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Gleecap: Belated Season 2 Finale Edition

Whoops. So, at the end of Season 2 I was kind of crazybusy. And I watched the season ender anyway. And wrote comments! But then I forgot to post them. Bad me.
Anyway, Fox has decided to be a total buttfor and isn't putting the show online until 8 days after it airs. Which sucks, and means I will always be a week behind, because I never manage to catch it when it first airs and our DVR is haunted or something and I try to avoid messing with it if at all possible.
But whatever. Here are my thoughts on the season 2 finale,"New York."

  • Oh, hey, Rhapsody in Blue! We played this in marching band my junior year of high school.
  • Rachel's technicolor dream-jacket is adorable. I want one.
  • Kurt's hat, on the other hand, is terrifying.
  • Dammit, Rachel, must you interrupt the improptu songtime?
  • "He charged my credit card by swiping it through his buttcrack." D: Oh god D:
  • "Most of the other teams split by sexual orientation." That does seem more effective. But what to do with the bisexual people? OH WAIT I FORGOT IN THE GLEE UNIVERSE THEY DON'T EXIST (I AM SLIGHTLY BITTER, STILL) PROBLEM SOLVED.
  • "I guess she just accepted the inevitable." Be more smug, Finn. I know you can be just the teensiest bit more smug if you just try hard enough.
  • "Do you even know what's in a Manhattan?" Oh, Puck. Nice try. Did you forget about the Very Special Episode that ended in a no-booze pledge? Because I suspect the writers did. Fun fact, shortly after turning 21, my brother ordered a Manhattan at a restaurant. The waitress asked "What kind of bourbon?" and he replied "Yes."
  • "I have pills for that." Hee.
  • Nice lies there, Schue. And seriously, you're leaving a bunch of 17 year-olds by themselves in a couple of hotel rooms with NO CHAPERONE? How the hell did you even get away with taking them to New York without other adults along to supervise? At the very least, you should have an adult female chaperone. 13 kids to 1 adult is a ratio that just screams "SHENANIGANS."
  • Hahahhaa, the "CrossRhodes" sign is a martini!
  • Brit-Brit singing!
  • Wait... what. This song is... what? Yeah. My expression is pretty much mirrored by... everyone. Hahaha. Puck's face.
  • Though, in Brit-Brit's defense, Rachel wrote a song about a goddamn headband.
  • Obligatory New York song/montage!
  • New Yorkers, like the A/V kids, simply ignore the singing teenagers in their midst.
  • How did Artie get up on that fountain? Hope he put his brakes on.
  • What time of year is it supposed to be? I mean, they're all wearing jackets and scarves and cool-weather gear, but they already had prom, which is traditionally a near-the-end-of-school thing. So... wouldn't New York be kind of warm, at least? It gets pretty hot and awful during the summer, I'm told.
  • Sam is eating junk food. I guess his body image issues aren't quite as bad as they were back during Rocky Horror. Either that, or our next Very Special Episode will deal with his bulimia.
  • "If I was in love with a girl and I wasn't homeless, I'd totally go for it." You should ask Mercedes out anyway, Sam. There are plenty of fun things to do for free! Also you are both awesome.
  • Having swung my fair share of pillows at various people and things, I have to ask, how freakin' hard do you have to smack something before the pillow bursts and feathers come out? I mean, good lord. Also, they do realize that these sorts of things are costly, right? I mean, the glee club was supposedly scrimping and saving to pay for the trip... I can't imagine they've got tons of extra cash around to cover the room damage.
  • This is from Matthew Morrison's solo CD, I believe. It's... very Broadway. I am not impressed, either with the song or with their choosing to showcase it.
  • Ah, the magical "You got talent, kid!" moment. It is a requirement for every show or movie about show business.
  • Rachel's dress is lovely! It reminds me of Liesl's dress in the Sound of Music during the gazebo scene.
  • Wasn't Patti LuPone one of the women Rachel tried to convince herself could be her mother?
  • "He's cute." Hee!
  • Aaaaand the glee club shows up on cue. Or just the guys, minus Kurt (as always, because let's not forget, Kurt is gay and thus counts as a girl). Wait. Is Rachel imagining them, or is she just so used to her friends showing up and bursting into song that she barely notices? I choose to believe the latter.
  • Finn, never try to base your romantic endeavors on rom-coms. It is asking for trouble, and wacky misunderstandings are a lot less funny when they are happening to you. Also, the majority of romantic comedy "I will make her love me!" actions are known as "stalking" in the real world.
  • "Take a chance on me." Please tell me Finn sings this later. Please. I want him to sing it so bad. Honestly, I think it's a song Puck should have sung to Lauren instead of "Fat-Bottomed Girls" while he was trying to woo her. I know it would have won me over.
  • Wait, dudes, you're just gonna let her go back to the hotel on her own? Um. She doesn't know her way around New York, none of y'all do, and she is a tiny, tiny girl who has repeatedly demonstrated a lack of awareness and common sense... Wow. Safety fail, right there. I will pretend Rachel hails a cab just off-camera, or that they are in fact half a block from the hotel. Because otherwise, kind of a dick move.
  • Aaaand the other dudes just keep singing. Well played, non-Finn, non-Kurt glee club dudes.
  • Breakfast at Tiffany's!
  • "He'll be great if we need to move anything heavy." Hah. It's true, I bet he's useful for that.
  • Rachel's dress is cute; I think it's one they've had her wear before.
  • WICKED EEEEEEEEEEEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEeeeeeeeeeee
  • Best. Usher. Ever. I like to think he does this something like ten or fifteen times a day. XD
  • I so do love these two as friends.
  • And Rachel learns the Power of Imagination.
  • zOMG they're singing "For Good" and Kurt is totally her Glinda and I am gonna cry because that is what I do when presented with just about any part of Wicked shut up and don't judge me I LOVE IT OKAY.
  • Okay, these cuts are awkward, but it sounds like they just cut it from the full song, and hopefully they'll release it at its proper length.
  • This song is really perfect for the two of them.
  • Whoooaaa, Quinn. Somebody needs a hug.
  • "I'm flattered, Santana, but I'm really not into that..." HAH, not gonna lie, my mind went to the exact same thing. Somewhere, there is fanfic.
  • "Your kids look like they haven't been baked properly." Hah.
  • Awww, I like Quinn's haircut. It's really cute. Granted, Dianna Agron could shave her head and paint herself puke-green and she'd still be gorgeous.
  • Will, how did you not figure out that Sgt. Handsome told them? Come on.
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww, Puck-hug. Holy balls, he's changed as a character from the first episode. Can you imagine him giving anyone a heartfelt hug even at the end of season 1? I do wish he'd say something about him regretting bullying so many people, but he has repeatedly stood up for the people he used to torment. So that's something.
  • Awwww, everyone-hug!
  • "We've SO got this." Really, Kurt? You are a tiny glee club from Ohio on your first trip to Nationals, performing original songs. I fear your confidence is misplaced.
  • The dance moves are a little too much 'Hairography' for me and those dresses flare up a bit too much for the choreography. I like the singing, though.
  • Will, seriously, don't let your mouth write checks your glee club can't cash.
  • "I think you're kind of mean, but you're not stupid." Unless Jesse is involved, then apparently all bets are off.
  • Sunshine's got a point, Rachel. You were awful to her.
  • The Vocal Adrenaline dresses are pretty. I am not a fan of that hairstyle on Charice, though.
  • The Vocal Adrenaline members standing on the sidelines are kind of ominous-looking. Like an army of blue taffeta lying in wait. Soon, they strike. Soon.
  • This is very similar choreography to what we saw them do last season on songs like "Mercy", if memory serves. Same paired twirling. Though this is not as impressive. There's a lot fewer of them, and it's much less flashy.
  • Finn, get your head in the game. Come on, dude. You are not the most important thing in Rachel's life. You're about to perform.
  • Mirroring of some of the "Don't Stop Believing" choreography from the first show, there. They use the same moves consistently in the romantic-couple duets. While I get the callback to previous episodes, it'd be nice to see something new.
  • Quinn's not singing.
  • ... whut.
  • "Was that scripted?" "No." Way to be unprofessional, you two.
  • Awwwwwkwaaaardd clapping is aaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwkwwwwwwwwaaaaaaardd.
  • Please tell me this number ends with Santana kissing Brittany. Please. Let's just make this a Thing. Makeouts to end songs. I like it better than the use of original songs.
  • Awww. No kisses. Show, I am disappoint.
  • We're getting awful close to the end of the episode. I don't think they're going to win.
  • "It came with its own cape." I... huh. Every time Finn describes an amazing kiss, I feel as though I have never kissed anyone properly. Then again, I am not that much of a kissy person. Kissing for me is a physical shorthand for "please remove your clothes now." *ahem* ANYWAY, back to Glee...
  • Aaand I was right. They didn't.
  • Mercedes looks like she's about to burst into tears.
  • And I think Rachel actually did. :(
  • It was pretty obvious they weren't gonna make it to the end, but still. Ouch.
  • I love that Santana freaks out in Spanish.
  • Kurt does appear to have a very healthy attitude about the whole thing.
  • Awwwwwwwwwwwwww SAMCEDES YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. I approve so hard!
  • And Brit-Brit unloads a pearl or two of wisdom.
  • Brittany's little speech is really, really sweet, and it does speak to what happens in a close-knit group like that full of driven, wildly different people. Yes, it's a bit "this is the moral of today's story," but it works and it's adorable.
  • Maybe Santana will go public in season 3. Or in season 4, Glee: The College Years when she and Brittany go to Vassar on dance scholarships, officially become a couple, and meet up with Kurt/Blaine and Rachel/Finn on the occasional weekend up in NYC. Someone start writing that fanfic, if it doesn't already exist.
  • At least Finn has the decency to feel bad.
  • Makin' out in the library. Awwww, yeeeaahhhh.
  • "Good on ya!" Hah!
  • Heee, wee little trophy.
  • Wait, didn't Figgins say he'd disband glee club if they didn't win Nationals? Ah, hell. Given that Sue will no longer be campaigning for the entirety of the budget, he'll probably relent. He seems to have a soft spot for those crazy glee kids. As do we all. As do we all.
  • Overall, a sweet episode, and a nice little farewell for the summer break. But I felt like there were so many loose ends they were trying to tie up that none of them really got a satisfactory ending. Quinn's rage was, apparently, entirely tamed by a haircut. Schue's dream of Broadway is now officially usurped by his wuv for the glee club. Rachel and Finn are totally back together but expect plenty of drama as graduation approaches next year. Kurt and Blaine are in wuuuv. Sam and Mercedes are adorable. Santana isn't ready to come out, but Brittany is okay with it.

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