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And now, on a Very Special Episode* of Glee, Someone Gonna DieFuneral</i>.

  • "I don't think I need to do much tricking to get you to do something stupid, Finn." Well, he has a point.
  • More original songs? Ehhhhh. I think the show is strongest when they go with classic song choices.
  • Wow, Jesse actually pointed out that Finn is more pretty face than actual useful glee clubber.
  • Puck and Lauren cracking the hell up at Jesse's description of Finn is great.
  • "Poison dart?" ... Brittany, you scare me.
  • "I am lactating with RAGE."
  • How the hell did the glee club afford plane tickets?
  • "Are we trying to have the glee club killed?" "Or kidnapped and killed."
  • "Can you sing?" "Not really. But neither can most of the kids in glee club." HAH. Point, Becky.
  • Sue, what the hell. Poor Becky. She deserved better than that.
  • Ohhh, Jean died. I was spoiled for this episode in that I knew someone would die, and I knew it was a woman and not a member of ND. I suspected Jean or possibly Emma.
  • Nice job by Jane Lynch here; Sue is not one for tearful confessions or sentimentality much of the time, especially not in public or around Will. This scene shows that she's hurting and putting up walls left and right, and does it well.
  • Rachel, this is made more awkward by the fact that Finn is right; he's not NYC-good. Santana, Mercedes, and Kurt could all wipe the floor with him, vocally.
  • "Wow, that's a lot of vests." HAH. A CLOSET FULL OF VESTS.
  • So Will is leaving. Huh.
  • And of course, all his vests have memories. Of course they do. Unique memories, at that, because god knows he has enough vests that he probably hasn't had to wear any of them more than twice in the past two years.
  • "And I don't mean that as a swipe at either of you." That alone speaks volumes about how hurt Sue is.
  • Finn, you're not exactly an outsider. Until you joined glee club, you weren't even close to being one at all. Ever.
  • Jesse's kind of a dick about it, but he has a point. Funeral planning can take a lot of time and effort, and they have, what, a week to finish preparing for Nationals? Their competition can likely perform in their sleep, and ND doesn't even have a set list yet.
  • "They use them as a prop. Like 'Weekend at Bernie's.'" D: Vocal Adrenaline is terrifying.
  • Santana on an Amy Winehouse song? I approve of this. I approve so hard.
  • I approve less of the weird peplum on Santana's jacket. What the hell is that? Is it an attempt to disguise the fact that Naya Rivera has narrow hips?
  • Tinkles is unamused by Santana's antics. Santantics?
  • Haha, he drew a kitty.
  • Oh, Kurt, and your skull pants. And your vest with the weird ties in the back--what is that? I do love the Dr. Martens, though. And I love that the wardrobe folks have the kids reuse clothing items, as real people would. Except for Will, who clearly has a vest problem.
  • Kurt's choreography is a bit odd. I mean, we've seen him throw together extravagant acts for the weekly assignments ("Le Jazz Hot," anyone?), so this seems a bit dull by comparison.
  • Kurt's snitty Look of Doom is perfect.
  • "I make my living singing girl songs!" <3
  • Has Amber Riley ever had a song where she didn't absolutely kill it? I don't think so.
  • And Mercedes takes the microphone with her.
  • And of course, here comes Rachel's Dramaface.
  • I can't deny that Lea Michele has Broadway pipes like whoa, but Amber Riley's song was definitely on par with hers, and Chris Colfer has the ability to compete with them. Naya Rivera might well have that capacity as well, though we've seen less from her. Based on the audition songs, I'd opt for Mercedes; it's an uptempo number that seems like it could incorporate most of the glee clubbers rather than being a one-person show.
  • Aww, a full house at the funeral.
  • Awwwww, the casket decorations.
  • Tina, Quinn, and Mercedes, you are supposed to wear black to a funeral. Not bright pink/red/white. Dark colors, at least.
  • Ohh, Sue. This is one of the few times that Sue is genuinely pitiable and heartbreaking, and Jane Lynch is playing it very well.
  • That was a really beautiful eulogy.
  • I do like Sue and Will as friends, and seeing her turn to him when she's in pain is sad and sweet all at once.
  • Awww, Finn was crying.
  • I'm not sure Finn has the mental capacity to articulate what he's thinking. I know I only barely understood him. But this was clearly a long time coming; Finn and Rachel was very obviously an endgame pairing or damn close to it from the start. And I, for one, was growing rapidly wearing of Quinn putting up with his nonsense. I used to like Quinn, y'all. In season 1, she had depth. But I think the writers hate her now, because nothing she does makes much sense and she's become an awful person.
  • Jesse is all kinds of messed up, y'all.
  • "I fired you in a hormonal fury I like to call 'womb rage'." Whut.
  • Awww, Becky as Cheerios captain. I like it.
  • Awwwwww, Sue and Becky.
  • "Right now, it's the dancing Asian." Poor Mike. Wait. Was he even IN this episode?
  • "Yeah, you really haven't." True.
  • It will be interesting to see how the writers handle things next season without Sue as a villain. So much of the past two seasons has been written off with "Sue is crazy/hates the glee club" that not having that particular crutch to lean on will be a challenge.
  • Hahahaha, Will's near spit-take.
  • The idea of Sue in government is terrifying in so many ways. On the other hand, if ANYONE can get shit done, it's Sue...
  • Wait, does this mean Jane Lynch is leaving Glee? I hope not. Her character's been poorly and under-used in this season, but there's so much potential and more often than not, she gets great lines that no one else can pull off.
  • "It was a long fit of pique."
  • And so this is the last we'll see of the Honey Badger, huh.
  • Is... Emma wearing Will's sweatervest? Yes, yes she is.
  • She's right, Will. You need to go to Broadway, where your awful teaching will no longer harm innocent students.
  • Awww, Finn was going to give her a droopy little flower.
  • "I smoke cigars." HAH.
  • Is anyone else terrified of Quinn's big plans?
  • Also, I recall seeing a promo clip that had Quinn suggesting she and Finn quit glee club; it was apparently cut, so Finn thanking her for not quitting makes less sense. As is, it looks as though he's thanking her for not being so miserable from their breakup that she can't bear to be in the club with him, which... makes him look a bit dickish.
  • Soooo, any bets on last-minute upsets as they prepare to leave for Nationals? Lauren and Puck get monkey pox and they have to bring Karofsky for their 12th man? Anyone? Anyone?

    *How many Very Special Episodes has Glee done, now?

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