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The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Very well, show. Let's see what you have to offer in Rumors.

  • What the hell is Brittany wearing. Brittany. No. Step away from the jumpsuit. No, Brit-Brit. You're better than this.
  • Who is manning the camera? Because they are bad at it.
  • LORD TUBBINGTON. LORD TUBBINGTON. New favorite character, y/y?
  • This is Brittany's attempt at being a sneaky, sneaky genius. The true genius of this is that no one would ever suspect her of being clever enough to pull off any sort of ruse, no matter how rudimentary. And thus, she escapes all blame.
  • "Because you'd try to steal all of my gold." The fact that he actually looks kind of concerned is hilarious.
  • Rachel, a 6-pack of chapstick is a terrible "please go to prom with me" bribe. But yes, Sam's lips are adorable.
  • SUE BOWIE. Of course Sue goes incognito as David Bowie. Of course.
  • "Now I'm Ann Coulter." wha...
  • Sober grading Will is not as fun as drunk grading Will. :(
  • Yay, Kristen Chenowith, boo April Rhodes.
  • Finn you are the giantest hypocrite. For serious.
  • I honestly have no idea if Brittany seriously only meant that Santana went from Cheerios to New Directions, or was trying to out her.
  • I love that April drinks her wine through a pink bendy straw. Hee.
  • "Kidding! Hah... Nope." Hee.
  • More jumpsuits? Really? God, why. I hate jumpsuits more than jeggings. And jeggings are nigh unto an abomination.
  • Will, instead of singing awkward and nauseatingly flirty duets with April, shouldn't you be figuring out how the glee club is going to pay for tickets to Nationals? Or, you know, preparing a Nationals set list? Guess not....
  • I like how when Will says "backstabbing," Lauren and Mike look at each other. What lurid secrets lie behind that look? We can only guess, because Mike is unimportant to the writers.
  • So, Artie didn't know about Brittany and Santana.
  • "I like your haircut." Aww, Brit-Brit.
  • "You were the only person at this school who'd never called me that." Oh, god. Yes, she is so damn dumb, but she's not cruel, and if her shirt in the last episode is any indication, she wishes she was smarter. I can't even be completely mad at Artie; unintentional betrayal is still betrayal, and whether or not she meant it, that had to hurt.
  • "I never understood why you got back with her, if you can't even trust her." NEITHER DO I.
  • "Can you explain it to me?" HAH.
  • Kurt/Sam shippers, start your engines. Your fabulously-adorned, chapstick-scented engines.
  • "Maybe he's a serial killer." I would absolutely love that storyline. Writers, keep that on the table for the endgame, okay? The series has to end sometime. And why shouldn't it be with lots of murders?
  • PIZES. I love it.
  • "He's just furniture." Poor Tinkles.
  • Oh, this song. ;____; And oh, these two. The only times I really like Santana are when she's with Brittany.
  • "Okay." She's not gonna say "yes," is she.
  • I like Sam's pretty printed jacket.
  • "Oh, how I missed your insanity."
  • That would explain the pretty jacket. Of course it's Kurt's. And of course Rachel remembers Kurt's wardrobe.
  • "Pantyhose or lace panties?" I... can't get the image out of my head now. It... could be worse.
  • Shouldn't Will be MUCH more concerned about the "affair with a student" rumor than the "leaving McKinley" rumor? You know, since one could destroy his career and possibly get him arrested, and the other has no legal and only minimal professional repercussions?
  • "Legendary bratwurst gobbler" ....
  • "Tiny little face-toilets." What? I... what?
  • Artie is wearing a what appears to be a UFO sweater. I love that sweater possibly more than I love anything anyone else has ever worn on this show.
  • In Quinn's defense, singing duets is pretty much what Rachel does instead of having sex. She is clearly alone in this, based on Tina's helpful revelation during the opening 'Fondue for Two' bit.
  • April, your song is so bad that you need lyrical help from Santana and Mercedes. "Trouty Mouth" was much better than this.
  • Brittany's hair looks great. And I think she's been stealing Artie's sweaters.
  • Santana stood her up. Booooo.
  • "I know you started smoking again." I love Lord Tubbington.
  • I want to know more about the herd of guitar/bass players who seem to have crawled out of the hallways for this episode. Seriously, there's like, five of them.
  • What is it with this show and the disco-riffic microphones?
  • "Because that's where I live, now" BAM. I hope everyone feels like shit, because they should. :D
  • A side note: I really love how no one (in glee club, at least) is giving Sam shit for being allegedly gay/bi/whatever; all they're upset about is that he's (allegedly) messing with two people who are in relationships already. I also really love how Sam doesn't get defensive and homophobic when he's accused of fooling around with Kurt. He takes it the same as the accusation about Quinn. I like Sam, you guys. He seems to be a really decent guy.
  • "You know what I call an afternoon where I'm getting drunk: An afternoon!" Oh, April. You will die of liver failure in three weeks.
  • Sam with his siblings is possibly the most adorable thing in the world. I don't know if it's an evolutionary thing designed to help me find a mate good with offspring, or just the fact that I'm an eldest sibling, myself, but I have a huge soft spot for loving/caretaking sibling relationships.
  • "You guys don't understand." "Yes, we do." Um, you probably really don't.
  • Ohhh, Sam. Chord Overstreet does a nice job with this. He's just heartbreaking. I want to give him all the hugs.
  • "Yeah." Ouch. Damn, Santana. That's just cold.
  • Wait, Brittany plays piano?
  • This song is so unrelentingly happy. I can't not love it.
  • Hee, Mike and Puck carrying Sam. <3
  • Gotta say, I was not expecting this for Sam's potline. I just hope the writers remember that they did this. Continuity is not their strong suit.
  • Welp, next week is prom, and the glee club is no closer to Nationals. Come on, writers.
  • I do like that they did older songs. It's a nice relief from things like Bieber (no, I have not yet forgiven you for that, show.)

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