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Cleaning out the ol' Hulu queue...

Which means more Glee. Apparently the writers suddenly remembered that Will is supposed to teach Spanish, or something. I do not have high hopes for The Spanish Teacher.

  • ... Seriously? Seriously. Seriously.
  • "My yearly rendition of La Cucaracha on Taco Tuesday..." Schuester, please go die in all the fires.
  • D: Hey, she was also the homeroom and home ec teacher. And possibly math, I forget. The school only has, like, four teachers.
  • Quite frankly, I am surprised William McKinley offers tenure, given the repeatedly-bemoaned lack of budget.
  • "I need that tenure!" Seriously? You're damn lucky they haven't fired your ass.
  • "You're a Spanish teacher. Maybe you should try learning Spanish." FIGGY SPEAKS THE TRUTH.
  • "I'm sorry, I'm trying to listen, but you've got some beautiful teeth." Hahaha.
  • Ricky Martin has mastered the gritted-teeth "Oh god you are awful" expression. He will do well on this show.
  • Will, even I understood what he just said, and I haven't taken a Spanish class in years.
  • "I was spending so much time flossing, I was missing my life." I think we've all had this feeling.
  • I'm pretty sure if your Spanish students were speaking Spanish by the end of the week, someone might be impressed.
  • Sue, what the hell.
  • "Let the strangeness end with you." What the fuck.
  • Wait, so Sue, you were considering high school boys as your sperm donors. High. School. Boys. There is not enough D: in the world.
  • "The good people at Kroger..." Oh god.
  • Will is making the exact same face I am.
  • It's pretty surprising that there hasn't been a barrage of complaints during the past few years, actually.
  • Sue is going to murder someone soon.
  • "Jail. Or dead. Or both." Oh, Puck. That's really sad, but I can't even say you're wrong.
  • "Ooh, I'm bilingual." No, Brit-Brit. No.
  • "Lima Sound Machine" hee.
  • And everyone is under the Spell of the Sexy.
  • Even Artie! Hee!
  • And Will pulls out the "I have a brown friend!" trope.
  • "Oh dear god please yes." Hahahahahaha.
  • Seriously? This song? Seriously.
  • Finn, no. No. Please stop. Oh god. So awkward.
  • And the grand Glee tradition of Wholly Inappropriate Songs continues.
  • Se¤or Martin, that is not the body part you're supposed to be wiggling.
  • Hahahaha, Kurt's face! It's like it's Christmas. And he just unwrapped Se¤or Martin.
  • "Mas bueno" Hah!
  • "So you're a two-timing ho". Whut.
  • "I won't stop until it's trending." Sam, you are crossing the line from adorably ridiculous to creepy. Go back over the line, Sam. Please.
  • Even Becky is getting down. :D
  • "With whose vagina?!" pffffhahaha
  • "I had noodles with the President, and a threesome with Michael Phelps." Huh. Well done, Coach NeNe.
  • Pajama party! I love it.
  • "How is the girl with no ass supposed to choose between the juiced-up werewolf, and the depressed vampire?" Mercedes has succinctly summed up Twilight.
  • "Our periods don't come until the end of the month." HAH, well played, Kurt.
  • Wait, that's what kids want to do these days? Get on the Jimmy Kimmel show? That's... sad.
  • "I'm going home right now to yell at Finn." Good, Kurt.
  • Yay, Gloria Estefan! I love her. Hers was the first non-religious music I can remember hearing, since my parents like her, too.
  • ... Shoes.
  • Song is good, dancing is... um.
  • "Please Don't Hog My Fiancee's Nog." OH GOD.
  • "I think it'd be really good for you." Maybe, but probably not for the kid.
  • "You think something you have to keep from everyone you love might not be such a good idea?" Eight hundred points to Kurt.
  • "And my pudding pretty much sucks." Okay then.
  • "The hot, straight football player who can sing and sort of dance." Haha.
  • Please let the donor be Se¤or Martin.
  • "Who is more macho of/from Will Schuester?" Hahahaha
  • There really is a pamphlet for everything, isn't there.
  • I want the Giant Box of Pamphlets.
  • Be more of a dick, Will, If that's possible.
  • Naya Rivera: The only person I've ever seen make a romper look good. THE ONLY PERSON.
  • "What's with the shiny coat? I thought you were Kurt." HAHAHA
  • Oh god, Puck is totally high, isn't he. He's like a cat looking at a laser pointer.
  • So, I saw the shot of Will in full matador getup before the episode aired, and I thought "Surely, surely this is some bizarre dream sequence."
  • ... Brittany and Mike as bulls. I... whut. Whut. I can't even.
  • "You don't even know enough to be embarrassed about these stereotypes you're perpetuating." PLEASE TO BE PAYING ATTENTION.
  • Oh god. Wait, the boys weren't washing their junk before? I grow increasingly surprised that Rachel was willing to have sex with Finn. Also, EW. ALL THE EWW.
  • Wait, a whole year has passed? Or was the night school class just really, really short?
  • "Well, I hope you're not a vampire." Now that would be a twist...
  • Sue is willing to name a child "Sylvester Sylvester"? I... wish this surprised me.
  • Hahaha, slow rendition of "Summer Nights" in the background.
  • Oh, hey Shane.
  • Wait, so Mercedes stays with Shane, then? Does this mean the writers are going to actually tell us something about him beyond "plays football, likes Mercedes"?
  • I like Professor Dollface, too.
  • Welp. This episode could have used more Selena. Or, you know, any. Just sayin'.

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