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Sectionals tiiiiiime~

  • "Have you been going through my desk?" HAH. No, Will, though Emma has clearly been reading the fan forums.
  • Oh god, show, is this going ot be another one of those things where you cleverly point out what is wrong, then pretend to do something about it, but don't actually correct the problem? Please say know.
  • Silly Mercedes, solos are for the white, conventionally attractive people.
  • "Ken and Barbie?!" Hee.
  • "You used to be just sort of unlikeable, but now I pretty much feel like punching you every time you open your mouth." You and everyone else, Quinn. You and everyone else.
  • OH NO SHE DIDN'T. Except that she did.
  • God, that is an ugly school uniform. Red piping? Seriously? I am surprised Kurt was willing to wear it, escape from bullying or no.
  • "I volunteer at a stray cat rescue. It's at the bottom of a coal mine." <3 Kurt.
  • No director? Yeah, I think it's just that there are no adults at this school. Seriously. There's only, what, three or four at McKinley, and we've yet to see any at Dalton.
  • "You're kind of scary." This is true.
  • Hah, Emma as a teenage couples counselor. So many flavors of awkward. At least she has something resembling a healthy relationship, now.
  • Aww, scared Brittany.
  • "I know I'm more talented than all of you. Britney Spears taught me that." How come when Brittany says it, it's hilarious, but when Rachel says it, it's the most obnoxious thing ever? I think it's the monotone delivery.
  • Cricket whatnow?
  • Aww, Magic Comb. Well played, Artie. And there is absolutely no telling whether Brit-Brit is just playing along, or actually believes him. Seriously. Not even Artie will ever know.
  • "There's a method to my madness." No, there's not, Puck. Seriously. You are fooling no one.
  • Puck threatening Karofsky and referring to Kurt as 'my boy' is strangely adorable.
  • Seriously, random Meathead? You're comparing recruiting for glee club to recruiting for the Klan? Ugh.
  • Opossums? I do not want to cross Brittany.
  • Rachel, shut the fuck up. PUT THE TAPE BACK ON YOUR MOUTH.
  • Will shouting at Rachel is oddly satisfying.
  • Will shouting that the glee kids need to focus on themselves less is annoying and pure hypocrisy.
  • Oh, right, this is the part where they point out that the fat girl loves candy. HAHA FAT PEOPLE, AMIRITE?
  • "She kinda rocked my world." I approve.
  • I am annoyed by Rachel as the next person, but Santana, you really need to shut up. Like Rachel, you're usually kind of an awful person, but it's been escalating to nigh-unbearable levels of late.
  • Tina what the HELL are you wearing--Oooooh, I covet those fingerless gloves.
  • Rachel, that dress is awful. Just awful.
  • "That's insane." YES IT IS.
  • And there we have the dewy ballad-eyes. No one does Dramaface like Rachel.
  • When this episode aired, I heard my mother singing along to Don't Cry for Me Argentina. She... cannot sing. It was entertaining. Evita is one of the musicals I and my family have memorized more or less in its entirety.
  • Haha, randomly Rachel is on a balcony.
  • Really, I just like Chris Colfer's voice more than Lea Michele's.
  • This episode really does go out of it's way to point out the differences between the Warblers and New Directions. And they are going really heavy on the "New Directions lets you be AN INDIVIDUAL!"
  • Emma's coat is the cutest coat. THE CUTEST COAT. I want to buy one for my little sister. And possibly heysawbones
  • It pleases me to know that Emma and Uncle Jesse are happy.
  • Rachel and Kurt's cuteness almost balances out the smugness.
  • The Hipsters are adorable. Even if they are dressed like flight attendants/movie theater employees.
  • What an odd edit; it cut the song very short.
  • Ugh, Train. I can stand "Drops of Jupiter", but "Hey Soul Sister" got obnoxious really fast, and for a month or two I couldn't go more than 10 minutes without hearing it on the radio.
  • Okay, Rachel encouraging Kurt while he's performing is really cute. And Chris Colfer is doing very well with the shy but excited expressions.
  • Hahahaha, Will looks like he is about to throw up or shit himself or both at once.
  • Haha, even Lauren knew.
  • Will has spent this entire episode royally pissed off. I'm okay with this.
  • Awwww, Brittany. I guess she did believe him after all. I don't think Brit-Brit would cheat, actually.
  • I will never not hear "Nude Erections" when they say the glee club's name. I am physically incapable of it.
  • Really? An exact repeat of last year's entrance? Glee club, I am disappoint.
  • Always nice to hear Naya Rivera sing, and the choreography is great. Heather Morris and Harry Shum Jr. can dance the hell out of just about anything.
  • ... Okay, it was cute and the dancing was good, but I don't know if it was crazy standing ovation good.
  • Of course both teams are going, how else are they going to keep Kurt involved for the rest of the season without immediately moving him back to WMHS?
  • OMG OMG OMG EMMA MARRIED UNCLE JESSE. I actually approve of this so much.
  • Oh, Rachel, no.
  • Good move, Finn.
  • Rachel, when someone tells you they will never break up with you, you acknowledge that they are dumb and cannot possibly keep that promise. Because teenagers are stupid like that.
  • Never heard this song before.
  • Oh god, creepy kitten calendar. I had actually forgotten about that.
  • Kurt and Pavarotti the Canary are precious. <3
  • The ending felt kind of flat to me. Eh. I dunno, the whole episode seemed a bit off--everyone was angry and everyone was stressed and nothing quite felt right. It wasn't bad in an angrymaking sort of way, just... sad, and a little empty. Maybe because last season's Sectionals episode was so emphatic. It was written to potentially be a series ending, then at least the last episode before several months of break, and this episode is very obviously in the middle of a season, with another episode on its heels next week. So rather than tying up plotlines in a way that's at least temporarily satisfactory, it's merely expanding on them and leaving the viewers with a lot of questions still unanswered. Also, the songs were sort of meh for me, which didn't help.

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