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More Glee. Huzzah.

Now that Valentine's Day is safely over, I feel more comfortable reviewing the obligatory lovey-dovey episode "Silly Love Songs." Let's do this.

  • "Now we can see what they look like in street clothes!" Recap announcer, you and I think exactly alike.
  • Get it, y'all? It's weird and hilarious 'cause she's fat and fat people aren't attractive!
  • "You're really not good at this." I love you, Lauren.
  • Oh god. I am not loving Smug Bastard Finn.
  • Really? Really? One championship football game and you turn insufferable. Oh, Finn. I am disappoint.
  • I'm with Kurt. So much Valentine's stuff is horrific.
  • Oh god you can see Kurt's precious little hopes increasing with every word Harry Freakin' Potter says. ;____; I know better than to hope. Hell, I've been in this same position. IT'S NEVER YOU WHEN THEY'RE SAYING "Oh, I have a crush on someone and I want to tell them..." IT IS NEVER YOU. :(
  • Brit-Brit. <3
  • Mercedes and I are making the same face during Finn's speech. The exact same face.
  • Points to Lauren! Santana is a bully.
  • Whoaaa, Rachel!
  • Oh, Santana. I can't bring myself to feel bad for you.
  • I LOVE LAUREN SO HARD. SO HARD. I know she's more abrasive than necessary, but unlike Santana, she doesn't go full-out mean for no reason. I... I can't bring myself to feel bad about her insulting Puck. He's an ass and an idiot. I'd probably insult him, too. Plus, nothing wrong with her making it clear what she wants and that she's not willing to settle.
  • Oh god, Kurt, the little heart. :(
  • Pavarotti the canary! He survived his week with Kurt after all.
  • "When the Spirit of St. Louis overshot the Tarmac and plowed through seven Warblers during an impromptu rendition of "Welcome to Ohio Lucky Lindy." HAH.
  • "I had a cat thrown at me in a nursing home, once." I... would like to see that.
  • Oh god, you can SEE Kurt's widdle heart breaking.
  • I love Mercedes' sock monkey jammies.
  • I also love the sleepover. I really love Rachel and Kurt as friends.
  • "Oh god, I made up the whole thing in my head, didn't I?" But at least you realized it! That is progress.
  • "Why has this never occurred to me?" Because you were blinded by Finn's cute perplexed expression when he tries to think. And by Jesse's magnificent hair.
  • "It's so nice to be around girls for a change." Awww. I do love Kurt's friendship with the ladies of glee club. It's sweet.
  • Oh, Puck. Puck you are not. You are not. Oh god.
  • And of course, the other girls are utterly incredulous. Because who would want a fatty? HAHAHA IT IS TO LAUGH.
  • Puck, even Shuester is embarrassed by this. That should tell you something.
  • Aside: Brittany and Quinn look adorable in their street clothes. Brit-Brit seems to be rocking the 80's look, and it works on her.
  • Sigh. I must admit that Puck sang the song very well, though most girls I know, if someone sung that song to them, would at BEST be mortified.
  • "And it made me feel like crap." Aww, Lauren. :(
  • "I want tongue!" And that is how one case of mono wiped out McKinley High.
  • Oh, Sam. Sam and his stricken expression. This will end badly.
  • "They're called records." Really, Sam? You didn't know this? Also, what high school library has records? I am pretty sure mine didn't, and that was a decade ago.
  • "Everyone thinks I'm dumb." Really? I never thought of Sam as particularly stupid. Just really dorky. Of course, it helped that in the competition for the coveted title of "The Stupid One" in glee club, he's up against Puck, Finn, and Brittany.
  • ... Until he told Quinn to kiss Finn. Then he clearly felt pretty dumb.
  • I always forget how tiny Rachel is compared to Frankenteen. I keep expecting him to just pick her up and put her in his pocket or something.
  • "Why can't you just forgive me?" I dunno, I am with Finn on this one. She cheated, for a really crappy reason, and it is goddamned hard to trust someone who hurts you like that. Of course, this'd be easier to buy if Finn wasn't trying to get Quinn to cheat on Sam at the moment. >:[
  • "No jealousy, no drama," minimal plotlines...
  • I made a high-pitched squeal of joy when I heard the first bit of "P.Y.T." ALL THE MJ SONGS FOR ARTIE. ALL OF THEM.
  • And I will never complain when Mike starts dancing. He's not MJ (no one is) but he moves gloriously.
  • Also, how frikkin' cute does Brittany look?
  • "Tenderoni!" What. What the hell, Finn? I don't even.
  • "This is not gonna be good." Smartest thing Puck has ever said.
  • Santana, isn't your dad a doctor? Didn't you just buy yourself diamonds? The "wrong side of the tracks"? Really?
  • Like most fighting on the show, this is more or less the person being beaten up (here, Santana) jumping into lockers repeatedly. And one fat gag as Santana tries to throw Lauren and can't. Though Lauren sliding her down the hall was HILARIOUS.
  • "Pervert." "I prefer 'chaperone', and also 'boyfriend'." Hee.
  • Really? Fireworks go off? Clearly I have been kissing the wrong people.
  • Hahahahaha, Kurt's expression at Blaine's marriage comment. I love how Kurt has matured and become more self-aware and now sees the crazy for what it is.
  • Oh my. Harry Frikkin' Potter is pretty damn hot during this, ridiculous pink sunglasses and all. Also, how much do you think the GAP is paying to have their latest season's offerings showcased in a Glee episode?
  • Poor Kurt. Everyone in that store wants to sleep with Blaine after this, regardless of sexuality.
  • How did they arrange this choreography? I am imagining extensive secret layout-mapping sections, Warblers in disguises and fake mustaches casing the joint for places to stand and twirl. And yet, they always wear the ugly blazers. Always. ALWAYS.
  • "Was it too much?" "..." Yeeeah. Though in all fairness, I would probably marry someone who did that.
  • Oh my, those are some very pretty eyes this Jeremiah person has.
  • "No one here knows I'm gay." "Can I be honest? Just with the hair? I think they do." HAH. Though the hair says more "college student/possible surfer" than "gay" to me. Not that the categories can't overlap.
  • "They're super-reliable." Pffft.
  • "Gassy infant look" SO TRUE.
  • Naya Rivera does evil so well.
  • "I've had mono so many times it turned into stereo." HAH. Stupid, but HAH.
  • This is the best day of that sick kid's life.
  • When Santana says "If I have anything, I hope it's not contagious." YOU RUN AWAY AND GET TO A DOCTOR. THE WOMAN IS DIABOLICAL.
  • Haha, Puck doesn't recognize the library.
  • I would also accept a muffin basket. Just sayin'.
  • "I don't think you're ready for this jelly." <3
  • CANDY JOKE! Drink.
  • Like Lauren, I laughed at that in spite of myself.
  • Okay, the cheating thing. When it was first revealed that Quinn "only had sex with [Puck] because [he] got me drunk on wine coolers and I felt fat that day," it set off some alarms, because if she was drunk or coerced? That is a thing called rape. Apparently the show tried to steer away from that by showing a clip of shortly prior to Beth's conception during the "waah Glee club is doomed" session at Shue's house last season. Quinn did not appear drunk (though appearances are not trustworthy in this sort of situation, especially if it's someone whose behavior while intoxicated is unknown), and she did not say 'no' (which is NOT THE SAME as saying 'yes'. God, what I wouldn't give for the show to point out that enthusiastic consent is the only kind you should look for). The writers have clearly tried to paint this as Quinn making a conscious decision to cheat; they had her in a love arc with Puck in an attempt to say "Not a rapist! She likes him!" and ignoring that many women and girls who are raped by people they know/trust do everything they can to convince themselves the rape was actually consensual. Teal deer: I have a LOT of problems with how this was written and handled, but because the show--and most importantly, Quinn herself-- has treated the incident as consensual, I will go along with it. Because it's just a show, I should really just relax. Or something. (Nevermind the pervasive influence of media OKAY STOPPING NOW BEFORE I WRITE A THESIS PAPER ON IT.)
  • Ahem. ASSUMING that what Quinn did was, in fact, cheating, the same as when Rachel cheated, Finn is a hypocrite to be okay with it only when he's not the one being cheated on. I am losing so much respect for him in this episode. :(
  • Quinn has a weird way of speaking. It always sounds like she has a slightly stuffy nose. I like it, but it's always noticeable.
  • "I don't think I've ever made that big a fool of myself. Which is really saying something, because I've performed at theme parks." I would pay to see that. Send him to Disneyland and make him play Prince Eric. DO IT DO IT DO IT.
  • Oh thank GOD Kurt is just coming out (pun only sort of intended) and saying it re: his feelings and assumptions towards Harry Frikkin' Potter.
  • It's kind of nice to see that Blaine isn't the Wise Gay Sage, just an average dude trying to figure things out, same as everyone else. I like that he's proving flawed and multidimensional. There is more to him than the pretty. Though there is an awful lot of pretty.
  • "Don't they get together in the end?" "..." Hee. <3
  • "My dad's a drug addict, so losers make me horny." "I'm not a loser!" You keep telling yourself that, Puck.
  • Half a ticket to Nationals. Whoo. Also, who called the mono thing? I BELIEVE I DID.
  • Tina's Wednesday Addams look is cute.
  • Okay, is the crying freaking anyone else out? Besides, clearly, everyone but the sick duo?
  • I agree with one of the glee fan tumblr comments on this--Tina's expression is that of menstrual cramps, not so much "overcome with emotion."
  • Also, has she EVER done anything like this? I cannot recall it. Tina gets so few songs on this show, it sucks to see hers cut short. I hope they release a full, non-sobby version, like they did for Kurt with "Defying Gravity" when he threw the competition.
  • You can tell Quinn is sick because she forgot to put on a cardigan and instead wore a really ugly shirt-thing.
  • I maintain that Breadstix is the only restaurant in Lima.
  • "I'm not like that." "First of all, you got a girl pregnant last year, so uh, yeah, you are." HAH.
  • "What makes you assume guys treat me badly? I can take care of myself." I love you Lauren, and wish to exchange clothing with you, because you are the only human being on TV remotely close to my size.
  • "You're a girl who's an even bigger badass than me." Truer words, Puckerman.
  • Lauren is not unlike a mentally stable Sue. Holy god.
  • Oh my god, every time Rachel starts up with the "I'm not PRETTTYYYY" whine I want to throw things. Girls like her? FUCK YOU YOU FUCKING GORGEOUS WOMAN. Lauren's the only person in the main cast--MAYBE Mercedes-- who falls far enough outside conventional beauty standards to get to make comments like that.
  • All right, 'fess up, who on the show ran over Katy Perry's kitten and had to agree to play her stuff all the time on Glee to make up for it? So sick of her songs. "Firework" is one of the more tolerable, but it doesn't seem suited to Lea Michele's voice, and it sort of sits there awkwardly in the show--a song that isn't the end note (pun intended), but is four minutes before the end and only about one minute before the actual last song? Poor timing.
  • Aww, poor Sam sitting alone. Santana is also sitting alone, but I have ceased caring about her. She's like the new Sue.
  • Is Blaine the only soloist in the Warblers? How come none of the other guys get solos? I think it's the traditional arrangement for a capella groups, but still.
  • Puck leaning in for a kiss and Lauren ducking. <3
  • "Sometimes it doesn't come at all..." HAH Santana's face!
  • Santana and Sam? Noooooooooooo.
  • As Valentine's episodes go, not bad at all, show. Not bad at all. And while their portrayal of Lauren is almost always problematic (and no, I will not shut up about it, ever), I'm kind of pleased to see her in a relationship with a character who canonically is NOT willing to make the kind of effort he's putting forth for her, and who is considered a 'catch' within the Glee universe (and a truly depressing portion of the fandom).

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