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Yaaaay, Christmas special! It's an "Extraordinary Merry Christmas."

  • Amber Riley, as always, looks adorable (pretty dress, cute shrug-thing, and I love her necklace).
  • And, of course, she sounds great this song. Because that's what she does. I may like this better than the Mariah version.
  • OH GOD KURT'S LITTLE CANE-DANCE PFFFFHAHAAHAH Whoever makes me a gif of that will be my best friend forever.
  • Mercedes, don't tease Sam, it's cruel.
  • Artie: "Me?" Hee!
  • Aww, this is so cute. I love it when they're being goofy and silly.
  • Rachel's hair... Not sure if it's a little too Sound of Music for me, but it is cute, and that dress is very elegant on her.
  • Hah, title card with a Santa hat.
  • "I thought we agreed that the "Things We Did Wrong This Week' list was more hurting more than helpful." HAHAHA.
  • Socks? Really, Artie and Blaine?
  • "No!" "Yes." "*GASP*" HAH.
  • "All I want for Christmas is you, too! And five things on that list."
  • "Holy crap, I'm dating Kim Kardashian." HAHAHAHAHAH.
  • "Stumbles. Gelfling. Young Burt Reynolds." HAH, and Blaine is totally cool with his nickname.
  • I love that there's really no way to tell whether Sue is telling the truth re: palling around with Palin, or whether she's just completely insane and delusional. As usual.
  • Also, as usual, Sue is most down-to-earth when her sister is involved. I feel sorry for her.
  • Kurt, a headband, really?
  • Awwwww, poor Rory.
  • "Jesus?" Oh, Kurt, Blaine will explain later.
  • Aww, will Sam be away from his family, too? No, he'd probably go back to Tennessee for the break once school's out, wouldn't he.
  • Not sure why Kurt is all twitchy and wide-eyed and noticeably not singing backup on this song.
  • Rory, your stage presence is a little lacking. Standing and slumping in one spot does not a performance make.
  • "That song is so depressing. I might actually be dead right now."
  • "Artie got a pair of magic legs that broke the next day." Well, that explains why we never saw them again.
  • So he saw sectionals and West Side Story? Does this station manager guy just wander around Lima attending all high school music-related events?
  • "I'm only two hours away from my family and I miss them like crazy." Wait, last episode it was four hours away. Come on, writers, it's the most basic facts. A little continuity. That's all I ask.
  • "You're like a modern day Tiny Tim! Oh, I am sorry... Tiny Tim could walk." ...
  • The board behind the wookiee just says "RRRRRGHRRRGHGH." Oh god.
  • "I say she was high on excitement, and baby Jesus."
  • Um, there is no way $800 is going to pay for the fees required to show anything Star Wars-related.
  • Poor Tinkles, Rachel drags him into elaborately-constructed sets to play backup for her at random-oh, she's performing for actual people, okay.
  • 99% sure Rachel has that dress in at least two other colors and has worn it before on the show.
  • "It's about your song; it makes me want to kill myself."
  • "We begin in the Swiss alps..." I like it already.
  • "Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson's chic, swank chalet." I love it.
  • Kurt and Blaine really are the ideal Christmas Special hosts. I mean, they are two of the most dapper and delightful humans ever.
  • "I'm not invited to Kurt and Blaine's for Christmas?!" Heeheehee.
  • Artie is going all dictator director already. Should be interesting.
  • "Speaking of giving..." Is it just me or is she really scary?
  • Hahahaha, warthog card.
  • "You gave me a dead pig for Christmas?" "No, it's not dead yet, you have to get it fat first--" "I'm a vegan." And Jewish!
  • "I made you a list so that you wouldn't embarrass yourself like this." Rachel, shut up you are being awful.
  • Okay, Darren Criss, you're occasionally crossing the line from "mugging for the camera" to "CrazyEyes" and it is not a good look on you. It is, however, kind of hilarious.
  • I'm guessing this is not during actual school hours, since if it were Sam would be there, and he would probably have something to contribute to this discussion, as the one character who has actually been homeless...
  • Artie, shut up, it's not about Sue, it's about helping people. It'd be one thing to get back at Sue, but she's not the one missing out by you opting to be on TV instead. I'm kind of sad and disappointed no one pointed that out. Where is Schue? Normally he's the one to point this stuff out. Wow, I never thought he'd actually serve a purpose.
  • GLEE. *Wookiee noise*
  • "Tonight's special is brought to you by Breadstix! Now, with even more breadsticks!" They're Lima's only restaurant, do they really need to advertise?
  • Oh my sweet baby Raptor Jesus they are in black and white and dapper dancing around and singing all flirty-like and adorable and I love this so much. So. Much.
  • That's also a really cool fireplace-thing, there.
  • That is a giant bowl of... some opaque liquid.
  • "My, um. Best friend and holiday roommate." Hah. "Bachelor chalet." Yeah.
  • Oh god it's so cheesy I looooove iiiiittttttt.
  • "Did Mariah outbid you on that necklace you wanted?" Cue canned laughter. Hee.
  • I like that as Kurt mentions the inclement weather, the fake snow stops falling outside.
  • Hahahahhaa, Rachel and Mercedes both go Deer in the Headlights at the camera!
  • Was not expecting this song, but not gonna complain. I loves me some Sound of Music.
  • Rachel mugging for the camera is becoming one of my favorite things. Also the laugh track; that's pretty funny.
  • "Ku~urt!" Kurt's "oops" face! HAH!
  • "And then I said to Justin Timberlake, 'That's not eggnog!'" Whut.
  • "I think these are the end times." PFFFFFFHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA Oh god, that came out of nowhere I had to pause it while I finished laughing. Perfect deadpan delivery by Amber Riley.
  • "Any resemblance to Star Wars characters is purely coincidental." Hee.
  • "But with the climate change and end times..." Pfffhaha.
  • Can... can Mark Salling just dress like Han Solo all the time? Is that a thing that can happen? I have a thing for Han Solo don'tyoujudgeme.
  • Harmonica! Because of course.
  • And now, the Cheerios+ Tina in the Shortest Dresses Possible.
  • No, no, you misunderstand, that wasn't a complaint..
  • Ribbon Dancing! Because why the hell not.
  • ITCHY THE HOLIDAY ELF. Heeheehee. Poor Rory.
  • A shout-out to A Charlie Brown Christmas? Nice. Well done, show. Well done.
  • Nothing like bringing in religion to shame people into helping out the less fortunate. :D
  • What is Quinn wearing? What we can see of it looks like Wil Wheaton's clown sweater. Please let it be Wil Wheaton's clown sweater. Oh, please.
  • That is a very... purple Christmas tree.
  • Puck's hat has a mohawk. <3
  • Hey, where's Sugar? I thought she was part of ND now.
  • This strikes me as a... weird choice of song to sing at a homeless shelter.
  • Hee, Rachel named the pig.
  • "Because there's already a star named Rachel Berry." Haha, awwww. So cheesy.
  • Who would buy someone else's letterman jacket?
  • "My brother Seamus gets lost all the time, so my dad made him wear a bell..." HAH.
  • "Impressions are the best way to get a chick." Uh...
  • And Rachel gets in a "Happy Hanukkah." Hee.
  • This episode is completely ridiculous and cheesy, even for Glee and I LOVE IT
  • Chewbacca is listed as himself in the credits. HEE!

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