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Oh, hello there internets. Guess what time it is!

Time for another Glee recap?

... No. The other thing.

Time for more whinging about how you don't know what you're doing with your life?


School recap?

Yes. That. Shut up.

So, yeah. My last semester at UST (Okay, my third "last semester" BUT I MEAN IT THIS TIME. I will have ALL THE DEGREES, or at least all the ones I think I could stand to get except maybe a masters in Education or communication or somethingNO FOR THE LOVE OF GOD I AM LEAVING THIS TIME I SWEAR).
But yeah. Last one. For realz. Then I have a year to let magazines and publishers reject me, and to apply to PhD programs (so they can also reject me). And to take the GRE, regular and literature. And maybe also find one of those 'job' things I can faintly remember from my distant past.

  • Shakespeare - This class is with my Dante professer, who is so nerdy and so brilliant and I wuv him. I do not, as a general rule, crush on teachers, but I cannot help it with this one. SO NERDY. Plus, I am able to process Shakespeare a lot more easily than I can Dante. With Dante, my eyes automatically started glazing over at all the religious stuff. Fascinating though it can be, I just could not focus on it. And Dante? IS ALL RELIGIOUS STUFF. Also I have zero patience for any "courtly love" shenanigans, so Vita Nuova annoyed the hell out of me. Shakespeare, though. Nothing keeps my attention like puns and bawdy jokes. I am a simple, simple creature, y'all.

  • Wharton & Cather - This is the same prof I had for Hemingway & Fitzgerald. The class seems like fun times; there are two or three people who are in both Shakespeare and H&F with me, so that's all kinds of useful.

  • Thesis - OH GOD WHAT WAS I THINKING I AM GOING TO DIE. I have to write so much more poetry. Mostly because the shit I've got? Does NOT fit together with any sort of coherent theme. I've got poems about zombies and poems about breakups and poems about my grandmother and poems about religion and poems about fairy tales and NONE OF IT GOES WITH ANY OF THE REST OF IT except I think there may be two or three religion poems. I am doomed. DOOOOOOMED. Also, my Dante/Shakespeare prof is my second reader, which was a STUPID move on my part. I don't want someone well-versed (HAH see what I did there ohgod) in poetry. I want someone who'll go "Yeah, sure, that's fine" and throw a diploma my way. I am too brainfried to cope with anything beyond that. ;______;

  • Laurels - Laurels is. Uh. Interesting this semester. Two other alums are running the show, with me sitting in the background frantically trying to cobble together some sort of helpful manual for the poor saps in charge next semester. We've got some new people, most of whom are very, very quiet. And one of whom is... not. She seems sweet, but she is clashing with me and the editors at almost every turn. I am hoping things will settle a bit better once we decide on a theme and get down to business. I just hope she doesn't get too upset that all her ideas are being shot down. I feel bad, but I think I would feel worse if we went along with her suggestions. This is the last issue I'll be working on, and I want it to be amazing.

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