush out, is hilarious to me.
  • Kurt has a trunk full of wedding magazines under his bed? Oh, Kurt, honey, didn't April Rhodes give you 70's muscle mags so you could have a normal under-bed masturbatory treasure trove like every other teenage boy?
  • Well, Finn isn't freaking out, and appears to actually be smiling, so that's a good sign.
  • I love the way Sue says "horror." I suspect the writers do as well, because they keep making her say it.
  • "You can't tame the tiger. You've read my tattoos." Hah.
  • I am totally copying Sue's interests for my OK Cupid profile. "Extreme Taxidermy, Tantric Yelling, Poking the Elderly with Hidden Pins..." It's the ellipsis that's the truly sinister part.
  • Where can I buy Sue Sylvester stamps? Get on that merchandising opportunity, Glee. And aren't most stamps self-sticking types these days?
  • I do like that Finn always has just the slightest pause before saying he's okay with Sam wooing Quinn. Or anything Quinn-related, really. I keep expecting him to snap one day, perhaps right before the season finale, and have a full-on psychotic break after which he speaks only in song lyrics and refuses to respond to anything not sung accompanied by excessive choreography. That would make an interesting Season 3, writers. Get on it.
  • Again, the room with the planet mobiles is the only non-choir room classroom set Glee has. And again, the stars fail to give Sam any sort of game. But we love him for it.
  • "We've known each other for six weeks. Stand up, you're freaking me out." Quinn may well be the only completely sane person on this show.
  • All right, the whole promise ring thing squicks me out a bit, but Sam's little promise speech is really adorable and I can't help but find it incredibly endearing. My cynical side is saying to wait until he skins her and wears her as a cheerleader suit, but I'm trying to ignore it (IT RUBS THE LOTION ON THE QUINN).
  • "That's why we feed them glitter, Finn." HAH. Also, D:
  • Hey, Finn finds the whole 'giving away' of the bride incredibly creepy, as do I. Go, Finn.
  • "My Power Rangers got married and divorced in so many combinations, they were like Fleetwood Mac." HAH. My dolls had a sort of polyamorous commune thing going.
  • Finn's opinion of what makes a 'cool stud' is... not like anyone else's. Also, who the hell would call anyone a 'cool stud'?
  • Nicely done, Glee director, as Karofsky is all kinds of terrifying and intimidating.
  • Sue actually is offering much more help than the average principal in these sorts of situations. It is rather touching to see her reach out to Kurt and tell him that if Karofsky's bullying becomes physical, he will be expelled (and that she'll take Kurt's word for it--many victims of bullying are SOL unless it's witnessed by multiple adults, on school grounds, during school hours, and even that's no guarantee).
  • Props to the writers for Kurt calling Sue out on the "Lady" nickname. And Sue seems almost warm and kind when she says she was hoping he'd pick "Tickle-Me Doughface."
  • Brit-Brit has no idea why Artie's in the wheelchair, does she.
  • It's amazing to see where Sue gets her personality. And I do love the layer of complexity added to the episode by the fact that Sue has clearly being bullied her entire life by her own mother.
  • Oh god, Sue wasn't kidding about the Nazi hunter thing. The Glee universe is truly a bizarre one.
  • Finn, just stand up to Karofsky. Stop being a coward and an ass.
  • I love that Artie, who has possibly received the greatest or second-greatest amount of physical bullying on the show (he is forever being tipped over in port-a-potties or pushed down the stairs), is the first to confront Karofsky. Also that Mike's (or is it Puck's) first response is to ask Artie if he's okay.
  • GET HIM SAM GET HIM DESTROY HIM. I know, I know, violence is never the answer, but sometimes, violence is all bullies understand. The show has tried to make Karofsky more sympathetic by indicating that he's closeted and therefore suffering, but he's physically assaulted Kurt and threatened his life, and I dunno, I am not all that inclined to feel bad about him getting the shit kicked out of him when he is the one who threw the first punch (or the first shove, as it were).
  • Kurt, I'm going to argue with you that your being bullied isn't anyone else's problem (she said, to the fictional character...). Standing by and allowing this behavior simply normalizes and perpetuates it.
  • This is the most observant Will has been regarding student behavior, ever.
  • Will is the only attractive teacher in the school. Heh. Actually, we haven't seen the teacher's lounge in a while; Will might well be the only teacher in the school. Lord knows none of the others are ever roaming the hallways.
  • You guys, Carol Burnett is singing. On Glee. <3 And the only thing better than Jane Lynch on stage, singing and being funny, is Jane Lynch and Carol Burnett on stage, singing and being funny.
  • Kurt teaching his dad to dance is adorable. Chris Colfer and Mike O'Malley have some of the best chemistry ever.
  • Again, while I know I shouldn't advocate violence, I can't help but love Burt for pinning Karofsky against a wall. And for calling Finn out for his refusal to stand up for Kurt. Every kid deserves a parent who is that driven to protect them.
  • I am simultaneously impressed and disappointed in the fact that Karofsky's father is so willing to believe that his son is doing this. It smacks of unreality, but at the same time, it's necessary to let the story move on to a happy scene without the spectre of Kurt's impending beating and possible murder looming overhead.
  • Finn, when will you learn that lies are never good when it comes to sex stuff. :(
  • I do appreciate Finn standing up to Santana, even if it's only a little; she's a bully in her own right, though it gets downplayed because she uses words instead of physical violence.
  • This wedding is cheesy as hell, but it is so fucking cute and everyone looks so happy that I don't care.
  • Not gonna lie, as soon as Burt appeared I started tearing up. And the shot of Kurt tearing up? Not helping.
  • Carole looks beautiful in her wedding dress. It's not a style I'm a huge fan of, but it works so well on her.
  • Oh, Brit-Brit.
  • Wow, Burt managed to mention his dead wife at his wedding without being an asshole. Well done, sir.
  • Why is Kurt sitting at the bride and groom's table instead of with his friends, like Finn? Eh. I am too busy finding this scene adorable. Even Will's smarminess as he hams it up behind the microphone can't come close to ruining it.
  • Unlike Burt, Finn can't mention an ex gracefully, even when it's not his. See: Rachel's visible wince when he says "Puckleberry."
  • Finn's speech to Kurt is really sweet. And then the dancing, and just the amount of joy in the whole scene is so perfect. This is what weddings should be; a celebration of love and happiness and inclusion.
  • So, I'd pretty much been crying since the wedding started, and I refuse to feel bad about it. It was the perfect showcase for some of the best-written and most well-developed characters on the show, and is easily my favorite part of any episode so far.
  • The cake topper is adorable. Two Sues! In red and blue track suits! Ah, normally I'd find it awesomely bizarre, but I'm still all hopped up on love from the previous wedding scene.
  • Sue's dress! <3 I LOVE THAT DRESS. The perfect hybrid of Sue's tracksuits and an evening gown. Jane Lynch looks great in it, too.
  • "You are welcome to sing 'The Sound of Silence,' in your hotel room, right now." Well played, Sue.
  • Is Quinn shilling for some brand of bruise-reducing cream I'm unaware of? Eh, don't care.
  • Quinn's breaking into a locker and the "wait, what"-ness thereof is vastly overshadowed by Sam's dorky joy at her agreeing to wear his ring.
  • Ah, here's something more like reality. Of course Karofsky isn't going to face any sort of punishment.
  • Sue giving up her job so she can be Kurt's shadow/protector is actually pretty touching.
  • There's yet ANOTHER giant trophy.... wait, were they just moving them from Sue's old office to her new one? And now back again? Oh. Duh. I feel dumb.
  • KURT. ;___________________;
  • I mean, I understand. And it makes sense. And it would likely be the safest route for him.
  • But still. KURT. ;_______________________________________________;

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