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Miscellaneous Things

I have a tumblargh. I don't really post stuff (I in no way, shape, or form have enough content in my head to fill Facebook, twitter, LJ, AND a tumblr, especially given my refusal to post the same thing across all platforms); it's pretty much just a way for me to follow folks. So do let me know your tumblrname and I will follow you and life will be glorious, yeah?

I graduated! Woo! Now I just... have to find a job. I am over-educated and under-experienced. This should be. Well. It's not going to be pretty. Mostly having graduated means that when I do something stupid I can look at my mother, grin, and go "I have TWO Master's degrees!" and she just sort of shakes her head and sighs. :D

I am currently handling the overnight grandma-sitting shifts; my grandfather had hip replacement surgery and since my grandmother cannot be by herself (she can't walk, and her sense of balance is terrible, plus the early stages of dementia are always fun times, and she doesn't always realize any of this, which makes taking care of her an interesting challenge), I hang out at my grandparents' apartment from 8pm-8am (well, usually more like 7:45-8:30ish). I've been getting some sleep; I was having difficulty sleeping before this and the location change hasn't helped. This means my schedule is all manner of borked; I tend to come home around 9am, run errands if they need running, sleep for 3 hours or so, shower, make dinner, and leave for the grandparents' apartment again, where I will get another 3 hours of sleep most nights. My grandfather might be coming home on Monday, but it depends on how well he does with his rehab.

Not being free in the evenings means I am missing out on my weekly Open Mic night(s). The plural is in parentheses because I almost always go to Tuesday night at one place, and occasionally visit Monday night at another. There is a significant quality difference in terms of the stuff presented at each, and Tuesday night is a much more artsy-centered, crazy community/family atmosphere, possibly because the venue for the Monday night open mic is a tea house first, performance space second, and Tuesday's is a performance space separate from a little coffee house.
Either way, Open Mic nights have been my primary source of non-school, non-family human interaction (the secondary and tertiary sources being saying "hello" to cashiers at the grocery store and being heckled by strangers, respectively), and now I haven't been in weeks. ;________;

I am submitting poetry to contests and magazines and mostly what this has taught me is that I have very little poetry. Seriously, when you can't submit the same poem to multiple places, you run out of written work very quickly when you only have 40 poems polished enough to even consider sending out. Sadly, the writing is not happening very quickly. By which I mean I've written exactly one thing since graduating a month ago.

Babbling about shows I watch that are not Glee:
  • Community - re: season finale: I know I'm not alone in finding Han Solo Abed ridiculously hot, right? Eh? Eh? Mmmm, nerd.
  • Bones - NOOOOOO [dead character] I LOVED YOU. Even when you were being obnoxious, you were obnoxious in a way I enjoyed. :( Also, I love Bones. The character. When I was little, I totally wanted to be her when I grew up. However, I am not sure about the surprise revelation in the last few seconds of the latest episode. So very not sure. [SPOILER]Okay, it's established that Booth and Brennan slept together, but them not using protection? Really? I guess the condom could have broken, but Bones doesn't strike me as the type to not use a back-up method. I would care less if I didn't feel such an affinity for the character. :\ [/SPOILER]
  • Castle - As I said to dreamchimes, [presumably dead character] can't be dead. [He or she] can't be. The show falls apart with out [him or her], unless next season is going to be Rick Castle's Drunken Grief Binge.... Which I would totally watch, because Nathan Fillion.
  • Modern Family - Does anyone else watch this? It gives me all the "aww" and joy-moments of Glee, but without the occasional bouts of RAEG. Also, it brings the funny. I kind of love it.
  • The Office - Wow, I would not have anticipated that this show would ever work without Steve Carrell, but... it does. The other characters are fleshed-out enough that they can carry the show in a fairly entertaining manner. I am interested in seeing how this works out.
  • Fringe - What is this I just what I don't even. This show is all kinds of mindfuckery. It does not help that I started watching six episodes from the second season finale and had to catch up via Wikipedia because what the hell, writers I am so confused and my head hurts why. ;____;

    I... clearly don't have any hobbies, and Hulu is my primary source of interaction with the world. :(

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