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Yay Glee.

My name for this episode is "The Return of Lady-Lips." The quote-unquote 'official' title is "Hold On to Sixteen."

  • Quinn looks super, super cute. Love that hat.
  • Why does Quinn think she's going to receive custody of Beth if Shelby is declared unfit? She is a single high school student and unemployed (as far as we know).
  • Not gonna lie, Rachel's reaction to Puck sleeping with her mom was a little less "OH GOD EW WHY" than I was hoping. Perhaps she has matured after all.
  • Did somebody order a tall glass of sleaze? Hi, Sebastian.
  • "I don't like your smirky little meerkat face. I don't like your obnoxious CW hair." Get 'im, Kurt.
  • "You smell like Craigslist." pffffhahahaha.
  • ... Finn, the bar is called STALLIONZ. Come on.
  • "I didn't know 'Backdraft' was a musical!" Oh, Finn, sweetie.
  • "Oh god no." HAHAHAHAHA.
  • I'm just gonna repeat that for you. WHITE CHOCOLATE.
  • God bless you, Glee. God bless you.
  • "That's not an image I can ever get out of my mind."
  • Rachel, please hush.
  • "I'm really good at looking busy." ...
  • "I'm proud of what we've all done." Except the stripping. That brings only shame, and lots of money.
  • "I miss being a teenager." Oh, honey.
  • This is the blondest family ever.
  • "I don't understand why the Dairy Queen makes you put that glitter all over [your face]." HAH.
  • I like that they've nicknamed the band kids. Seems weird that they don't actually talk to them, though.
  • Rory has no idea who Sam is, he's just excited because everyone else is. I think Kurt is explaining it to him in the background at one point.
  • Man, it's a good thing that transferring schools is so easy and doesn't have any sort of residency requirement or anything.
  • Tina is in stripey socks! Yes, Tina! Bring back the goth!
  • How many songs will these kids sing about cups over the course of the series? If you count "Raise your glass," we're at three, at least.
  • Kurt does not appear to love his cup all that much. He also seems to not quite believe how happy Blaine is about this song (HAH, he mouths "What is wrong with you?"). Don't try to box Blaine in, Kurt. He has depth. Layers, even.
  • As it happens, the band kid (I believe it's Johnny Tromboner) might well be a world-ranked cup-stacking champion. But we'll never know because oh look Artie just rolled through his carefully arranged work.
  • Of course she kept a notebook.
  • And Schue just stands by while one student literally reads a list of insults to another. Worst. Teacher. Ever.
  • "I'm supermodel thin now that my thyroid is under control." Wait, what? Quinn's been "supermodel thin" the entire time Sam's known her.
  • Quinn, Sam has been here for fifteen minutes, could you at least give him a little time to readjust before immersing him in crazydrama?
  • Good on Sam for not going for it, though.
  • And Tina gets more words all at once than she had in the entirety of season 2 combined, and it's to set her up for a possible breakup. :(
  • Blaine does love a spin.
  • "Sex!" I am suddenly more interested.
  • Sam, please stop thrusting. It is distracting.
  • WHOA, Blaine, did you eat a big bowl of Asshole Flakes for breakfast this morning?
  • ... Dammit show, Darren Criss all angry and sweaty and curly-haired and boxing and goddamn why you do this to me I'll be in my bunk.
  • The Dalton branch of Fight Club. I WANT TO SEE THIS. I WANT TO SEE IT SO BAD.
  • Blaine's eyebrows dance around like excited caterpillars when he's angry. Fly, little eyebrows, fly!
  • The camerapeople were clearly having a rough time blocking this so that Darren Criss didn't look like such a tiny hobbit-man next to Cory Monteith.
  • Nice to see boys fighting over a female character who isn't skinny and white, for once. Though Sam, really, she has a boyfriend and, more importantly, she said no. Back the fuck off. Find a non-glee girl, perhaps one who's sane? Or, hey, looks like Tina's going to be single soon. She seems sweet, from what little we've seen of her.
  • "We had a summer fling." "It was more than that." They totally had sex. TOTALLY DID. It is now my headcanon.
  • Tina, this is a lot of meddling for one person to be doing.
  • Aww, Mr. Chang, at least take the DVD. :(
  • Those are some mighty dapper outfits.
  • "And if you forget the words, just keep your lips moving, and hopefully no one will notice." I get the feeling Finn's speaking from experience.
  • "It would be rude if I followed you around and every time you took a step, I played a note on a tuba." My brother has done this to me.
  • I love Kurt's "WTF" face when Quinn brings up Puck.
  • Tickles.
  • HAH, Sugar seems very excited at the announcement of the last judge, and yells "TICKLES!" I'm guessing he has graced more than one of her birthday parties with his presence.
  • The Unitards. Whut.
  • Oh, hey, it's Harmony!
  • I love this song. Evita is one of those musicals my family has memorized in its entirety, and this is tied for my favorite from the score.
  • Hah, I'm mouthing the words along with Kurt and Rachel.
  • Quinn, when Rachel is giving you lessons in How Not to Be an Awful Crazy Person, you may have reached a special kind of low.
  • I get what Shelby is trying to say, but really, she keeps coming off as pretty condescending.
  • Liking the 'Tones' dresses; they're simple enough that the sparkly isn't too horribly distracting, and while I normally hate bubble hems, they're full enough that it doesn't look bad and it keeps them from pantyflashing during spins. Plus the Fat Girl cut they gave Amber Riley isn't noticeably different at first glance from the other girls, which is nice not only from a fat girl's perspective, but for uniformity purposes.
  • Interesting that two of the girls romantically tied to Sam, each of whom is now unavailable (Santana likes the ladies and Mercedes has Shane) are singing lyrics about telling a former lover to go away in the episode where he returns.
  • Brittana tango! I approve!
  • The music's great, but I'm not a huge fan of this choreography; it's a little too "aerobics video". I think they did a better job with the Adele mash-up, overall.
  • NUDE ERECTIONS *teehee*
  • Tina gets to sing! MIKE GETS TO SING!
  • Not loving the ND girls' skirts so much; too poofy and overly structured for my tastes.
  • HAHAHA, KURT! Any time Chris Colfer tries to get sexy it cracks me up. He's absolutely darling, but conventional "sexy" just does not work for him.
  • Oh god, Sam. Mercedes is making the same face I am.
  • I loved Artie having the MJ solos until now, but Tina does a very good baby-MJ.
  • Plot-relevant song is relevant! You listening, Mr. Chang? ARE YOU LISTENING?
  • I love this song ("Man in the Mirror"), and I think they did a very good job making it a group number instead of a solo. Giving the whole thing to nearly any one singer (except maybe Artie) would have made it feel too weak and thin, vocally.
  • All three ND numbers did a lovely job of incorporating more people than they normally do; without Rachel there to consume the spotlight they have a very nice blend. Risky move doing these particular artists, though, Michael and Janet Jackson are famous in part for being amazing dancers, and they've got 3 non-dancers (band members), one guy in a wheelchair, and... Finn.
  • Bit unprofessional to do the post-show hugging onstage, though I understand it from a scripting perspective (you want to have the background of the cheering audience).
  • Awwwww, Mr. Chang. <3
  • Okay, I'd be a little creeped out if someone sent in an application for me without my knowledge. Don't most of those places require some essays as well? Maybe not a huge one, but something? Which she would have had to write for him?
  • "... kids that are just sick with talent!"
  • I cannot honestly believe that Harmony is happy with third. Which makes her face-splitting grin all the more frightening.
  • "Next year's gonna be a bloodbath!" Kurt and I just made the same, terrified face.
  • Not sure how much I trust this about-face Quinn's doing, since it's something like her sixth during the run of this show...
  • "We're kind of friends, huh?" "Kind of." Aww.
  • "I certainly would nail all the parts where the girl has to cry." HAH. It's true, Dianna Agron has a super-rare medical condition where she is the only human on the planet who looks super-pretty when she cries.
  • "Magic sex dance." Hee.
  • Okay, again, can we PLEASE kill the idea that high school is the best time of one's life? Because it so isn't. For a lot of people it's one of the WORST times of their lives.
  • Can I just say how Sugar's background antics are rapidly becoming one of my favorite parts of Glee? Because they're hilarious.
  • Okay, it's a bit contrived and a little hokey, and probably within five minutes of the song ending there will be new ridiculous drama, but awwwwwwwww, they're one big happy family again. This pleases me. <3
  • What also pleased me was how many musical numbers were in this episode. I can't help it, I love the "official" show numbers where they're actually performing.
  • So does this mean no more Shelby? I know Quinn didn't tell, but with the TroubleTones gone, she's back to just being a substitute, I think, so we might not see much of her. That saddens me, as Idina Menzel is awesome and I will accept pretty much any excuse to have her sing.

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