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Glee, again.

Because, grad school or not, I will still watch Glee. Time for Michael.

  • My sisters went to see that MJ Cirq du Soleil show. They said it was pretty awesome.
  • Again, Kurt, your headwear choices make me question your sanity. As does that leather... onesie? Oh, Kurt. At least you make the jumpsuit thing work, kinda. As much as anyone can make a jumpsuit work*.
  • And Glee continues the "really awkward forced excuse for Artist Episodes" tradition.
  • Loving the costumes already. Even the slightly goofy Cheerio uniform/MJ look mashups. There will be more, yes? MJ had so many iconic looks.
  • Rachel, he's the only guy for you... in Lima. There's a hell of a lot more people out there. And you're at an age where you're still doing a LOT of growing and changing, mentally and emotionally.
  • "I uttered my first words. "Hot damn."
  • "And we are no longer on speaking terms."
  • "Rachel, he was best friends with Liza Minelli AND Liz Taylor." Hah
  • Not sure I'm buying that kids the age of these characters would be as into Michael Jackson as, say, people the writers' age. I was born the year Thriller came out, and most of my Michael Jackson memories are the later years of his life, where he was more a subject of public ridicule than anything else. And I'm a good 10 years older than the cast are supposed to be.
  • So, basically, the writers sat down and said "How can we make Sebastian even less likeable?" And then they did a lovely job.
  • Wait, Sebation played nice? Ever?
  • "Like a Modern-day Eggs Benedict." Oh, Puck.
  • There's something less-than-intimidating about the leather jacket over a Cheerios uniform, or Quinn's frilly dress. Sorry, ND.
  • And lo, there was a faux-fight dance-off far less intimidating than any in history.
  • Eh, not loving this particular number so much. Granted, it's hard as hell to compete with MJ for either music or showmanship, but I'd hoped they'd bring it a bit more.
  • Blaine taking a slushie to the face for Kurt! Now that's love.
  • "Sebastian is evil." Pretty much.
  • "I have a zero-tolerance policy for violence!" But not verbal bullying, which is why Santana is still around. Actually, if memory serves, Santana must be exempt from the rule entirely, since she's had physical altercations with both Quinn and Lauren, and I believe Schue broke up both those fights.
  • I think anyone who's ever been bullied can sympathize with Artie here. No matter how much of a pacifist you are, everyone knows what that white hot need to make someone pay feels like.
  • Cue dream sequence. Kevin McHale can dance, of course they'd want to utilize him for this episode.
  • Oh. Oh holy god. I'd... I knew Harry Shum Jr. was gorgeous, but I had no idea what happened when you gelled his hair a bit and put him in vinyl pants and eyeliner. I'll um. I'll be in my bunk.
  • I love the original video for this song, and while I think they do a nice remake, and it's visually lovely (goddamn can Mike wear eyeliner forever now?), Harry Shum Jr. isn't a good enough singer to even begin to stand in for Janet Jackson. :\ I mean, yeah, he's a much better singer than they've been claiming he is on the show (the way they talk about it, you'd think his ability to sing was at Sugar Motta levels), but still.
  • "Holy crap are you pregnant!?" Hahaha, on this show, that is always the default assumption.
  • Ohh, good for Quinn!
  • Dianna Agron looks pretty amazing in that dress.
  • Hah, a magnet over Rachel's face in Quinn's locker photo. The "Hi Mommy!" picture of Beth! Awww.
  • Even Finn notices that Quinn is staring DIRECTLY AT RACHEL as she gives the "let go of your past to achieve your future" speech.
  • "Auntie Snix just arrived on the BitchTown express." I am afraid.
  • You know, there's probably a ton of essays to be written on the fact that Santana, who is well-known for sleeping with most of the school, leaps to a slut-shaming tattoo as her first choice for punishing someone.
  • "Crazy about you." You are also the corniest human alive and I love you.
  • This may be my favorite song of the episode. So cute.
  • Awwww. You two crazy kids. Now Mercedes, go break up with Shane and make beautiful music with Sam, 'kay?
  • Yay, Kurt!
  • "Who's gonna tell Blaine? You gotta let me do it!" Burt you are the most adorable person.
  • Burt is the best dad. Still my favorite family currently on TV. <3
  • Oh, Rachel.
  • "Stupid is watching all your friends make plans for their future and realizing you have none at all." See also, my life.
  • Poor Rachel. Oh, sweetie. But seriously, you couldn't apply to even ONE other school?
  • I didn't do this anxious waiting thing in high school; I only applied to two schools (and honestly, I didn't particularly care about college--or anything else--and, had my mother not nearly driven us into a mailbox the one time I brought it up, I likely wouldn't have gone. In retrospect I really should have postponed it by a year; I was NOT ready). But I feel Rachel's pain now, as I sit around waiting for rejection from grad schools. It sucks.
  • Chicken noodle soup and eyepatch movies. That's adorable.
  • Blaine does look quite fetching with an eyepatch.
  • This song is... odd. But I do love these four as a little family unit.
  • "I demand satisfaction in the Warbler tradition." Hah!
  • Intense Cello Guys are Intense. Heehee.
  • This is a song that actually does really well reduced to bare-bones music and vocals, and of course Naya Rivera is amazing. And looks fucking fierce in that fedora. Can fedoras make a big comeback? Please?
  • Please tell me Santana's wearing a wire... and that it's slushie-proof.
  • Hooray! She was! Well done, Santana.
  • "I taped it to my underboob!"
  • I vote they crush them at competition, and then get Sebastian kicked out.
  • Not sure Finn's the best choice for this song, but thematically it's a bit too perfect to pass up, so eh.
  • Cory Monteith seems to have picked up Lea Michele's dramaface for performances.
  • I am imagining what these two living together would be like. Twenty years from now: "GODDAMMIT RACHEL CAN WE NOT SING ABOUT IT FOR ONCE?"
  • "You're the love of my life." YOU ARE EIGHTEEN AT THE OLDEST. I know, I know, some exceptionally mature eighteen year-olds marry their high school sweethearts and stay together for life loving each other more every day, but most? Become entirely different people by the time they're 20 or so. Human beings change. It's what we do.
  • "Which I was shocked to find out has nothing to do with marijuana." Heehee.
  • So this is another situation where they supposedly intimidate another show choir by performing for them, like how they handled Vocal Adrenaline in past seasons. 'Kaaay. The Warblers aren't exactly looking scared.
  • Where's Sugar? Sure, she doesn't know the club's history with the Warblers, but she seems like the type who'd tag along out of a desire to be one of the group.
  • Aaaaand gospel choir out of nowhere! Do they just keep them in the back of the auditorium? Poor gospel choir. Trapped behind the curtain, never breathing fresh air. FREE THE GLEE GOSPEL CHOIR.
  • Awww, the little morphing thing with all the glee kids. I like.
  • Joining ND on stage and acting friendly does seem far more in keeping with the Warbler's previous atitudes. I mean, the school has a zero-tolerance policy on harassment and bullying, I find it hard to believe that a group of kids who wholeheartedly embrace that policy would be okay with any of Sebastians shitty, shitty antics.
  • I really like Rachel's black lace dress.
  • Welp, New York is still a possibility, and she's marrying Frankenteen. Everything's coming up Rachel! Sort of. I guess? Ooooor maybe she's realized that she agreed to marry Finn as a desperate grab for some sort of stability in her life once she thought she wasn't getting into NYADA?

    *My youngest sister and several of my friends continue to insist that jumpsuits/rompers/whatevers are legitimate articles of clothing. They are not. They are the inbred cousin of overalls and other proper work-clothes, having shed all usefulness and achieved only the vague impression that someone else dressed you in a single item of clothing for simplicity's sake, because you could not be trusted to either dress yourself or keep real clothing remotely clean, much like a toddler.

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