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Glee Review!

So, the latest episode is Christmas-tastic.

  • Oh, Emma. You need to accept that Will is a giant douchebucket who is not even going to pretend to be nice to you anymore because you are no longer available for flirting and it is all about WILL WILL WILL, and you are much better off with Uncle Jesse.
  • That said, there is nothing wrong with spending Christmas alone, if that's what you want to do. It sounds peaceful.
  • "Their Christmas gift to each other was rabies." ...
  • "Stop friend-requesting me on Facebook." Amen, Artie. Amen.
  • Is anyone surprised that Brit-brit still believes in Santa? I am not, particularly.
  • I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that for this episode, we're assuming everyone in the world celebrates Christmas, including the two outspokenly Jewish Glee clubbers. I am also assuming we're doing an entirely secular Christmas. Which, whatever. At this point Christmas is just as much if not more a secular holiday, often celebrated in some form or other by people of all different faiths and cultures.
  • I love the band and their ugly sweaters. Even though I feel bad that they have to stand around while drama unfolds, in case someone wants to have a musical hissyfit.
  • "I think she was a holiday hoarder." D:
  • "This tree is like a mascot for Glee club." I cannot even argue with that. It is oddly cute even though it is comprised largely of Fail and WTF. Perfect.
  • "You can eat that, you know" Is Lauren ever going to get non-food, non-fat related jokes? That is what I want for Christmas, writers.
  • I actually think that the Glee club caroling around the school is cute. Had this happened in my high school, I would have liked it.
  • Though the swaying and bopping is a bit much.
  • ... Dear lord. "I HATE YOU!" D: And did that teacher--WTF, CHRISTMAS IS RUINED.
  • "Last week, Brittany believed a comb had magic powers." OMG, the writers remembered continuity. CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.
  • "I don't really understand the difference between an elf and a slave." ... whut.
  • I'm with you, Tina. Artie's plan is kind of fail.
  • "Please tell me that is a roll of Certs in your pockets!" CHRISTMAS IS RUINED.
  • "I want Channing Tatum to stop being in stuff." CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.
  • "When does Asian Santa arrive?" CHRISTMAS IS MULTIETHNIC.
  • "Just know you have rights." For this episode, Brittany will be playing the part of Hermione. Somehow.
  • Oh god, the look on Artie's face.
  • Rachel's dress is cute, even if that beret looks a little weird. And her hair looks great. Her wardrobe has been fairly precious this season. It's like a younger version of Emma's.
  • Oh god, how many kittens, Rachel. HOW MANY.
  • I'm with Finn. Real trees are so worth the pine needles and sap.
  • Of course Rachel would give a gift certificate that's really just a way for her to show off and be controlling. Of course.
  • Christmas is supposed to be about forgiveness? Okay, we'll go with that.
  • "Besides, the AV club worked so hard on the snow." Hah!
  • Okay, the lurking outside the club door and watching him is creepy. Stop being creepy, Rachel.
  • "A soul." I lol'd.
  • Adorable, flirty, lovely duet between my favorite please-let-them-be-a-couple on this show? CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.
  • Could Chris Colfer and Darren Criss be any cuter? I say no. No, sir. I don't even care that this scene didn't have to exist at all for any reason other than to showcase the two of them being adorable. I am 100% okay with it. SOCUTE.
  • "I call that progress." <3 At this, my mom went "Wait, he's gay?" and I am pretty sure she doesn't listen to the dialogue, and just fast-forwards to the music when she watches Glee.
  • Writers, I would have loved a few more examples of Will's terrible gift-giving. Such a potential for funny.
  • "I was taking all those science textbooks to an exorcist?" Heee.
  • Kurt's idea was a really good one, actually.
  • Will's pathetic attempt at macho posturing as he leaves Sue's office is actually funny. Ooooh, take her phone off the hook. That'll show 'er.
  • "It's offensive." Oh, we're doing this after all? "You're wearing a Santa Claus hat, and yet you're handing me no gifts." Oh.
  • "Six different people got Sue a ShakeWeight." Hah!
  • "And I licked each one, so no one would touch them." I threaten to do this on a regular basis.
  • I can only imagine that Sue's HR file takes up three cabinets on its own. It must be massive. There is probably an entire server dedicated to her computerized files.
  • "Should have suspected something when Dad was in traction until the end of January..." I love Coach Beiste.
  • "If Christmas morning comes around and I'm not dancing in glee club rehearsal..." Wait, what? Do they not have winter break like every other regular high school in the country? Shouldn't Christmas morning be sandwiched between two weeks of no school, including no glee club?
  • Haha, elves have stem cell research. Yes. Well played, Lady-Lips.
  • Sue the Grinch, Becky the reindog. <3
  • I wonder how warped Becky is going to be as a result of what appears to be a full-time internship with Sue...
  • Brittany Who!
  • ... Man, they are really testing the limits of Brittany's stupidity/willful obliviousness this episode, aren't they? Though I guess in her defense, Sue makes a very convincing Grinch.
  • Aww, Finn looks so cute when he tries to think. Though I keep worrying he'll sprain something.
  • Hah, a car air freshener!
  • "The hearth of the Christmas home"? I think Rachel memorized a Wikipedia entry on Christmas trees.
  • Not gonna lie, I love this song. My favorite version is a cover by Darren Hayes, of Savage Garden, done for a Rosie O'Donnel Christmas special. Which, I think, may make it the gayest piece of music ever performed. Love it so hard. CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.
  • How many berets does Rachel own?
  • "Last year for Christmas, I asked Santa to give me you." Creeeeeeeepy. I have issues with the concept of love/relationships as ownership.
  • The surprise kiss might have worked better if Finn didn't have to lean down half a foot to make it happen.
  • Both of them cheated with the same guy, no less. Poor Finn.
  • Wait, I thought he officially broke up with her a week ago? Eh. Teenage relationships are pretty nebulous, and Rachel is the type to go "HE NEVER SPECIFICALLY SAID THE WORDS "BREAKING UP" so, whatevs.
  • Say "know what it's about" again.
  • Will is a sad, empty husk of a broken man. That's all I'm taking away from this speech, really.
  • "Barbie took the early flight from Tampa." Heeheehee.
  • Of course, Brittany is the only person who understands Beiste's sayings.
  • Sponge bath? ....
  • Aww. This is such a sweet, sad conversation. Speaking as the Ugly Girl, yeah.
  • Poor Brittany. Watching someone learn the "You can't always get the things you want" lesson is so much harder when what they want isn't a selfish thing. CHRISTMAS IS RUINED. ;___;
  • What kind of school these days lets kids just go home in the middle of the day?
  • "I imagine having some of us in your classes slowly chipped away at your hopes and dreams until the whole world just felt like a never-ending nightmare of pain..." HAH. I get the feeling this is another one of Shue's 'pep' talks, quoted verbatim.
  • All together now, Awwwwwwwwww.
  • Rachel is not the most delicate with her tact. Heh.
  • Okay, when I first watched this, my jaw actually dropped. They made Artie walk for Christmas. I am gonna bypass the whole "not being able to walk doesn't mean the writers need to center the majority of his story arcs around his disability" and "being unable to walk doesn't mean his life is all shitty because of it and it consumes his existence" discussions (though really, please?) and just go ahead and declare CHRISTMAS IS SAVED.
  • "I thought it was a Transformer." Hah.
  • Beiste wins Christmas. Love her so, so hard.
  • Will, you have GOT to change your locks, seriously, people keep getting in unexpectedly and sooner or later that Susie Pepper kid will return.
  • You know Sue licked that. You know she did.
  • "No one should be alone on Christmas Eve." Wait, why aren't all these kids with their families on Christmas Eve? Though I guess Christmas Day is the more common family-celebrating time (my family does Christmas Eve as our big gathering, but we may be odd in that.).
  • And again, what is wrong with being alone on Christmas? I know if I tell people "I would like to be alone" it means I WOULD LIKE TO BE ALONE. Ah, well. At least Will seems okay with this.

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