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Glee: "Singing covers made us a huge hit, so we should totally stop doing that."

And now, Glee will jump the hell out of the musical shark, with Original Song.
  • Awesome Glee opening, or awesomest Glee opening? You decide.
  • Hahahaha, Kurt's reaction to the sudden paper-flinging. Harry Potter, it looks like even Kurt is getting a little annoyed with you.
  • I am so jealous of Chris Colfer's shoulder right now.
  • Also I want to hear the Warblers cover every Maroon 5 song ever, because I love Maroon 5 and I love Darren Criss.
  • Dalton dances so much better in these type of random performances than they do onstage.
  • I really adore the little table-drumming interlude there. More of that, please.
  • Pavarotti! <3
  • Blaine and the Pips. I'd watch that show.
  • Rachel, please tell me this isn't a song about your shoes or something.
  • Poor Tinkles. He's got to suffer through all this nonsense. He probably secretly hates these kids; I suspect I would.
  • Hahahaha, Finn's face. Rachel, your writing is worse than some of the things in the Laurels shame folder*
  • "It's called 'Only Child'." "Yeah, I got that."
  • Oh, hey, voiceover! Also, Quinn's cute hat.
  • "First loves are forever." Um, no they aren't. They almost never are. That is a meme I would really like to abolish.
  • "And relatively sane, for a girl" Hooray, casual misogyny!
  • How the hell many tiaras are there in that closet? Are they all her mother's, or something?
  • Goddammit, show, we thought Quinn was smart until this little monologue.
  • Awww, Kurt whistling at Pavarotti.
  • Hahaha, the blazer tribunal. Costumes are srs business, you guys.
  • Awww, Kurt. Wait, are those little skull buttons on your jacket? I don't know who the wardrobe person is for this show, but I love him or her.
  • I don't know if the Warblers will recover.
  • Whoa, they have a tape player? What sort of fancy-schmancy rich prep school is this?
  • Yay, Kurt-song. We haven't had one in a while. And he always sounds so lovely in the lower end of his vocal range, even prettier than the high soprano.
  • If you watch closely, you can see the exact moment that Blaine falls in love with Kurt, same as you could during Blaine's performance of "Teenage Dream" all those many episodes ago.
  • Sue had an affair with the MCR drummer. I... what. 1996? The drummer would have been 16 or 17 then, according to Wikipedia (and depending on which drummer).
  • Word War Sue is a horrifying prospect.
  • In retrospect, how could the Glee club NOT have seen something like this coming? Sue's entire identity is wrapped up in the Cheerios, and because of them, she doesn't have that anymore (well, more accurately, it's due to her terrifying disregard for human life, but that's not how she sees it). She made their lives nightmarish even when she was just picking on them for fun and sport, of course she's pulling out every stop she can now.
  • Wow, it's a good thing songwriting is so easy that anyone can pick it up in a matter of days, giving them just enough time to rehearse once or twice before Regionals! Oh, show. The rules of your universe are bizarre and completely unlike my own.
  • Oh, Santana. You have so many issues. So, so many issues..
  • This is Santana treating Brittany like she treats everyone else. You can almost SEE the walls going up. I really hope they don't just leave her like this, because she's so difficult to sympathize with.
  • "I don't even remember putting that in there." About half of Santana and Brittany's relationship is Santana giving Brit-Brit the "WTF" face.
  • "How dare you!" Hahaha. Blaine is the Rachel Berry of this glee club.
  • "Pavarotti's voice was silenced by death, and I don't want to silence anyone else's voices in this group." I love how dramatic and srs they are about anything related to the Warblers.
  • "Pavarotti would roll over in his tiny, tiny little grave." Hee.
  • I think Kurt may have actually been honest in his "wait, no, I can't accept this" reaction.
  • Oh, is Tina gonna get to sing? Oh, wait, no, Jenna Ushkowitz is only there to fulfill the 12-people requirement. :(
  • "Wait, what's it called?" "Trouty Mouth." Hahahahaha. I love you, Mike.
  • Bahahahahahaha, Lauren trying so hard not to laugh.
  • Poor Sam. Poor, poor Sam. Mike is giving him the "Dude, I'm sorry, but this is hilarious" look.
  • Ahahaha, Artie and Brittany.
  • This is even more hilarious because Naya Rivera can sing the hell out of this style.
  • Please tell me Sam breaks up with Santana over the constant mocking of his pretty, pretty lady lips.
  • Oh god, Puck, what fresh hell is this.
  • "It's called Big Ass... Heart."
  • Schue is regretting this decision SO HARD. SO, SO HARD.
  • ... And Lauren appears to be into it. Or at least willing to laugh at him over it. Okay, then.
  • Well, despite the fat jokes, I don't... entirely hate the song?
  • This is pretty in keeping with how awful first attempts at meter/rhyme generally are. Lyrics aren't tricky because it's hard to rhyme, they're tricky because it's incredibly easy to rhyme and hard not to rhyme like absolute shit.
  • Why does Quinn care so damn much about status again? Hadn't she, you know, grown a pair of ovaries, put on her big-girl panties, and put aside the whole "MUST BE POPULAR AT ALL COSTS" issue?
  • "Whoa, Scary Quinn!" Clearly, Finn has a thing for terrifying women. As in, women who are terrifying.
  • I have no idea who Hey Monday is. I expect I'll find out eventually.
  • Two Heartfelt Love Declarations in two episodes (Emma's doesn't count, as she didn't say it to Schue, and Schue's doesn't count, as it wasn't "I love you" it was more "I want you"), that's quite a pace, show.
  • "We should practice." "I thought we were." Kurt, you are one smooth BAMF. <3
  • Oh, that's right, Mercedes can sing! I had forgotten.
  • They had to reference the tots issue, because Mercedes hasn't had any other plotlines this season. :[ Also, being fat, black, and sassy are her only character traits, so really, they were working with limited resources.
  • This song has a lot more promise; it's a lot less specific and it's catchy--change the lyrics around a bit and it could work.
  • "'But' my butt, Mr. Schue, that song was amazing."
  • "I wrote another verse of Trouty Mouth." Sam holds up the 'HELL NO' sign. XD
  • "What's your favorite song of all time?" "My Headband." "And what are all these songs about?" "Headbands." Hee. I love you, Brittany.
  • Sue is... throwing sticks at Mercedes. Whut.
  • Quinn, don't try to frame this like you're helping Rachel. You're holding on to Finn because you think he's the last victory you'll ever get, because you live in a tiny town with no real options now that you've quit cheerleading (and presumably lost the potential scholarships that go along with it) and that means your peak will be being crowned prom queen.
  • "The drummer I slept with was that guy from Jimmy Eat World." Hee.
  • Time for Tea Party jokes, looks like. And... nun jokes? And that newscaster guy is back. I am largely disinterested; they've used him a lot and it'll be difficult to pull new funny out of him.
  • "Jesus is a Friend of Mine." HAH. Also, that choreography, oh god. PFffffft.
  • "... Okay, you can judge me." "I think it's adorable." I'm with Harry Frikkin' Potter. <3
  • Hrm. I'm not loving this song so much. The style doesn't really seem to mesh so well with the Warblers. It sounds like they're trying to do that slightly-strained emotastic sound that a lot of old Dashboard Confessional and (I think) Saves the Day used to have (Nicole went through an emo phase in high school, and so I had to listen to it as well)? The Warblers are usually WAY too polished for that to sound right.
  • Why does the audience have candles? Did they hand out props in advance?
  • Hahaha, Blaine pulling Kurt into the spotlight. <3
  • YESSSSS P!NK. YESSSSSSSSSSSS. I frikkin' love P!nk.
  • Aww, Rachel jumping up to dance. I love that she supports Kurt/the Warblers, despite them being competition. It's a good example of how she seems to have actually grown since season 1. Which is all the more notable given Quinn's apparent complete backside. :\
  • I don't know that the Warblers' version has the same intensity or excitement as the original (again, not sure the Warblers' super-polished style goes with the song, which is supposed to be a little rough and loose, though I do love how they did the false-start bit on the last chorus), but it was still enjoyable.
  • "Last time we were here, you told me you loved me." Way to be a downer, Rachel.
  • I still giggle every time someone says "New Directions." Nude Erections. HEE. I am twelve.
  • That mic looks suspiciously like the ones in Rachel's basement.
  • I'm not quite as in love with the girls' performance outfits this season. The dress looks too fancy for the leggings, though I do love me some nice stompy Doc Martens. The guy's outfit is pretty much the same, so.
  • "Oh my god, they're doing original songs!" The part of Captain Obvious tonight will be played by Kurt.
  • Lea Michele has a lovely voice, but I'm not so much a fan of the big performance numbers that are basically her with musicians in the background. I want all the glee clubbers, dammit.
  • And we're implementing the forehead-L!
  • Kurt brought foam fingers! Awwwwww. I love it! <3
  • ... Wait, how many did he bring? Or maybe they were just handed out with the candles before the show?
  • Not too bad, show. The songs were catchy, but not something that makes you go "there is no way a teenager wrote that." 'Loser Like Me' was actually quite enjoyable, especially in context. And a smart, smart bit of marketing, given that the show's primary demographic is teenage kids who feel like outcasts (which would be all of them).
  • "I am not a witch." I love you, Kathy Griffin, but this seems a bit dated, doesn't it? And a little rehashy of last year.
  • "That Dalton Academy, is that a gay school, or is it just a school that appears gay?" Depends on which fanfics you read, lady.
  • Whatever happened to Vocal Adrenaline? I was kind of hoping for more Sunshine. Are they saving that for the season finale?
  • "Can I add a dash of Rod to this lady soup?" ... No.
  • "... and raise a family of beautiful wigs."
  • ... Hooray, spousal abuse joke! Making fun of gays is bad, but women are totally fair targets, you guys. They're asking for it, what with their being all female and whatnot.
  • You guys, Sue is going to firebomb the choir room. D:
  • OH GOD. SUE WHAT THE FUCK. D: There's no way she's not getting arrested for that one. There's an auditorium full of witnesses.
  • Pavarotti's tiny bedazzled headstone! Aww.
  • "The casket was bigger, but yes." ... PFFFFFFFFFTHAHA. I feel bad for laughing.
  • "Do you know how many GAPs there are in Ohio? Tons." Hah!
  • "We got each other out of all this." Is this gonna be a Thing, show? Ending every episode with cheesy romance lines?
  • Rachel is going to make it her life's goal to collect every one of those trophies that is given until she graduates.
  • "There she goes, making me regret voting for her."
  • Aww, Rachel. Insufferable, but they love her. As do we all.
  • There wasn't quite as much tension in this episode as in previous competition-centric ones. Possibly because we know it's not the end of the season, and we know one way or another they have to make it to Nationals. Which means they either have to win Regionals, or they get second place and the first place team crash-lands in the Himalayas and eats one another or something (I wouldn't put it past the writers; just imagine the throwaway lines they'd get out of that).
  • I am a little saddened that with the Warblers out of the running, and the promise of returning characters like Sunshine and Sandy from previous episodes, it's likely we won't see much of Kurt or Blaine for a while. Even sadder that this doesn't mean we're going to focus on, say, Tina or Mercedes or Mike or the other bit characters, we're just going to watch the Rachel/Finn/Quinn thing go nuclear and more than likely watch Emma go crawling back to Schue and I swear to god if he magically cures her of all her phobias with his penis I will throw things.

    *The Shame Folder is a collection of the absolute worst, utterly nonsensical work submitted over the last few years.

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