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Still More Glee: When Beebs Attack.

Hot on the heels of the previous recap, here is "Comeback." I am told there will be Beiber. Why you do this thing, show? WHY?

  • Huh. One of the writers remembered that Shue teaches Spanish as well as glee club. Those of you playing the continuity drinking game may take a shot.
  • Emma: Always made of adorable.
  • Sue-icide. Oh, this will end gloriously.
  • I remember Sue's trophy-filled apartment!
  • Gummy vitamins. HAH.
  • "I can stop my own heart. It's my CIA training." ...
  • "You have more grease in your hair than the guy behind WikiLeaks." Sue's got a point; Julian Assange has some awful hair.
  • I guess Quinn's over her mono, then. And what gives with the cheek-kisses?
  • Painting coasters? Sam is the dorkiest dork ever.
  • It actually is totally believeable that Finn would attempt to swallow a gumball whole.
  • It is NOT so believeable that mouth-to-mouth would help here; it looks like a Heimlich maneuver occasion. Also, is Quinn getting into the habit of lying to her boyfriends with faulty medical explanations? Because that is a really weird quirk.
  • "I totally almost choked on a gumball once." ... Sam, please don't make me take back my statement that you aren't the dumb one.
  • Who is more rock 'n roll than Justin Beiber? Um. My dog? My grandmother? My nerdy professor who wears blazers with elbow patches and waxes rhapsodic about Renaissance Florentine politics? I CAN CONTINUE.
  • He's already got the hair, so.
  • Are... are they petting him?
  • "Why are my legwarmers on your arms?" Hah.
  • "No one ever taught me how to read a calendar." ... Whut.
  • Oh god. No, Brit-Brit! Your clothing was so cute. Rachel's is, too, but yours was more fashionable.
  • Holy shit, Tina just flew into that wall of lockers. D:
  • "Only a matter of time before she starts coming after the glee club." As opposed to randomly throwing them into lockers.
  • "Sue should join the glee club." "I'm sorry?" "I'd rather be dead."
  • There are the gloves. Same 'ol Emma. I guess not even Uncle Jesse's healing love can completely cure OCD.
  • "I am too depressed to even open this pamphlet." HAH. I love Emma's pamphlets.
  • Who else suspects this is all a ruse to ruin glee club?
  • "Sweet Porcelain." Heeee.
  • "The bottom of an ant's pants." "... So close. So close."
  • Quinn shares my reaction here. Because, really. Really, show?
  • "Dude, that haircut makes your mouth look even bigger." Puck, when you say it in that vaguely dazed tone, it just works the shippers into a frenzy.
  • If this is the anthem that sums up your generation, it is time for humanity to end. IN FIRE.
  • You guys, I have seen Justin Beiber. Like, in person. I had to take Emma to a radio station concert she won tickets to a year and a half ago, before the Beebs got quite so huge. She needed a grown-up, and I went. He is tiny, or was then--puberty may have hit him since. He was like, 5'2" or something Pocket-sized. He actually has a pretty decent singing voice when it's not produced to bits, and seemed like an okay kid. Just... really, really tiny.
  • The girls are into it, the guys are completely confused. I'm with the boys on this one.
  • That dancing makes my soul hurt.
  • The only one of them with enough hair to pull off the Beiber look is Artie.
  • Guh. Harry Shum Jr. abs. Guuhhhhhh....
  • Fat joke re: Lauren. Drink.
  • I wish to smack the smirk off Finn's face.
  • Rachel's to-do list: Celine Dion's birthday, friend request Barbra Streisand again, Ann-Margret in concert, AVATAR on Ice audition, Teach something at the JCC... That's our Rachel.
  • Brittany is a fashion maven. Also I love her hat.
  • Hee. The goat.
  • Of course she shops at Kids R Us. Hee.
  • Zit? I would have gone with "appendix" after the use of the word "rupture."
  • Le sigh. And now the fight will begin because no one thinks to stop and say "wait, did you actually do or say what Sue claims? Because she has lied in the past."
  • "I'm gonna be doing some runs." HAH.
  • "Sweet Jesus, who bought tickets to Crazy Town?" I KNOW, RIGHT?
  • What the HELL is on Puck's head?
  • You know, when I saw "Somebody to Love" on the song list for this episode, I hoped and prayed it was a repeat of the Queen cover. Why you do this to me, show? ;___;
  • Wait, where did Puck's bangs go? Are... Are they attached to his hoodie? HAHAHAHA.
  • Harry Shum Jr. is wasted on this choreography.
  • Lauren's hair looks really cute, and thank god someone pointed out that Justin Beiber looks like he's at least six years younger than all of them. Granted, though they're no Dawson's "I'm 35 playing a 16 year-old" Creek cast, they all definitely look closer to 20 than 15. And Beiber looks 10.
  • I cannot see those bangs on Puck and not crack up.
  • Aaaand enter Santana and Her Cleavage.
  • Quinn has fallen prey to the armwarmers.
  • Oh god, Finn's going to make a fool of himself doing a Beiber number. Please, no. Sob.
  • This is better than porn for Puck.
  • "Only if you want to lose a hand." He is seriously considering which hand he can live without.
  • I hate the Beib bangs. Hate. Hate so hard.
  • Mercedes wins this. Hands down. Also, Rachel's skirt does not look good with that sweater.
  • This is gonna be another song I belt in the car.
  • Quinn's reactions to Finn's Beiber Bangs are hilarious. Heehee.
  • Awww. I love that they can't stay mad at each other. And Rachel's reached a point where she actually praises Mercedes. I like Rachel so much more when she's not Super Creepy and actually establishes solid friendships with Mercedes and Kurt.
  • "I hate hospitals, William, that's why I keep voting for those death panels." Hah.
  • The ukulele returns!
  • Oh god this whole scene is so cute. Cannot cope.
  • Hahahahahaha, everyone's wearing the Rachel.
  • "I look hot and smart. I feel like Michelle Obama."
  • Wow. This is the meanest Brittany has ever been. Wow.
  • Lauren's dress is fab, but I question the shirt.
  • Hahahaha, Will's reaction.
  • HAHAHAHAH Brittany and Tina's booty-dancing.
  • This underwear shot has been given as the explanation for why Rachel and Finn are sporting more prominant cheekbones this season--everyone's been working out in anticipation of being on camera in their underthings.
  • Finn's Power Rangers shirt! HEE!
  • Mmm, shirtless Sam and Mike.
  • HAHAHA Artie and Sam will never be the same.
  • I love Sam. I love him so much because he is so dorky. I have a Thing for nerdy, dorky people.
  • His mouth-to-face ratio is somewhat askew.
  • Santana's going to rule a country some day. This terrifies me somewhat.
  • Finally, someone points out that the "assignments" Will hands out are almost never actually fulfilled.
  • God bless you Sue, for putting the moratorium on the Beeb.
  • I think this may be the first time we've seen Rachel in pants. They look amazing on her. She should wear them more often.
  • Ouch. Understandable, but still. Cruel breakup move, Sam.
  • Oohh, I had heard about this--the original music happening on Glee. This could be very, very interesting, or horrifically awful. Not sure who's writing it.
  • Aaaand Sue joins the enemy. Of course.
  • Someone said the title. DRINK!
  • They said it again. DRINK!
  • I miss Kurt. This episode did not have enough Kurt. Or any Kurt, for that matter. :(
  • Next week on Glee: Er'rybody in glee club gettin' tipsy.

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