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Glee Two-fer

I'm going into this episode having already seen how tumblr exploded after it aired, so a bit of the suspense is gone, but still. Time for On My Way.

  • Oh god, Sebastian just go die in all the fires. All of them.
  • "And he could never fit into those pumps."
  • Tina had bird flu? That would explain why she hasn't been too visible in recent episodes. I miss her. Hopefully they'll do more with her next season.
  • Sebastian you bastard.
  • Blaine! <3
  • "Twice to be sure I was dead." Way to help, Rory.
  • Oh god this pregnancy thing is happening?
  • "That's amazing. And confusing." Truer words.
  • So, Dave's school is basically the WMHS set, but painted blue. Got it.
  • Oh, crap. Come on guys, seriously.
  • I see we're condensing the bullying into a three minute montage. In all fairness, Karofsky is well aware of how hellish it can get, because he's been the one inflicting it before.
  • Oh, Dave, no. No. Just... no.
  • Okay, he survived.
  • Oh, man. Karofsky's dad was only on the show for a few minutes, but he seemed like a good guy. He doesn't seem to have the connection with Dave that Kurt and his dad have, though.
  • I like Kurt's shirt, and I want one.
  • "I have gym." Hah.
  • Oh, so Sebastian does have a soul after all.
  • I also like Kurt's Tim Burton Pants.
  • Also, that high school isn't too many stories high, maybe three, I think? That fall probably wouldn't have killed him. I have thought this sort of thing out; the parking garage at my university was five stories.
  • "I want Lord Tubbington to kick his ecstasy addiction." D:
  • What is the choir seated in front of ND wearing? I love it.
  • I also approve of the ND boys being in suspenders and bow ties.
  • This song is a little too happy for my black, cynical heart. And while it's peppy, it's not really hitting any sort of emotional resonance the way the better numbers do.
  • Oh god this song is such an earworm. I like it, but it will pop back into my head for days after.
  • What is this dancing, Dalton, seriously. I mean, in terms of choreography I feel like it's a step up from previous numbers, but it's a new style. Much more loose and boy-band than usual, more like what they tend to go with during the "dream sequences" and other non-performance numbers.
  • "I couldn't hear their instruments at all." Has no one explained the concept of show choir to Brit-Brit?
  • Dear Glee writers: Thank you for not doing original songs. Thank you so much.
  • Yay, Troubletones number, as promised! Including random presumably-Cheerios girls filling in in the back!
  • I would like a Brittany/Santana duet so much more than Rachel/Finn. Though I will accept Mercedes/Santana, since that seems more likely to win. I do like that Brittany got to sing a little this time, though.
  • I like the dresses, though they're a bit flare-y and we're getting some panty-flashes during spins.
  • Have Rachel's dad's not been at any performance before this? I mean, they've never been shown, but the way they're acting you'd think this was the first time they'd seen her on stage with the choir. Or maybe they're just rather dramatic. That's probably it.
  • THE COFFIN. I LOVE IT. Hahahahahaha
  • Well, last time it was a clown, so.
  • Come on, now, is anyone surprised? They have to go to Nationals this season, of course they're going to win.
  • Awww. I still think they're way too immature to get married, but it's good to see Quinn and Rachel friends again.
  • Oh, so Karofsky's mom is one of those.
  • Karofsky's joining the glee club for Nationals, isn't he. Isn't he.
  • Awwwwww. Itty-bitty Karofsky-baby!
  • I kind of love Nice Hormone-influenced Sue.
  • Hiram plans the way Rachel does, I see.
  • Rachel looks very pretty.
  • "New plan. I'm going to fake an epileptic seizure."
  • OHGOD.
  • OH GOD.
  • Okay, see, I know what happens (sort of) because, again, the tumblr damn near exploded after this episode aired, and also while watching it on Hulu I saw previews for the most recent episode of Glee, which tells me whether or not Quinn lives. But still. Goddamn.

    Because how on earth can I wait to find out what happens to Quinn, of course I'm watching the next episode right away. It's Big Brother.

  • And they didn't go through with it, oh good.
  • Quinn seems to be taking this... remarkably well. Like, super remarkably well. And how long ago was it? It sounds like the accident happened on a Friday and this is a Monday. It would have to be a short turnaround time to explain none of the glee kids visiting her in the hospital and getting the scoop on her condition.
  • Also, she got slammed by a truck, on the driver's side. And yet she has zero visible injuries? No broken bones? Not so much as a scratch anywhere?
  • Props for ironic song choice, writers.
  • "Besides sleeping with Puck." HAH, his face.
  • Did everyone get that? "DON'T TEXT AND DRIVE, 'KAY? IT'S BAD, KIDS!" Okay then.
  • "I understand that keeping bats out of your womb is an important part of having a baby when you're older than God."
  • Oh god the prospect of Sue in charge of glee club is never not terrifying.
  • Brad's fistpump when Sue throws the phone! HAH!
  • Does Sue have a pillow shoved under her track suit in that hallway scene? She is suddenly rotund for no discernible reason, and then less so in subsequent scenes.
  • Aaand back to pillow-stuffed. She's in her first trimester and she's that big?
  • ... Oh god, show, don't tell me we have another fake pregnancy. Please no. Don't do this. Please tell me it's just a problem with the prop and costume folks. Please.
  • "We'll go with you." Aww.
  • Aaaand as it turns out, hotness runs in the family.
  • HAHAHAHAHA the commercial
  • "The jingle's my ringtone!" Oh god.
  • He IS a Disney prince!
  • "Blaine, your brother is the best-looking man in North America." Kurt, honey, there are some things you don't say to your boyfriend, and that is one of them.
  • "I've waited five years for this." Hee.
  • Wait, Tina's a junior, what's she doing there?
  • The fact that Puck considers Finn the brains is... terrifying. And completely understandable.
  • And now Sue's waist is fairly slim again. What is going on, prop people?
  • "Namaste." "Okay."
  • Haha, Sam's little "yay" fistpump.
  • Kurt looks SO HAPPY at this prospect.
  • Rachel has gone near-catatonic and may be drooling a little. Hah!
  • I loves me some Duran Duran.
  • "My theme was... dancing."
  • It's okay Blaine, you are still my favorite.
  • Baby Blaine dancing to MmmBop! Because of course. <3
  • Artie and Quinn are so cuuuuuuuute. I love it.
  • I also love seeing Quinn laugh like that. You don't see a lot of laughter like that on TV, laughter that sounds real. We heard it once from Rachel, in the car with Kurt after the NYADA meeting, which was lovely.
  • Wait, Artie's not a senior, either. Why is he ditching? Goddammit writers, keep your characters' story straight.
  • Oh god the first and last poses were some scary eyes.
  • "The key to a dramatic scene is pointing." Hah!
  • This is the best worst acting class ever.
  • The revelation that acting can include roast beef sandwiches may have just changed Puck's life.
  • The emotion tornado. Oh lord.
  • Rachel as the next Zooey Deschanel. I can actually see that. And it is horrifying. Then again, I don't like Zooey Deschanel much.
  • "Is this the father?" "No, no. God, no."
  • "But I have had sex with the Progressive insurance lady." I am imagining the seedy underbelly of the commercial industry, with the Geico gecko snorting lines of coke off the Esurance chick's ass.
  • Please, Cooper, if Blaine let Kurt pick out his clothes he'd be wearing a lot more hardware and possibly leather.
  • Darren Criss would not be the first actor I'd think of for a Christina Aguilera song, but this kind of works.
  • He's bringing in his most Intense Eyebrows for this bit.
  • Also anything that has Darren Criss all sweaty and NAKED IN THE SHOWER yes please is a plus in my book.
  • Quinn's jacket is COVERED IN BEEEEEES. Hee.
  • Well, Sue does have a history of being good at caring for special needs kids.
  • You know, Santana and Brittany, maybe don't wear your cheerleader uniforms on the day when you're skipping school? Maybe?
  • The roller coaster shots are adorable.
  • I didn't do the skip day thing. Our school had one, as many do, but I didn't participate.
  • Aaaaand here's the key to Quinn's zen attitude towards being in the chair. She knows it's temporary.
  • Hey, Teen Jesus isn't barefoot.
  • "Dude, you have a twig in your hair. No, seriously." Hah. That has happened to me.
  • Kurt looks... oddly guilty at the "poop rainbow glitter" bit.
  • Sue's right, Schue really, really, REALLY needs some grown-up friends.
  • Sue also has a point about the glee club's bizarre use of high-budget numbers for everyday activities.
  • Margaret Thatcher Dog. Heee.
  • Why would Blaine go? HE IS A JUNIOR GODDAMMIT SHOW.
  • I wish I could solve all my problems through song. I'd totally do it. (maybe)
  • I do love this song. They had to edit it a bit to make it work for brothers, but I like it. And the verse Kimbra sings is perfect for Blaine.
  • Clearly this is not that dramatic a scene, because no one is pointing.
  • "Broadway." "Even though it's dead." HAH, it's funny because Darren Criss just did a run on Broadway.
  • "Or speaking REALLY LOUDLY," HAHAHA
  • "Hold on a sec, I just, uh, I want to remember this emotion so I can use it in a scene someday." He's like a more ridiculous Rachel Berry.
  • Finn's got a point; their plans have always been Rachel Goes to New York and then Finn tags along and does whatever.
  • And this, kids, is why high school marriages are a bad idea.
  • What, no follow-up on Karofsky this ep? Boo.

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