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The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

I have no idea what the title means, but I desperately need a break from thesisizing (totally a word you shut up), so let's go ahead and check out A Night of Neglect.

  • There's going to be more Holly, isn't there. Ugh. She annoys me more each time I see her.
  • Will, stop writing numbers on the board. You're scaring Finn.
  • Of course Sue's hidden the money. Of course.
  • "We push this stuff like crack." Lauren and I just made the same face, with the same head-tilt.
  • Whoa, Mike speaks!
  • Academic Decathlon! I totally did that! I set a district record for the interview category.
  • ... Academic Decathlon is not Jeopardy. Oh, whatever, nothing else on this show reflects reality.
  • Hahahahaha, Brittany is a cat disease savant!
  • "... White rappers." HAH, Artie's grin is adorable.
  • Taffy. Really.
  • "Shrew." "I'm also an assistant manager."
  • Oh, Sandy. So insane.
  • The League of Doom. THE LEAGUE OF DOOM.
  • "Wow, it would be hard to be married to you."
  • I can't remember Sergeant Handsome's real name, so I'll be calling him that from now on. 'Cause it's a good name.
  • "Worst henchmen, ever." <3
  • Hate to admit it, but the benefit idea is a really good plan. Or it would be, in a universe where everyone doesn't loathe the glee club. Their caroling was met with jeering and flung objects. How they're going to fill a room, I have no idea.
  • "So you mean, like me!" Hah, Mercedes' expression.
  • Oh, Sergeant Handsome.
  • "Just my type."
  • HAH Sandy is wearing glasses over his glasses.
  • Hahahahahahaha, Heckling club.
  • Oh, Becky. You're better than this. :(
  • Rachel, shut up.
  • Sunshine's back! Charice is not a great actress, but her singing makes up for it.
  • Hahahahaha, Rachel's getting a taste of her own medicine and I kind of love it.
  • Aaand the glee club now has a full string section. Oh, show.
  • Who bedazzled the mic? Or is it common for them to look like they're rhinestone-encrusted, and I've just never realized it? I've only seen non-sparkly microphones outside of this show.
  • Puck is so into this song. Hee.
  • I am not sure how this will end, this Lauren/Mercedes business partnership thing. Hopefully in friendship, but Lauren seems a bit on the mercenary side.
  • Of course Will's going to be your friend again, Emma, you're single once more, so there's no reason for him to be all sulky and pouty.
  • "Really, a small barrel."
  • On a fresh puppy. A puppy.
  • Rachel's singing abilities are the LEAST neglected. I am really over her attitude; she was at one point endearing because it was assumed she didn't realize how awful she was being. But now she very clearly does. And does not care. Sue can be awful to everyone and we will watch because we love to hate her. But writers, you clearly want us to love Rachel--even when no one else does. And when you write her as unbearable and obnoxious, that is really goddamn difficult.
  • "Catherine the Great and her pet stallion, Fred." D:
  • Sergeant Handsome, you have the worst seduction techniques ever.
  • "I'm handsome, I'm good-looking, and I'm easy on the eyes. Also, I'm gorgeous."
  • Holly, something you should know about Will; he doesn't handle jealousy well. Or at all. He just makes with the sulking. And the passive-aggressive pouting.
  • "Neither am I!" LIE. Will, you are unable to function when the object of your affection is involved with someone else. Grow. The. Fuck. Up.
  • This "Mercedes the Diva" thing is kinda meh for me. I mean, this and the tots are the only storylines she's gotten this season, and they're both pretty weak. Oh, Mercedes wants to be allowed to sing more. So would anyone having to share a stage with Rachel "MUST HAVE ALL THE SOLOS" Berry.
  • And this is where Kurt gets all McKinley-sick and starts wanting to come back.
  • Whoop, spoke too soon. There's Karofsky.
  • Santana is pretty terrifying. Most likely all talk, given her fight with Lauren, but still. Smart move backing down there, Karofsky.
  • "I have razorblades hidden in my hair." I... I almost believe it.
  • "The show's gotta go all over the place or something." I am adopting that as my new mantra.
  • Tinkles is not amused.
  • Tina gets a song! And it's a cool song.
  • ... Buuuuut in keeping with grand Glee tradition, she doesn't get to actually sing the whole song.
  • It's too bad Tina feels worse than she ever has in her life, but it's cool, because she's a lesson for all the real singers in glee club! Even in the Night of Neglect, the oft-forgotten gleeclubbers are just background noise. :(
  • If that Glee 'Encore' DVD-thing was just a few hours of Harry Shum Jr. (and Heather Morris) dancing, I'd buy it. No lie.
  • Harry Shum Jr. is dancing with a mop. Your argument is invalid.
  • Dealing with the haters might actually be a good role for Holly. She can dish it out as well as she can take it.
  • "... Nah, nah." Of course.
  • I was half-hoping Holly would insult the hecklers until they cried. Well, maybe not Becky, whose primary flaw appears to be allegiance to Sue. But Jacob is a skeeze and Meathead (I've forgotten his name) is an ass.
  • I like how the only times it rains in Lima are when someone needs to have a Car Conversation.
  • "You sound like my court-appointed therapist." Hah.
  • Meh, Paltrow. Meh. MEH.
  • Hahaha, Jacob's license plate reads "JEWFRO."
  • Sandy holds his coat out like a cape. Hee!
  • Mercedes' outfit is fantastic. I love her hairpiece, and that dress is sparkly, sparkly perfection.
  • Where the hell did the gospel choir come from?
  • Mercedes is, as always, pretty much killing this song. Amber Riley hasn't gotten a lot of musical love this season, which is a damn shame.
  • So... Holly's not gonna say goodbye to the glee kids after all.
  • Sandy's catchphrase is amazing.
  • I don't think anyone else has ever been so excited to go to Detroit.
  • So, let's sum up here. Holly is gone, Emma and Will are totally gonna hook up, and the glee club is not only no closer to being able to get to Nationals, they might be in the red due to giving away all that candy instead of selling it. Also, the "night of neglect" featured a guest star who's gotten more full solos with New Directions in three episodes than Tina's character has in the entire run of the show, a dancer whose moves have been showcased in several episodes, and one glee clubber who could be called 'neglected', with another who has very much been neglected being heckled off the stage and not allowed to finish her song. And of course, poor widdle Rachel is totes being treated unfairly by having to deal with things that are Not About Her.

    My less-than-hopeful predictions for Glee:
  • Will is going to cure Emma's OCD and fear of sex. With his penis.
  • The glee club will magically raise the funds to go to Nationals, and Sue will stalk them all the way there.
  • Karofsky will have a change of heart, possibly even joining the club for the New York trip because someone unimportant (i.e. not Rachel or Finn) will be pushed down some stairs or fall into a grain thresher and be rendered unable to compete.
  • The glee club will win Nationals, only to discover that yet again no one in school cares, and they are still losers in spite of all logic*.

    My hopeful predictions for Glee:
  • Will seeks therapy. As does Emma.
  • The glee club manages to barely raise the funds to go to Nationals, and Sue tries to follow them by hiding in some luggage, which is accidentally sent to Guatemala. She wanders the jungles, lost, then stumbles into a cave full of bats and has decided to battle the glee club (a cowardly, superstitious lot) while dressed as one of the most terrifying creatures of the night... the mosquito.
  • Karofsky publicly owns up to how horrible he is and begs Kurt's forgiveness. Possibly in song.
  • The Glee club wins at Nationals and actually earns some grudging respect from their peers--enough to make a new, young crop of would-be performers interested in joining when the current group graduates.
  • Becky is voted Prom Queen.

    *for god's sake, half the football team and three very popular former Cheerios (plus two other former Cheerios, if you count Mercedes and Kurt, who will doubtless return to McKinley) are in Glee and they cause sex riots during assemblies. HOW ARE THEY STILL UNPOPULAR?

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