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So most of you know by now that Marvel and DC Comics are both taking steps forward in their representation and portrayal of LGBTQA characters.

Both franchises already have gender and sexual minority characters (Northstar, Rictor, Shatterstar, Courier, Batwoman, Voodoo, Bunker, Icemaiden, and so on), but they’re making news this week because Marvel are featuring the wedding of Northstar (Jean-Paul Baubier) and Kyle in Astonishing X-Men, whereas DC have just announced that the Green Lantern of the New 52’s Earth-Two, Alan Scott, will be officially and openly gay.

Naturally, One Million Moms objects.

They even have a convenient form letter set up for members and other interested parties to contact Marvel and DC to express their horror.  The pre-printed text includes phrases like (trigger warnings for homophobia):

  • “I am extremely disappointed that you would use a children’s superhero character to help endorse same-sex marriage and glorify the homosexual lifestyle.”

  • “It is disgusting that your company would participate in introducing sexual orientation to children…”

  • “Your company is damaging impressionable young minds by placing these gay characters on pedestals in a positive light.”

According to One Million Moms, “Your email letter will be sent to key executives at DC Comics (Warner Bros. Entertainment Company) and Marvel (Disney).”

The wonderful thing about this form letter is that the entire text is editable and deletable.  I just used it to send a letter of high praise to both companies for their representations of gender and sexual minorities (along with apologies for the campaign that provided me with a quick and convenient way to contact them in the first place).

Why not join me in using One Million Moms’ awful form letter for good?  Send a letter thanking Marvel and DC for their recent actions!  Send a letter requesting more of them!  Do as you like, but hey, let’s corrupt the original purpose of that letter beyond recognition.  Let’s show Marvel, DC and anyone else out there just how much of a minority bigots like One Million Moms are.

Here’s the direct link to the form letter:

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