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More Glee. Yay.

Oh, right, I do this thing sometimes. Anyway, there's all sorts of proposal-related shenanigans happening this episode. Let's get this over with. "Yes/No."

  • The Grease tribute! Oh god, I love. I believe they filmed the guy's portion at the actual "Rydell" high from the movie. Not sure about the girl's part, thought it doesn't look like a set we've seen before.
  • Puck just... kissed Sam's hand? What?
  • Sugar is perfect for her little part in this.
  • Rory oh god please stop dancing. I cannot. Oh god, so ridiculous. I know it's the movie choreography, but still.
  • Sam, I am pretty sure that of all the guys you could have addressed with "you know what I mean," Blaine is the least likely to have any idea what you are talking about. Except maybe Rory, who, bless his little Irish heart, does not appear to have ever kissed a girl.
  • Thank you, show, for not including the straight-up boy-the-good-old-days-were-super-rapey line "did she put up a fight".
  • "So lay off, haters." I love you, Becky.
  • "I'm no rice queen." Goddammit, writers, really? Really.
  • Eeeeeeeeeeee! Beiste got married! Guess she isn't Beiste anymore (she called herself "Mrs. Cooter Whatsisname," so I guess she took his name?).
  • "I guess it's time to call Boreanaz." HAH.
  • "I don't think Will wants to marry me" Because everything has to be about Will and Emma. Of course it does. Can't we have a few more minutes of being happy for Beiste Shannon? :(
  • HAH, the hats on Sue and Shannon!
  • Jayma Mays does a nice job with this song. It's exactly the right amount of cutesy for her.
  • "No I didn't. Was that out loud? No I didn't. Oh my god."
  • Okay, Will, I know your students are like your family, but... don't you have an actual family? Or, you know, adult friends? Boundaries, Will. They are important.
  • "We totally don't think you'll screw it up this time." Well, that makes one of us, Quinn.
  • Sam, back off. She said no.
  • Shrug it off, Artie, you can do better than Sugar. Even if you are kind of a dick when you're given power. See also: West Side Story, and the Christmas Special. She's a dick all the time.
  • Wouldn't it take a LOT longer than half a year to earn a letterman's jacket? Pretty sure our school had some sort of points system, you had to earn x number of points according to how many hours or semesters of a sport or club or whatever before they'd give you a patch.
  • "Would Trouty Mouth work?" HAH.
  • Poor Sam. I love your trouty mouth and your crooked nipples. It's okay.
  • You know, acting on Glee pretty much guarantees that you're going to have someone making fun of how you look. That is probably the only way in which this show is anything like high school.
  • Individual... Synchronized... Swimming... I... Whut.
  • "If you pee in my pool? I. Will. Kill. You." ... All right then.
  • "You're in synchronized swimming and glee club, that's like some kind of weird death wish." Sam, sweetie, you probably should have thought this through.
  • And the slow, sad tinkling of "Summer Nights" plays as Mercedes cleans him up. Well played.
  • "Don't be alarmed by the disco ball." I will always be alarmed by the disco ball.
  • Matthew Morrison does this chin-jutting thing that I think is supposed to look sexy and confident, but he has a bit extra butt-chin, so it just kind of looks like he's trying to injure someone with his face.
  • All right, all right, show, I admit it. Fine. I'd probably find Matthew Morrison pretyt damn hot if I didn't dislike Schuester so much. >:[
  • Artie, come on. That was not a date and you know it. Just taker her to the only damn restaurant in Lima.
  • Finn as your best man? Again, Schue. Boundaries.
  • Uh-oh, Schue has that "no YOU ARE SPECIAL AND MAGICAL AND MUSICAL" look in his eyes. Let Finn join the army, Schue. It could be good for him, and quite possibly the only way he can afford college.
  • Santana, shush. Just because everyone knows you have all this gayngst doesn't mean you have permission to be a complete asshole.
  • Oh my goodness, I think they may have actually been paying someone to monitor continuity, since I'm 97% sure that's the vest he held up during last season's Broadway-bound packing session and told Emma he couldn't get rid of it, because it's what he was wearing when he met her. I am suitably impressed, and only slightly ashamed that I remember that.
  • Other things I notice: the top strap-thing on Rachel's dress is flipped around in some shots and not in others. Come on, wardrobe. Get it together.
  • Aaaand Rachel's dramaface.
  • Awwww, I always love the Santana/Brit-Brit moments. They've been a bit thin on the ground this season.
  • I might have more mixed feelings about the Mercedes/Sam/Shane triangle if the writers had told us anything about Shane besides "plays football and supports Mercedes' singing." As it is, I don't much care. I like Sam and Mercedes together; she's pretty much the only person who doesn't constantly mock Sam, and he's a good guy and clearly into her.
  • Ah, Emma's terrible parents return.
  • Emma's dad, Will didn't ask your permission. He asked your blessing. He doesn't need your goddamn </i>permission</i>.
  • Seriously, glee club, a Becky-vention?
  • "My mom says I have 'get down' syndrome." Hee.
  • Well done, Artie.
  • Hey, Carol's back! I missed you, Carol. You're awesome and I love you and the Hummel-Hudsons are my second-favorite TV family ever (Addams family wins first place, sorry).
  • Will, seriously? Calling in his parents?
  • Whoaaah, that's quite a lot to dump on Finn. He's got this whole mythology built around his dad.
  • Oh, Carol. And Finn. Yikes. I don't really blame her for not telling Finn the gorey details when he was younger, and his current level of maturity is probably the bare minimum at which I'd think he might be able to handle that news.
  • ... Never has the little Glee "mmmmmmmmmmmBOP" to send us to commercial clashed more with the scene it ends.
  • Wow, Becky, moving a little fast there, aren't you? You're scaring the boy.
  • Sue actually gives decent advice.
  • ... aaaand she veers off into a weird direction.
  • I like Artie's gloves! He's always running his wheelchair around, so they keep his hands clean. Also fingerless gloves are cool, shut up.
  • ... Why do Will and Emma still have the Christmas tree up? Oh.
  • Oh, Emma. Poor Emma.
  • Good on Emma for saying this. She might not ever be the kind of woman who can give him that home and those kids. And if those are things he really wants, it's not fair to either of them for this relationship to move forward like that.
  • "Screw this, I'm getting a whole cheesecake." Hah.
  • Kurt, don't snap at the waitstaff, it's rude.
  • Oh god, Kurt what the HELL is on your head it looks like something crawled up there and died. Seriously, I love you, but your taste in hats is so beyond questionable.
  • Awww, Brittany is looking at Santana during Meaningful Glances Time.
  • Awwwwww, hand-holding.
  • "Oh, wait, the assignment wasn't "make everything about Rachel Berry and force everyone to watch," was it?" SHE SPEAKS FOR ALL OF US.
  • "HAPPILY NEVER AFTER" "DYING ALONE" "SO YOU'RE A SPINSTER" HAH. Well played, prop department. Well played. Also I'm gonna need those pamphlets, please.
  • Awwww, even Sue is helping! That's sweet.
  • OH GOD ARTIE WAIT--whoop.
  • Loving the retro swimsuits on the glee club girls. Very, very cute. The guys look a little goofy, and I resent the lack of Shirtless Glee Boy Eye-Candy, but whatcha gonna do.
  • HEE, Artie in his little floating chair. <3
  • So, this song would imply that McKinley High is the aforementioned "hopeless place"? Yes? Sounds about right.
  • Will you look kind of ridiculous-WHOA, in he goes.
  • Awwwwww. Much as Will annoys me, I'm kind of a sucker for cute proposals and I do think that was really sweet.
  • Awww, Becky.
  • Ice cream, terrible TV, and friends. Cures all breakup-related problems.
  • "I never understood why you ran off so quickly." HAHAHA.
  • All I'm hearing is "I'm going to pin all my hopes and dreams on my high school girlfriend" and it makes me worried.
  • Oh, Finn, no. Just... no. You guys are so young.
  • On another note, how excited am I for the MJ episode? Veeery excited. I was more excited when one of the first song lists leaked said Kurt would be singing "The Way You Make Me Feel," which is one of my favorite songs (subsequent lists did not include it), but still.

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