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Glee Glee Glee Gleeeeee

Taking a break from applications to watch ridiculous shows, and I realized I'd forgotten to post this. Whoopsie.
Anyway, here's "Asian F."

  • Announcer, "That's so unicorn" is never happening. Stop trying to make it happen.
  • What, Santana's back? Seriously? That's it? All that fuss over her sabotaging the glee club and being kicked out, and now she's back like nothing happened? What the hell.
  • "Oh, like you eat." Oh, I see. The writers needed Santana in this scene so someone could yell at Mercedes without making Schue or any of the 'nice' characters the bad guy.
  • Okay, Seriously Intense Schue is Seriously Intense and also creepy.
  • "Do you want me to iron some bacon for you?" Wait, what?
  • "It kept me off of Craigslist." THERE IS NOT A D: FACE LARGE ENOUGH.
  • "I have ghost parents." Hahaha. Oh god, what sort of crazy produced Emma?
  • Mike would have a handsome father. Of course.
  • Oh, right, we're going with the stereotypical High-Pressure Asian Parents storyline. Because Glee is a show that goes beyond stereotypes... unless it's dealing with fat people or Asians. 'Cause that's still funny lololololololol *bang*
  • HAHAHAHAHA OH GOD HE STILL THINKS SHE'S A VAMPIRE. Best callback to previous episodes, ever.
  • I gotta say, if I had my principal convinced I was undead, I'd milk it to get out of gym, too. If I'd had gym in high school. Which I did not (four years of marching band counted for my phys. ed requirements).
  • Noooo, Mike can't quit glee. He's too pretty. I needs my eye-candy. SO LONELY. *sob*
  • "I kicked a fire hydrant when I found out Ace of Cakes was cancelled." HAH.
  • BATCAVES AND BRAMBLE PATCHES. I am appropriating "batcave" to refer to my lady-parts from here on out. I like it almost as much as the previous names, "The Cave of Wonders" and "The Sarlaac Pit". I'll rotate between the three.
  • Finn's reaction shots in this scene are hilarious.
  • So we're getting to know Mercedes' boyfriend. I do love how supportive he is.
  • That dress is gorgeous and Amber Riley looks amazing in it.
  • And Rachel looms on the sidelines.
  • Oh, hey, Shane came to see the audition! Awwww. Good boyfriend.
  • Wow, even a callback to Tina's old fake stutter! I'm impressed.
  • I love that Jacob does a straw poll. His entire purpose in life appears to be shuffling around the high school, getting into everyone's business.
  • "magical poop-stealing water chair"....
  • Does... Does Brit-Brit think the student president is like the President of the US?
  • What the HELL is she wearing. What is that skirt. I don't. What. Oh, well. I'ma shut up and enjoy Heather Morris.
  • Hah, Emma dancing.
  • I have some problems with this song, mostly in the phrasing of the lyrics. While it would be accurate to say the world is run on the backs of women and girls (and other minorities), saying they actually 'run' the world attributes power that women generally don't actually have, and lends itself to complacency (no reason to change things if girls already run the world, amirite). But I'm overthinking this, aren't I.
  • Even Sue is dancing!
  • Welp, Kurt's dreams of presidency just went down the magical poop-stealing water chair.
  • "I know it." "I lived it."
  • Hrm. While Rachel can be super-obnoxious, I did like the two of them as friends.
  • Also, can I just say how much I hate it that the writers are incapable of having someone actually support/encourage Mercedes without her going full "I AM SO MUCH BETTER THAN EVERYONE" diva on them? There's spots on the confidence continuum between "I can't sing at all" and "Rachel Berry", and I just really wish they'd let her find one. And why can't anyone encourage Tina, or Mike, or Artie?
  • Awww, Mike. I want to give him hugs. Long, lingering hugs.
  • yessssssssssssss, take off the clothes. Take them offfffff. *ahem* Sorry. I did mention the FOREVER ALONE that is my life, yeah? Yeah. :(
  • "It's what makes me feel you." And what makes her make you feel her boobs. Wait.
  • "He runs like an expensive Swiss watch reproduced cheaply in China." ...
  • Oh, hey, we get Mike singing! I guess they finally got tired of milking the "Mike can't sing" joke. Especially since Harry Shum Jr.'s voice isn't actually terrible.
  • Glee producers, are you listening? Release a DVD with nothing but a couple hours of Harry Shum Jr and Heather Morris dancing and I will give you my money. I can't be the only one.
  • "Singing's just musical talking." That's what I always say! And that is why no one wants me to sing.
  • So Beiste is gonna get the fat jokes now? Sigh.
  • Beiste, be careful. Emma is, as you've said, crazy about Will. If she hasn't yet introduced him to her parents, there is probably a really, really good reason.
  • Awwwwwww, not only is Kurt not snippy about Blaine "sniping" his role, he brought him pretty flowers. Awwwwww. <3
  • "No one asked you, Finn." Finn: :c
  • Ugh. Writers, it is possible to have a character point out the favoritism and problems in the club without being awful.
  • Kurt has a sequinned blazer. Of course he does. 'Cause don't forget, Kurt counts as a girl!
  • "I knew you two were together!" "WHAT?" Hahaha. Depends on which fanfic you read, Mercedes.
  • Not having seen Dreamgirls, I don't really 'get' this scene on as many levels as I could. But I am enjoying all the pretty.
  • "WHAT!?" HAH.
  • So I guess this is how Shelby finds a good singer for her glee club, then.
  • Of course Mike's mom is really pretty, too. Of course. He's just made entirely of gorgeous, so I guess that makes sense.
  • Awwwww, Mike's mom. Such a good mommy.
  • "Do you know if we earned that part in the school musical yet?" HAH, I like how she goes directly to being Super-Encouraging Stage Mom. "we," indeed.
  • Awwwww, Mike teaching her to dance.
  • Why is Artie always spraying that stuff? Is he expecting a trip to the casting couch or something?
  • Not as big a fan of this dress they have Mercedes in, though that could be my hatred of all things ruffled influencing me. Or the fact that it doubles the volume of Amber Riley's lower half in an awkward fashion.
  • HAHAHA, Finn's flailing "YES!" cracks me up. He's so happy and so very awkward.
  • I like this pink dress of Rachel's.
  • Ohboy, here comes the scheming. On the one hand, Beiste is probably the person least likely to let Rachel get away with crap, on the other hand, she likey knows the least about how to run a musical and might be swayed by Rachel, who likes to pretend she knows everything there is to know about show business.
  • Okay, Will, Emma CLEARLY had issues with her parents, why would you invite them over you ASS.
  • "Pretend an ovarian cyst burst." Oh god that shit hurts so bad.
  • They... tied her thumbs together? D:
  • "These beans are a disaster!" So that's where Emma learned her deflection skills.
  • "These beans are what happens when you sit out an election, Rose." ... What? "There wasn't a ginger candidate." Hah.
  • Rachel seriously thinks she could win class president? NO ONE likes her. She knows this. Or she should, anyway, they have her re-learn that particular lesson every couple episodes, because the writers are lazy and making her more unlikeable and crazy is easier than writing character development.
  • Beiste's prize donkeys are named after the Kardashians. HAH. I love Beiste so hard.
  • "Maybe I can change the world!" "By being student class president?" Finn's got a point, most schools don't give their student class presidents much power.
  • "Something about the accoustics of the linoleum or something." Oh, Emma.
  • There is something incredibly unsettling about someone attempting to 'fix' someone else.
  • Man, the writers really don't know what to do with Mercedes unless they're having her diva out to the point where she becomes nearly as intolerable as Rachel.
  • Also, if Mercedes thought Schue was harsh? Shelby ran Vocal Goddamn Adrenaline; their horrifying practice requirements have been punchlines for two seasons. The new glee club is going to be horrendously difficult.
  • Weird that even though the episode was named after Mike's problem, he interacted with almost NONE of the other cast members, and actually got remarkably little screen time. Aside from Tina "might as well not exist according to the writers" Cohen-Chang, no one in the glee club even knew he was having problems. Oh, writers.

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