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toniiiiight, toniiiiight, there's only-URK!*bricked*

Oh this is nutritious and healthy... I don't eat anything all day (was chewing gum... it actually disintegrated after about 12 hours.. e_O), then I come home and what do I get? Starbucks ice cream and diet coke. Mostly diet coke because mmmm, caffeine... and because as usual, Nicole drank my diet Mt. Dew and Pepsi One (I actually prefer the diet stuff as far as taste goes... otherwise it's too damned sugary. >_<)... so healthy. 9_9

Went to the taiko drum festival with Michael, Kelsey, and Katy. *sigh of relief* Looks like my closest friends get along. That's a good thing, right? ^_^; The drums were awesome (oh GOD, I wish our percussionists could acquire half that skill) and we had lots of fun, despite being rather chilly. Except Michael, of course, who is weird and does not get cold. He's always warm, too. e_e He'd make a damn good teddy bear. But I love this cold front... it dropped to the 50s tonight.. :D this is Houston winter weather, folks. 'Tis a sad thing.

Michael and I had an... interesting conversation last night. And for some reason, now I feel really open towards him. Used to be I wouldn't go into some subjects just... I don't even know why, but now it's more like "to hell with it..." and I just say it. I don't know if anyone but Michael will understand what the hell I'm saying, but it's a rather nice feeling. ^_^

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