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The Dark-Eyed Mistress of Sweet, Sweet Pain

Everyone is having more sex than me.

Including the Glee kids. It's "The First Time."

  • Still love the lights on Artie's wheelchair.
  • Dammit, Puck, you're supposed to love Artie. You high five your friend right now, young man. >:[
  • "Bossing everyone around. I mean, directing."
  • "Really?" Hahahahahaha. Though really, Rachel, the dress you wore for the party in the Very Special Episode about alcohol was almost as bad.
  • Awww, Beiste is touched by the song. I love you, Beiste. <3
  • "My only note is, more teeth." What?
  • Aaaand Beiste and Emma beat a hasty retreat as Artie wheels on in to Inappropriate Question Land.
  • "Even though she called me the wrong name like four times, during and after." I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess she called him Santana.
  • "As your friend, I support your strange aversion to fun." Artie, hush.
  • Goddammit, show, virgin-shaming isn't any better than slut-shaming. Must we have this discussion again?
  • "You can't do this with your brother." AGAIN, depends on which fanfics you're reading.
  • "Not unless you live in Kentucky." Haha.
  • Can't say I blame Kurt, if Darren Criss were dancing around my bedroom in a thin t-shirt and tight pants I think I might sprain something. Or spontaneously combust.
  • "Because of the layers?" "Because of the layers." Oh god they are so cute why are they so cute. <3
  • Artie, Beiste is right, this conversation IS totally inappropriate. Stop sticking your nose in her personal life.
  • Hey, Dalton! Hey, Blaine's absurd but nonetheless adorable wardrobe!
  • Uh-oh, I recognize that sexy Dalton slow-mo!
  • I can only assume this young lady is either completely lost, or is a very young, foxy teacher. Given that she's telling them to hush and stay out of the halls, I'm guessing a teacher.
  • "Sex on a stick and sings like a dream." Yeah, okay, not wrong.
  • Hahaha, cue dangerous music.
  • Santana looks gorgeous in that dress.
  • Augh, Sebastian, so creepy in your flirting. Also, Blaine, please just say "I HAVE A BOYFRIEND I LOVE HIM A WHOLE LOT HAHA, HOW'S DALTON, ALSO DID I MENTION MY BOYFRIEND."
  • "I thought they were my sneakers." "What?" "What?" Haha.
  • I do like that Puck is protective of Rachel.
  • "I always thought it'd be me, but secretly hoped it'd be you." Huh.
  • I cringe to think about the potential STIs Puck might have picked up. :(
  • Awwwww, sports flirting.
  • "Become CEO of Logo" Hee.
  • Nothing screams "adult conversation" like asking "do you 'like her' like her?"
  • Sebastion, seriously, Kurt will cut you if you don't back off of Blaine.
  • "Of course, because you're a vegan, which I remember because we know each other so well." Oh, dear. Rachel's stomach might be getting very angry, very soon. :(
  • "A People's Choice would have got you to third base..." Haha.
  • Rachel, hon, knee socks are not generally considered sexy wear. Granted, Lea Michele could wear a potato sack and still be lovely, but she does the "little girl" look so often that it's a bit unnerving.
  • Holy shit what just happened. Mike Chang Sr. what is wrong with you?
  • Good thing Mike can talk to his good friends in glee club about this because they know how hard it is for him to--OH WAIT NO ONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS PLOT LINE.
  • I love Beiste and I love how oblivious she is. Mostly because I am also oblivious, and the last guy I dated had to actually kiss me before I caught on that he was not joking around. And my first reaction to being hit on is to assume it's a joke, either harmless if I know the person well, or malicious if I don't. Fortunately, it doesn't happen often.
  • Also oh my god, the writers took my advice and gave Beiste a love interest who is conventionally handsome and actually finds her attractive. Show, THIS is how you do unconventional and unexpected.
  • ... Brittany's loss-of-virginity story worries me. How old was she? Did... did she actually consent? What the fuck? What the fuck, show.
  • Thank goodness for Tina and Mike. The writers forgot to give them anything to do last season, which meant they were able to have an actual healthy relationship.
  • And the streets are wet. What is it about parking lots in Lima that trigger rain?
  • "Mine says I'm 38." It also says he's a hobbit. Because Darren Criss.
  • Sebastian, unpop that collar you assbag.
  • Oh Blaine, you and your ridiculous dancing.
  • So that's where he's been. Honestly, writers, would it have killed you to mention this a few episodes ago? Christ.
  • I like easy-going, out Karofsky so much more. As does Kurt, apparently.
  • Hahaha, Kurt cutting in. Love it. Fuck off, Sebastian.
  • Of course Blaine's a lightweight, he's a tiny little hobbit-man. It takes a significant amount of camera-wrangling to make Darren Criss not look itty-bitty compared to Chris Colfer.
  • Hopefully it's safe for a dapper young gentleman such as Blaine to walk home slightly tipsy. In my mind I assume that Kurt followed him in the car at a discreet distance.
  • I will bet any amount of money that had they gotten in that car and shut the door, a thunderstorm would have happened instantly. Because this is Glee, and parked cars mean rain.
  • Oh, Artie. That sense of impending failure and terror? MY LIIIIFE.
  • Awww, Artie.
  • Hahahaha, Rory's accent.
  • Fun fact, my mom always conflates "America" and "There Are No Cats in America" from "An American Tale." Drives me crazy.
  • I do like this production. And I see why they had Artie bring in the other gang for this song; otherwise they get no screen time.
  • It does make me happy that there are two plus-size girls dancing around on stage and doing it really well. Well, at least one plus-size girl, the other could just be normal-sized compared to the cast.
  • Blaine, you do have a terrible drunken history. Also, hilarious.
  • Awwwww, Blaine and Kurt, so cute.
  • Okay, I know they probably have to vacate the Hummel-Hudson residence for Finn and Rachel, but isn't Blaine's house the place where Blaine's dad, who hates that he gay, is? Ah, well.
  • Little Pink Riding Hood. Well, minus the hood.
  • Aww, Finn. Corey Monteith is chewing a little scenery here, but still. Aww.
  • "Because I'm going to give you something that no one else is ever going to get." Ewwwwww. That's... kind of a really, really creepy way of phrasing it.
  • Jesus, Darren Criss has the longest eyelashes ever.
  • So much cuddling. So... very... lonely... ;________;

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