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Still more Glee.

Glee's titles are getting stranger and stranger. Now it's just a flat-out declaration. I Am Unicorn.
  • I would love to see the interiors of all the glee kids' lockers. The ones we've seen have all been decorated and adorable.
  • "I think you're, like, fabulous, and I just love everything that you do." Brit-Brit and I are of like minds. I should probably be worried.
  • "That's a terrifying story." "No it's not." YES IT IS.
  • "Will I Am." Oh, god.
  • This is going to be an interesting campaign.
  • Yuuuuup, I still giggle every time someone says New Directions/Nude Erections.
  • "So handsome." HAH. You will be missed, Sgt. Handsome. By Artie, if no one else, apparently.
  • HAH, Mercedes' face when Schue says "Booty Camp" I agree, Schue should never say "booty." Ever.
  • "It's this sashay, and it's super-distracting." HAH, oh Kurt, I love you but it is true.
  • "I'm glad that you're so concerned with our special needs members, but what about me?" Shut the fuck up, Rachel.
  • Emma's sweater is precious. Her face is a flower!
  • So I guess the football jocks are okay with musical theater now? Huh.
  • "I played the forum." Tina and I just made the same face.
  • "I hate you." Once more I find myself siding with Brittany. Starting to worry.
  • I want to see Artie's short films.
  • Also, Will, keep your mitts off Shelby. She is the prettiest. NOT FOR YOU. NOT FOR YOU, WILL SCHUESTER.
  • "WIPE AWAY!" HAH. I lessthanthree Figgins.
  • So, does this mean we're going to see Beth? Or hear anything about her?
  • Sheila carries a spork. <3
  • I always love when the writers do the straight-out-of-pamphlets dialogue as filler when they can't be bothered to come up with originality or character depth. It actually manages to be funny most of the time.
  • I'm pretty sure Quinn was pregnant BEFORE she joined glee club, Sue. You kicked her off the Cheerios for getting knocked up. The arts didn't ruin her life, teen pregnancy did.
  • HAH the headband!
  • "Kurt Hummels bulging pink funsack." D:
  • "RIDE THE RAINBOW" "No H8 YES KURT" "It gets better with Kurt Hummel" These are the best posters and I want them in my room.
  • "99% of the kids at this school are either freaks or closet freaks." Having slept with at least half of the student body, Brittany would be in a position to know this.
  • "Gonna throw ketchup-covered tampons at the marching band." HAH.
  • Oh, so we are getting to hear about Beth. Thanks, writers. Seriously, thanks. You drop so many plot threads, it's nice to see you picking up on a big one again.
  • Ouuuch. On the one hand, damn, Quinn. On the other hand, I am aware that this is probably not an appropriate time for the "biology is not destiny/family is not necessarily blood" speech, and it's really nice to see her with a spine. Where was that spine last season, Quinn?
  • Can we just have a whole episode of Mike Chang in slow-mo? With or without Schue.
  • Who is Shane? Oh, the new boyfriend. Are we ever going to properly meet the guy?
  • Does... Does Kurt's shirt have a built-in bow tie? I can't decide whether that's adorable or ridiculous. Maybe both.
  • "You look like you're stepping on bees." Hee.
  • "Kurt, jazz hands!" HAH.
  • "I almost had to go to therapy because of you." I would suggest that you could do with some therapy anyway, Rachel. Just sayin'. You got some issues.
  • Fortunately, the band has every song in the musical perfected and ready to play at a moment's notice!
  • Draaaamaaaafaaaaaaaaace. I'm pretty sure that somewhere on youtube there's a montage of all of Lea Michele's dramafaces while she sings, and I bet it is hilarious.
  • Every time Idina Menzel sings, my pupils turn into little hearts. <3__<3
  • "snorting Splenda and cutting class." "SMOKING CORNSTARCH." "What." HAH.
  • Wow. The writers are just bringing back all manner of plot threads this episode. And points to Schue for pointing out to Quinn the fact that the glee club, full of the only kids in school who actually had good reason to loathe her for working with Sue to destroy them, welcomed her and her cronies in when no one else would. And hey, someone remembered that Mercedes let Quinn live with her! I am impressed, writers. Did you hire someone to check continuity or something?
  • "That was pretty sexy." NO BECKY NO.
  • "How do you know where I live?" "Ummm... I have friends in law enforcement." D:
  • It's really touching how much Puck wants to see Beth.
  • Oh god he drew her a picture.
  • ... Shelby's... she's not going to force Puck and/or Quinn to join her glee club by dangling Beth in front of them as bait, is she? I mean, we know she's devious. But that's just. Come on, show, don't do this. Please.
  • "My own private Jim Henson." D:
  • "Ms. Rachel Berry." HAH.
  • I have a problem with Kurt honestly thinking this is a perfect song to use in an audition to play the male lead. I mean, the boy is fabulous, but he's not stupid.
  • SAI-TWIRLING SKILLS! Chris Colfer did this on a talk show at some point, it was awesome. It is still awesome.
  • "You look like a real housewife of Reno." HAH.
  • "She's Jewish, but I think that helps with the whole 'Puerto Rican' thing." HAH.
  • "Like it was his prison bitch." PFfffffffft
  • "If I were Maria, I'd love to be held by Kurt's toothpick arms on my fire escape."
  • Oh god, Artie's face when Bieste mentions her lady-parts.
  • "I hope to play Porgy one day."
  • Am I the only one who sees the obvious solution here? Change it to "Mario" and cast Kurt in that role. Rachel? Rachel who?
  • Oh god. Brit-Brit what have you done. D:
  • Honestly, Kurt's response is remarkably calm, given that last year he received death threats. Speaking of which, WHERE THE FUCK IS KAROFSKY. Did he graduate? Show, seriously. It only takes half a second to throw in these things.
  • "In the original, the unicorn was riding you." D:
  • Gotta admit, my response was the same as Artie's when Kurt mentioned his "pure masculine intensity."
  • Rachel, hush. Though the costumes are awesome. Rachel looks gorgeous.
  • Poor Kurt, he wasn't actually bad enough to deserve the giggling. :( Granted, I don't think Chris Colfer can really pull off butch, but he wasn't that awful.
  • Oh god, poor Shelby.
  • "Nobody's hopeless." Oh god, Sugar's going to finish the season able to sing, isn't she.
  • ... Idina Menzel might actually be pretty hot with the Sinead O'Connor haircut.
  • Ohhh, Quinn.
  • I am glad the show is dealing with the fallout from Quinn giving Beth up, albeit belatedly. Adoption is so often touted as the "easy" option, especially by people who are pro-life, but giving up a child can wreak absolute emotional hell (assuming the baby is healthy and white, and thus considered 'adoptable' in the first place).
  • I'd be lying if I said Cory Monteith wasn't kind of hot in the mechanic jumpsuit.
  • "Dude, you're gay." PFFFT. "You sing like Diana Ross, and you dress like you own a magic chocolate factory." HAHAHA
  • "What is wrong with any of that?" And that right there is why Burt is the best dad. THE BEST DAD.
  • The sprinkly music of Inspiration and Future Plot Points started up when Burt said Kurt should write his own stuff. I'm excited.
  • Hey, Kurt's wearing that ridiculous patriotic vest to booty camp. I love it when the wardrobe people reuse the kids' clothing.
  • Well done, Finn.
  • I miss the pink hair. You didn't have to get rid of the pink hair, Quinn. :(
  • "We're going to get full custody." Oh, hello there, random curveball by the writers. This should be interesting.
  • "I eat a whole chicken at every meal." D:
  • Winky the vest-clown. HAH.
  • Will, no. Do not do this. Do not run for office. Get Shelby to do it or something.
  • Kurt's entire jacket is studded; hugging him has got to hurt.
  • How the hell do you make a zero-calorie loganberry-pumpkin torte?
  • "Maybe a bi-corn." I.. uh. Okay then. Rock on, Brit-Brit.
  • Oh, Darren Criss, I don't care what face you make with your ridiculous caterpillar eyebrows, I would still do unmentionable things to you as long as you mug for the camera and sing. No lie.
  • Is that little balcony the official Realization Spot in McKinley High? Because, seriously.
  • "I so want to give you a standing ovation right now." Aww.
  • Aww, Kurt. Kurt, don't you dare get snippy at Blaine for this. He went out of his way to not step on your twinkling little toes.
  • Oh, so the episode cuts off there? It's a bit unnerving when there's no major resolution at the end of an ep on Glee.
  • Seems to me like the writers are more or less pretending Season 2 didn't happen (with the notable exception of Blaine being present now)--they're picking up all the loose ends that they ignored for a year after the end of Season 1. I am okay with this.

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