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Guess who's watching Glee all night?

Because watching Glee means not filling out grad school applications. And I need that in my life.
In which I am told there is an Irish person: "Pot of Gold."
  • Will this episode feature more Sugar? And Sue? Because that promises hilarity. Maybe Sue could actually interact with Sugar, that might be interesting.
  • "Other people can see you?" HAHAHAHA.
  • "Though I don't understand most of what you just said." Pfffhaha.
  • "Go back to Mexico!" What. I just. What?
  • And Puck, renowned MILF-lover, would know from tappable teachers.
  • Season 3: The season of call-backs. I remember them baby-sitting.
  • A year's salary for a public school math teacher. D:
  • The lady just holding a sign that says "ANGRY" HAHAHA
  • "I'm caught between a rock and a different, but equally hard rock." <3 Figgy.
  • LORD TUBBINGTON THINKS YOU'RE PURRRRFECT. Lord Tubbington is the best character.
  • It's true, their voices do sound really good together.
  • Aww. Santana being unwilling to leave Brittany is both sweet and conveniently explains why she keeps returning to glee club again and again.
  • Hah, Artie's face at the "We're going to have to perform naked" comment.
  • "Did you airbrush out your jowls?" "NO." HAH. I love them more as friends, but if they've got to be catty at each other, at least Lea Michele and Chris Colfer are really good at it.
  • Finn, shut up, Blaine didn't do anything to you.
  • "I was considering changing my name to Maria." Oh Rachel, you so crazy. Also, please stop referring to it as "your" musical.
  • "At ease." Hah.
  • "She's kind of like Rain Man with boobs."
  • LeprechaunRory has some startling blue eyes. They unsettle me slightly.
  • There we go, Finn, let's start off teaching him some good 'ol American-style homophobia.
  • Beth's hat! So cute.
  • "Basics of Baby Sacrifice." "Selling Your Baby Back to Russia." HAHAHA. I notice they are both published by the same company. I want to work for that company.
  • "Baby sacrifice makes me sad." As it should, Puck. As it should.
  • I love that Burt goes to bat for Kurt and the musical immediately. Sanest adult on this show. Though I find it hard to believe that Rachel's dads wouldn't also step up, given how supportive of her aspirations they supposedly are. Will we ever get to meet them, show? I mean, I know there are eight billion characters right now, but you don't have to make them a major plot point. Let's just MEET them, briefly.
  • Are the Cheerios even still a thing? I thought there was an issue with them being not-so-much a big deal anymore since they lost Sectionals or Regionals or whatever, and with Sue being busy running for office.
  • "We also bake and deliver delicious brick-oven pizza." D: Is their slogan "I taste dead people"? Because ew.
  • I love how Burt is mostly bemused by Sue's psychosis.
  • So the jocks at McKinley just wander around shoving people not in Cheerios uniforms or letter jackets?
  • Not easy being green! <3
  • That small girl looked like an actual high school student. Read: Like a child, not a 20-something like the rest of the cast.
  • Poor Rory, his whole job on this show is to get shoved into things and hit with other things. It is, so far, more funny than sad, so. I am starting to want to give him a hug and let him chatter because accents are awesome.
  • "Aren't you paying? Because I ordered shrimp." Hee.
  • Awwwww, hand-holding in public.
  • ... Under the napkin, of course.
  • If global warming gets me more shirtless Mark Salling, fuck the polar bears.
  • Puck cockblocking himself with photos of Beth is weirdly adorable.
  • "Something even I can't screw up." Until you try to actually raise her, at which point MOST parents manage to screw up their kids at least a tiny little bit in some way.
  • Finn, stop making that face. Blaine is better than you in every way.
  • ... Or he was until he started singing this. Goddammit, Darren Criss, stop making me enjoy Katy Perry numbers.
  • Again, I really love Quinn's short hair. It's so cute on her.
  • There's Kurt's patented shoulder-shimmy.
  • That's right, Santana, you think about what you're leaving behind.
  • Will, you should probably love this ode to blackout drinking and promiscuity a little less.
  • "I think we should do it for sectionals!" Yeah, no.
  • Santana's got a point, actually. GIVE TINA A SOLO.
  • Does Rory own any shirt that isn't green?
  • "She's beautiful, she's innocent, she's everything that's good in this miserable, stinking world." Huh. Surprisingly telling, Santana.
  • LORD TUBBINGTON... went to Arby's. HAH.
  • Oh god she's eating it, I really hope that litter was clean. D:
  • That's right, Burt, make Will cut through all the crap. That is why I love you.
  • I would vote for Burt. I mean, I'd vote for just about anyone against Sue, but especially Burt.
  • Oh god, show, this looks suspiciously like a tentative setup for Puck/Shelby. Given that Puck's probably of age (I think age of consent in Ohio is 16? He is at least 17, possibly 18) and this show is not afraid to hint at such things (Terri had a crush on Finn, briefly, in Season 1, though thank god they never did anything with it), it's not as awful as it could be. Though she is a teacher at his school, which is so many kinds of not good. Then again, she's not his teacher in anything, is she? Oh god there are too many layers of wrong here.
  • "Kick him right in the Warblers." Hah. Shut up with the fat jokes, Santana. I mean, yeah, you have a point about Finn clearly being jealous of Blaine, but still. He's not even chubby!
  • Good on Brit-Brit for standing up to him. Finn should have known better; it's been very clearly established that there is a line you shouldn't cross with Brittany.
  • "I asked you to make me look 22."
  • Kurt. <3
  • Oh god, clash of the Diva Titans.
  • Poor Sugar, she is so out of her league and is very clearly the Butt Monkey of this group.
  • I approve of the costumes so hard.
  • Would be nice to see some choreography that was different from the music video for this song, but eh. Still cute, still well put-together, as should be expected of anything Shelby's behind.
  • I wonder how Sugar's rich daddy, who funded this club, is going to take her being in the background and feeling left out? She doesn't strike me as the sort to suck it up and attempt to earn the other girls' friendship.
  • "Would you do this whole school a favor and just disappear?" Fuck. You. Santana. Fuck you and your bullying. I would love it so much if Brittany called Santana out on her bullying behavior; I think it's the only way Santana might stop.
  • Okay, Sue does have a point about the fact that flying the club to NYC without so much as a set list for Nationals was idiotic.
  • "Anyone mind if I just dig in?" Hah.
  • "Say U2's overrated. Say it!" "Never!"
  • That's right. Beiste is far more intimidating than Schue could ever be.
  • "What happens when the Pope dies?" "Heaven, you'd think." HAH!
  • Man, good thing the backup band knows every song ever.
  • And Finn is instantly made slightly twitchy as he realizes Rory is a better singer than he is.
  • Aaaand now Kurt is unsettled by the presence of another dude singing as high as he can.
  • NOOOO PUCK AND SHELBY WHYYYY. Okay, admittedly, the two of them together is so cracked-out that if she wasn't a teacher at his school I'd be all for it, but that adds so many complicating layers. For starters, as soon as Quinn finds out, she has a completely legitimate reason to call in the authorities--a teacher having an affair with a student definitely qualifies, even if the student is of age. Also I would love to see Rachel try and wrap her head around the idea that her ex-boyfriend is smooching her mother, who adopted her ex-boyfriend and her current boyfriend's ex-girlfriend's baby. Oh, show. Soap operas got nothin' on you.
  • Speaking of Quinn, is anyone else equal parts horrified and excited to see her eventual complete psychotic break once she realizes that she's not getting Beth back, and that even if she did, she couldn't handle raising a child?

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